How to delete YouTube channel
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How to delete YouTube channel

Have you decided to delete your Youtube channel, perhaps because you don’t have much time to devote to it? But you don’t know how to do it, and above all, you don’t want to lose your Google account? Thanks to this interesting tutorial, you will know how to do it in a very simple and intuitive way. Here we know about how to delete the YouTube channel.

Delete YouTube Channel 2020
How to delete YouTube channel

How to delete YouTube channel

For those in your situation, Youtube offers a double choice. The first possibility is to suspend. Only temporarily, your account (which therefore can be reactivated, when you want, at a later time). The second possibility, of course, is to permanently delete the content on your Youtube channel.


  • First of all, you need to log in to Google ( ) and click on the blue “Login” button at the top.
  • Then enter your credentials and log in.
  • Click on your photo at the top right (or on the colored dot in case you have not inserted any photo in the Google profile) and choose “My Account.”
  • In the “Account preferences” section, click on the “Delete your account or services” link.
  • A new page will open, where you will have to choose the “Delete products” option.
  • To confirm the operation you are carrying out to ensure greater security, Google will ask you to re-enter your password.
  • In the new page that appears in the row dedicated to Youtube, select the trash.
  • At this point, Google offers you a double choice.



As mentioned above, this option allows you to temporarily suspend your channel, pending the reactivation, which can be carried out at any time.

Some data will be made private until the channel is reactivated. However, the name of your channel, your “likes,” subscribers to your channel. So, other data will be permanently deleted—your comments on the videos, your replies to comments, etc. In other words, there will be no consequences for your 1. So, name and photos displayed on Google, your replies to comments made through Google. Your posts on Google are related to YouTube videos.



Log in to Youtube. Go to the “Create a channel” section and fill in the relevant form. Doing this will restore your channel. After recreating your public channel, you can make your videos and playlists visible in “Video Management.”

How to Delete a YouTube Account
How to delete YouTube channel


In this case, they will be permanently deleted. So, your videos, your comments on Youtube, your replies, and your “likes” to comments. Your messages, the history of views, and searches.

However, there will be no consequences for your business via “Google.” Caution. This option, unlike the previous one, is definitive. So you can never go back!



Before permanently deleting the videos of your channel, I suggest you, in order not to lose all the videos you have uploaded, save all the contents on your PC.

To do it is very simple.


Delete videos from YouTube uploaded by you and others

Responsibility of who uploads a video to YouTube

YouTube asks the user to post only proprietary material and whose rights are in his availability. So, who uploaded the video is the alleged author or the owner of the rights on the work or on the trademark.

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To avoid copyright problems, then know that you can share your video only in the circle of your friends (we speak of small numbers) by changing the privacy settings of a YouTube video under VISIBILITY and choosing private:


  • Connect to the YouTube dashboard
  • In the left menu, select Videos.
  • Hover over the video you want to update. Select the “Published” tab to see your uploads live.
  • Click on the pencil icon under “Visibility” and choose “Private.”

If you have to document the presence of a video on YouTube with legal value, you must request an authentic copy of the YouTube video so you can file it in any court as proof by means of the form below:



to give legal value to a video on youtube


Copyright strikes and Content ID claims for any infringement on YouTube

Receiving a “copyright strike” indicates that your video has been flagged. And removed after three strikes from YouTube. Because the copyright owner sent a legal request to YouTube via this form / copyright_complaint_form


What to do if a warning is received?

  • First, review the YouTube Community Guidelines to make sure that your content complies with the rules indicated here The main violations concern: Nudity or sexual content, harmful or dangerous content, content that incites hatred, violent or explicit content, harassment and cyberbullying, spam, misleading metadata and fraud, threats, copyright, privacy, identity theft, the security of minors, additional rules.
  • Suppose your channel has received a warning. But you think an error has been made. Do not hesitate to report it to YouTube with a click here You can appeal against this decision, and you should do it if you are right because if you receive three warnings within 90 days. Your YouTube channel will be permanently removed.


  • There are three ways to resolve a copyright strike:
  • Wait for it to expire: copyright strikes expire after 90 days, provided you follow the course of the Copyright School [click here].
  • Request the withdrawal: you can ask the person who sent the complaint about your video to withdraw the claim for copyright infringement with a [click here].
  • Submit a counter-notification: If your video was removed in error because it was incorrectly identified as infringing copyright or potentially falls under the definition of fair use, you might choose to file a counter-notification with a [click here].

Unlike the removals, which are defined by law. So, the “reports for violation of content ID” are a YouTube system resulting from agreements entered into between YouTube and the partners for the content they have uploaded. In other words, the claim only serves to monitor or monetize the video and not to block it. Content ID is the result of partnerships. The claims are not accompanied by copyright strikes and cannot result in the suspension or termination of your YouTube channel.

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Removal of a YouTube video uploaded by us

Removing your videos is a fairly simple operation if you have access to your account. Before indicating the procedure, we provide you with the link for recovering access to your google account associated with YouTube If you don’t even remember your email associated with the YouTube account that uploaded the video. You can try adding a comment to the video you want to remove. In this way, YouTube will send you an email notification to the account you wanted to access, and you can proceed as follows:

  • Connect to the YouTube dashboard
  • In the left menu, select “Video.”
  • Move the mouse over the video you want to delete until you see the three dots in the row corresponding to the video, at the top right, from which with a click, you can select “Delete.”
How to delete YouTube channel
How to delete YouTube channel

Removing a YouTube video uploaded by others

Suppose the YouTube video that we want to remove has been uploaded by others. We can intervene with a simple report or through the appropriate forms.

A video uploaded to YouTube can be reported at any time and then reviewed by the YouTube staff if the team in charge does not find any violation. The video will remain on the site regardless of the number of reports that will be made.

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For simple reporting of a YouTube video, proceed as follows:

  • Log in to YouTube
  • Under the video player, you want to report, click on “More.”
  • In the drop-down menu, choose “Report.”
  • Select the reason for the report that best describes the violation found.
  • Please provide any additional details that may help the YouTube team make a decision, such as timestamps or descriptions of the violation.

If it is a YouTube channel, you can report inappropriate users, background images, or avatars through the reporting function at the bottom of each channel page.

  • Log in to YouTube
  • Go to the channel page you want to report.
  • Click on Information.
  • Click the drop-down menu with the flag.
  • Select the option that best describes the problem.

For a more effective report, instead, use the correct form. The one provided by YouTube Support for each specific request to remove a video based on the violation perpetrated.


Before using the forms corresponding to your request, which you find below, remember that if you want to proceed with a complaint and obtain compensation before proceeding to the compilation of the forms that we will indicate. So, you must request an authentic copy of the YouTube video (to collect a legal proof) with a [click here].


Below is the complete list of all YouTube forms to delete a video based on the type of violation found:
  • Copyright infringement, you can have a YouTube video removed by reporting it here:
  • Identity theft if it is loaded from a fake profile that has our same name. Our company name you can have a YouTube video removed by reporting it here:
  • Inappropriate content such as nude or violence, you can have a YouTube video removed by reporting it here: If you have nevertheless received attempted sexual extortion on video chat with the threat of publishing your sex video on YouTube, better consult this page: Extortion or online blackmail: what to do and what not to do [click here]
  • Violation of privacy, you can have a YouTube video removed by reporting it here so that the user who uploaded the video is informed of the complaint about a violation of privacy and have the opportunity. To remove or edit the content in question. So, at no time will anyone who uploaded video content to YouTube know your name and contact information without your consent.


  • Harassment and cyberbullying on YouTube you can have a YouTube video removed by reporting it here:
  • Material not suitable for children and other risks for children caused by videos on YouTube; you can have the YouTube video removed by reporting it here:
  • Hate speech on YouTube, threats of any kind on YouTube, you can have a YouTube video removed by reporting it here:
  • Spam and fraud on YouTube, you can have a YouTube video removed by reporting it here:
  • Lawsuits related to defamation on YouTube, it is necessary to proceed with attention and competence. However, if you need assistance for the removal of a video for legal reasons, you can contact Informatica In Azienda [by filling out our form with a click here] and remembering that you need to request an [authentic copy of the YouTube video with a click here]


Removing comments to a YouTube video uploaded by others

Suppose you want to remove the comments of a YouTube video because the content is defamatory. Hateful or harmful for any reason, you can proceed in two ways.

The first time only to delete the comment without the intention of making a complaint (necessary, for example to obtain compensation) and using the “Report spam or abuse” link that appears next to each comment as indicated below. So, a sufficient number of users report a comment as spam. The comment is hidden by the “Marked as spam” link. By clicking on the “Show” link. Users will be able to see the comment again. The user who uploaded the video still has the option to “restore” a comment reported as spam.

Here’s what to do to report a YouTube comment:

  • Go to the comment you want to report.
  • Click on “Other”
  • Click “Report Spam or Abuse”.
  • Select the reason for the report.
  • Use the “Report spam or abuse” feature with extreme caution. Any misuse can result in a ban on the use of YouTube.

The second way to obtain justice or any compensation for defamation suffered follows this procedure:

  • Realization of the authentic copy of the comment – you can request it with a click here]
  • Consultation with a lawyer and report to the postal police (you can request our legal assistance for a defamation report with a click here )

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