How to initialize and reset Apple Watch
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How to initialize and reset Apple Watch

Over time, has your trusted Apple Watch become too slow, and the battery seems to drain too fast? Before contacting Apple support to ask for explanations or before replacing it with another model, if I were you, I would try to initialize it. How do you say? You had already thought about it, but you have no idea how to do it? No problem: if you want, I’ll explain it to you, with my guide. Here we talk about how to initialize and reset the apple watch.


In the following lines, in fact, you find indicated, in a simple but not for this little detailed way, how to initialize an Apple Watch. I already anticipate that the operation is feasible both by acting directly from the clock of the Cupertino company and through the iPhone associated with it.


For completeness of information, I will also explain how to do it in case your device is blocked and how to get in touch with the support of the “bitten apple” if problems arise during the work. Now, however, just chat, and let’s move on. I wish you, as usual, happy reading, and I will give you huge good luck for everything!


If you are interested in understanding how to initialize the Apple Watch and then continue to use the device, you can intervene from your iPhone, without having to first disassociate the Apple Smartwatch from the phone: to do this, just use the Watch app, that you find pre-installed on iOS and through which you can manage and customize the Apple Watch.


Before performing the operation in question, however, make sure that Bluetooth is enabled on your iPhone, so as to connect the latter with the watch. To make sure of this, unlock the iPhone, access the home screen, press the Settings icon (the one with the gear symbol ), and select the Bluetooth item. If the relative switch is set to ON, Bluetooth is enabled. If not, take care and wait for the Connected item to appear in the list of connected devices at the bottom next to the wording Apple Watch.

At this point, tap on the Watch app icon (the black one with the Smartwatch on it ), select the General item in the new screen that appears, the Initialize one, and tap twice on the wording Initialize Apple Watch content and settings. If necessary, confirm your intentions by typing the password associated with your Apple ID.


How to initialize Apple Watch

If, on the other hand, you want to sell your Apple Watch or otherwise transfer it to someone else after having initialized it, you must first disassociate the device from your iPhone in order to remove the activation lock from the watch and have an updated backup of all the data present on the latter (so that it can be restored in the future, even on a new Apple Watch).


The backup of the data on the watch is automatically saved on the iPhone (so on iCloud or on iTunes, depending on how the smartphone is backed up, as I explained in detail in my guide on how to backup with iPhone ) and includes app data and settings, home screen layouts, watch faces, Dock settings, system settings, health data, playlists, and synchronized photos.


That said, to go to dissociate the Apple Watch from the iPhone and initialize it, start the Watch app on the “melatonin”, select the name of your Apple Watch from the top of the screen displayed and tap on the “i” that you find next to the clock preview.

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At this point, press on the words Unpair Apple Watch, confirming what your intentions are by pressing the item Unpair Apple Watch in the menu you see displayed at the bottom, type the password with your Apple ID, and you tap the button Cancel pairing.


Once the above steps have been completed, wait a few moments for the procedure to dissociate and initialize the watch to be completed, i.e., when the loading wheel around the logo that appeared on the Apple Watch display will be complete, and you will be shown the welcome.



How to initialize Apple Watch without iPhone

Do you want to initialize the Apple Watch without iPhone, then going to act directly from the SmartWatch of the Cupertino company? Let me explain right away how to do it; it’s a piece of cake.


First, press on the digital crown to access the home screen and press the Settings icon (the one with the gear ). In the screen that opens, select the General item, then the Initialize one and the word Content and settings. Type in the unlock code associated with your Apple Watch and select the Initialize all items to confirm your choice.


Only if you are using an Apple Watch with cellular network support. Before proceeding with the reset of the device. You will be asked if you want to keep or remove your current data plan. If you want to pair the Apple Watch and the iPhone again, keep your plan; if not, remove it as well.


However, in order to remove the activation lock of the device, it will be necessary to proceed with the dissociation from the Watch app for the iPhone, as I already indicated in the previous step.



How to initialize locked Apple Watch

Your Apple Watch is blocked with the appropriate code, and you don’t remember the latter to be able to resume using it and then reset it? Don’t worry: even in this case, you can manage to initialize your Smartwatch.


To begin with, put the watch in charge by positioning it on the special charger, as I indicated in detail in my guide on how to recharge the Apple Watch, then call up the watchOS shutdown menu by holding the side button for a few seconds, exercise a firmly press the Turn off lever and select the Initialize content and settings option on the new screen that appears. The game is done!

Configure the initialized Apple Watch

Regardless of the steps taken previously to initialize the Apple Watch. Suppose you are the one to continue using the watch. You must worry about configuring the device again so that you can start using it again.

To do this, take your iPhone, unlock it, access the home screen, and enable Bluetooth (if you have not already done so) by going to Settings> Bluetooth and moving the appropriate lever to ON. Then, go back to the home screen, bring the Apple Watch closer to the smartphone, and wait for the message to appear. To configure this Apple Watch, use iPhone.

Then press the Continue button on the iPhone screen and frame the face of the Apple Watch with the mobile phone camera. In the event that, proceeding as I have just indicated, the pairing is not successful, press the Pair Apple Watch button manually and select the name of the watch from the screen that appears.


Choose, therefore, whether to restore a previous backup of Apple Watch or to configure the watch as a new one: In the first case, select the backup to restore and continue further. In the second, however, answer the questions that are asked on the iPhone screen.

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At this point, indicate if you wear the Apple Watch left or right. Accept the terms of use of the device. Choose if it is your intention to enable the monitoring of the itineraries and if to share the watch usage statistics with Apple. After this, press the OK button.


Now you have to worry about setting a code to unlock the Apple Watch. So, press the Create a code button and enter the code you want to use twice in succession. Then configure Apple Pay by pressing the Continue button. Indicating the cards you want to use coupled with the watch. Typing the relevant security code and accepting the conditions of use of the service.


To conclude, press the Continue button again. Specify if it is your intention to install all the applications on the iPhone also on the Apple Watch. If you decide how to proceed later and also start using the Smartwatch.


If, on the other hand. You have to give the Apple Watch to someone else. Once the reset procedure is complete, you can simply turn off the clock and let the person find themselves using it to take care of it. To turn off the Apple Watch, press and hold briefly on the side key. For more details, refer to my guide on how to turn off Apple Watch.


In case of doubts or problems

Have you followed my instructions on how to initialize the Apple Watch thread? And sign but have not yet succeeded in your intent? During the course of work, some hitch arose, and you don’t know how to solve it? Given the circumstances, I highly recommend that you take a look at the section of the Apple website dedicated to supporting the Apple Watch.


Suppose you are unable to cope with the situation. Get in touch directly with Apple’s customer service. In order to receive personalized assistance. You can do this in various ways: by phone, via the Web, or in person. All systems are equally valid; freely choose the ones you prefer, based on your personal preferences.


For more information about the practices that I have described to you in this chapter. I refer you to reading my guide, specifically focused on how to contact Apple. Through which, I proceeded to talk to you about the matter in great detail.


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How to Reset Apple Watch

Delete information from Apple Watch

  • On the Apple Watch, go through the menu items: “Settings” -> “General” -> “Reset” -> “Erase content and settings”.
  • Press the button “Erase content and settings” and confirm your choice.


Saving and deleting a tariff plan

For Apple Watch Series 3 ( GPS + Cellular ) watches, you can save or delete the communication plan. This option is active only for mobile operators outside the territory of Russia since it is impossible to use the function of a SIM card and cellular communication in Russia.


  • On the Apple Watch, go through the menu items: “Settings” -> “General” -> “Reset” -> “Erase content and settings”.
  • After pressing the “Erase content and settings” button. The watch will ask you about saving the tariff plan or deleting it.
  • Confirm the action by clicking Erase All.


Reset apple watch without iPhone and without passcode

Before performing the following steps, make sure your Apple Watch is sufficiently charged. This procedure is useful if you cannot access the Settings app on Apple Watch because you have forgotten the code.


  • Hold the side button on the Apple Watch until you see Turn Off.
  • Firmly press the shutdown slider, then slide your finger. The Initialize content and settings option will appear then select it.
  • Now enter the Apple ID and password.
  • Select if you want to keep or remove the cellular plan, if applicable.
  • The watch will then begin the deletion process and return to the factory settings.

You can recover a backup and associate it with your device again or connect it to a new iPhone.

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