Bluetooth Adapter for Pc

Bluetooth Adapter for Pc

The simple Bluetooth technology of our mobile devices has become an indispensable means of convenient wireless connection over short distances. Despite this, many computer motherboards do not have a built-in Bluetooth Adapter for Pc capabilities.

Virtually every modern motherboard has USB ports, and adding a Bluetooth adapter (commonly called a “dongle”) can be as cheap and straightforward as plugging in a regular USB drive.

In this article, we’ve put together a small list of best Bluetooth adapters for pc you can buy right now!

Modern peripherals have been moving towards wireless connectivity for a long time. Almost all home gadgets got rid of the hated cables—keyboards, headphones, mice, gamepads, stereo speakers, and so on. Not to mention the devices that were initially created with an emphasis on portability (tablets, smartphones, electronic watches).

The most popular technology that allows all your devices to communicate wirelessly is Bluetooth. And since laptops are the younger representatives of the computer market, a particular module is integrated into all laptops nowadays, which allows you to connect any gadget that is compatible with the Bluetooth protocol. But what about the owners of personal computers?

It just so happens that almost all, even premium motherboards designed for desktop solutions, lack any wireless module. This also applies to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Therefore, the only way out is to buy a special adapter that provides such functionality.

At first glance, it may seem that all these adapters are the same, but they are not. Since its release (1994), wireless protocols have undergone many updates and significantly expanded their functionality. To purchase a quality device, you will have to familiarize yourself with some selection criteria. We will tell you which Bluetooth adapter is best for your computer.

Bluetooth Adapter for Pc
Bluetooth Adapter for Pc

Main characteristics

Choosing a Bluetooth adapter is quite simple if you know what parameters you need to pay attention to.

Protocol version

As mentioned above, Bluetooth Adapter for Pc appeared quite a long time ago and has received several of the most extensive upgrades in its entire history. The first happened in 2004. This is how version 2.0 appeared, which can still be found on sale today. But we would not recommend buying devices with such old software. Better to take a closer look at the most popular version on the market – 4.0.

Unlike its predecessors, it has higher bandwidth, more extensive signal coverage, more stable connections, and lower power consumption. Also, sometimes you can stumble upon versions 4.1 and 5.0, but these models are more expensive. To connect peripherals, the aforementioned 4.0 is enough.

Connection interface

This is the actual type of connector into which the module will be inserted. Most popular adapters are compatible with USB 2.0. But this is far from the only option. You can find a device that will plug into almost any slot.

For example, in PCI-E or M.2. However, such use of slots can be called irrational, because other computer components do not have such rich compatibility with various interfaces. Therefore, we recommend using only Bluetooth adapter for PC USB.

Power class

This is the coverage radius. The higher the class, the more territory the signal will cover. The lowest level is 3. It has a coverage area of ​​only 1 meter. These devices have been out of stock for a long time, so don’t worry. The minimum you will get is Grade 2, which will cover up to 10 meters. And the best at the moment is class 1, which is subject to as many as 100 meters. In reality, these numbers are much lower because the signal is influenced by many factors beyond your control. For example, complex room geometry or other signs operating at the same frequency.

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Therefore, we recommend buying only the most powerful devices. This parameter is rarely indicated in the specifications, but on the official website of the developers, you can often find such information. So if you do not want the sound in the headphones to be interrupted every two seconds when you are in the next room from the signal source, then you have to dig a little into the characteristics.


In simple terms, this is support for different functions and technologies. A specific type of device is connected using a particular profile. For example, when connecting to headphones, a profile called Headset is used. With its help, the sound is transmitted in mono mode. In order to have a stereo signal, your adapter (like the headset) must support the A2DP profile.

There are a lot of similar technologies, and it makes no sense to list them all. Almost all modern modules support a basic package of profiles, which will be enough for 99% of devices, but there are exceptions. So we also clarify this information on the manufacturer’s website.


If you want to get rid of wires as much as possible and integrate not only Bluetooth but also WI-Fi into your computer, you can do this by purchasing a particular device. Bluetooth Adapter for PC combines two technologies and costs significantly less than buying two adapters separately. In addition, this way you do not clog extra slots. True, it will most likely be about PIC-E, but still.

Adapter connection

The beauty of these modules is that they often don’t even need to be configured. Just plug a small device into a USB port, and the drivers will be automatically installed. Windows 10 has software for most modern adapters. You can check if Bluetooth is working in the device manager.

If the device is successfully detected and configured, the corresponding section will appear in the list (as in the screenshot above). The device must be identified by name and must not have a yellow exclamation mark in the title. Otherwise, you will have to download the drivers from the official developer site. Also, the Bluetooth icon should appear in the system tray. With it, you can quickly connect your gadgets wirelessly.


An option that we would call “cheap and cheerful”: for a nominal sum, you get a small adapter that can connect your PC with Bluetooth devices after you plug it into a free USB port.

TP-LINK UB400 works out of the box, is compatible with Bluetooth 4.0 and earlier, supports all current Windows versions up to XP, and looks so inconspicuous that you will simply forget that you are using this gadget!


Along with external adapters, there are also internal ones – just plug one into an available PCI Express slot, and you will get a stable and reliable connection.

A significant feature of TP-LINK Archer T5E is that this device transmits data not only via Bluetooth but also via Wi-Fi – that is, you get a two-in-one gadget, and you can get rid of the need to connect your PC to the Internet via an Ethernet cable … The adapter is compatible with Bluetooth 4.2 and Wi-Fi 5 standards, which will ensure a stable connection.


Baseus USB Bluetooth Adapter for PC USB 4.0 is another inexpensive computer receiver that will allow you to easily connect any device, be it a wireless speaker, smartphone, headset, gamepad, or another gadget.


This dongle boasts impressive compatibility: according to the manufacturer, it can be used not only with modern Windows 7 / 8.1 / 10 but also with old Windows XP, 2000, and even Win98 (seriously, is anyone else using Windows 98 at home?)!


The Vention CDDW0 catches your eye immediately. This is a stylish device with a hole through which you can thread a chain and carry it with you like a keychain.

But the beautiful white case is not the only advantage of the device. It boasts a built-in Qualcomm aptX chip that delivers exact sound reproduction without any loss in quality. If you consider yourself a music lover and plan to use wireless headphones, you cannot do without this adapter.

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For users who use several Bluetooth devices at the same time, ORICO BTA-408 can be the optimal solution: this gadget supports the stereo connection. In addition, it boasts 128-bit data encryption, energy-saving features, and good connection reliability.

HAMA H-49218

Another good dongle for its price category, which can easily connect to a PC and user’s devices, provide a stable connection, and get rid of wires. The disadvantages include only a too-bright LED – we recommend that you plug the transmitter into USB behind the back of the PC so as not to annoy yourself with its flickering.


Like one of the models above, ASUS PCE-AC55BT combines the functions of a Bluetooth and Wi-Fi adapter. It connects to the PCI Express slot on the PC motherboard and then allows it to receive signals from the router and wireless devices.

An interesting feature of the gadget is the presence of an external base for antennas, which can be placed in any place suitable for stable operation.

TP-LINK Archer T5E

If you need a device that combines Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, the Archer T5E is a great choice.  But the adapter has two external antennas that amplify the signal and supports two wireless standards: 2.4 and 5 GHz—Bluetooth version – 4.2, one of the most modern.

You can also play music directly from your smartphone. You do not have to regularly update the playlist on the flash drive.

Baseus Wireless Receiver is one of the best Bluetooth adapters for cars because it has a low cost, long battery life (about 10 hours), and the most current version of the protocol – 5.0.

5bites BTA40-03

Native firewood got up neatly, giving hope for high-quality work (who knows how “average” Windows machines work there).

The signal breaks through everywhere, even in those nooks where the DEXP AT-BT403A began to choke.

The blue LED in white housing really blinks brightly and alarmingly. Fortunately, the USB port is on the top, and the adapter sits on its back, so it’s not particularly annoying.

The price, of course, is not small, but it seems to be justified.

Buro BU-BT40A

I stuck it in, the seven set firewood (2 minutes). Added a new device (JBL headphones, earplugs). Installed them in default settings. Turned on the player, went around the apartment… Catches. I went out into the entrance (7 meters to the adapter, four brick walls) – it catches. I went down the floor below, the suspensions began. He turned off the headphones. The speakers switched automatically.


Quite a good adapter fits both a laptop and a nettop. Clearly worth the money. I have been using it for a long time.

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Once again, we have an incredibly small USB adapter that is invisible when plugged into a laptop or the front of a PC. Also, it is a little easier to remove from the port due to the design.

The dongle is compatible with both Windows 10 and Windows 8, and the provided Asus drivers work correctly with Windows 7. Even if you run into some problems, you can always download the latest drivers from the Asus website, and the adapter itself comes with a detailed leadership.

We found almost no flaws in the device, except that it is slightly more expensive than others in its category. That said, we think this is more than justified considering how well the dongle works, and the instructions and support offered by Asus.

Finding The Best Bluetooth Adapter

A Bluetooth adapter is hardly an advanced technology, and therefore you won’t find many large and familiar companies making them. Rather, the bulk of the offerings on the market comes from little-known manufacturers, some of which are completely unfamiliar to almost all users.

When buying an adapter for your PC, laptop, or console, you don’t need to consider a wide range of prices or any other technical specifications. Generally, the best way is to go to the product that seems to have the best reputation. This is especially important if you are buying cheap dongles from lesser-known companies, as these electronic products often stop working almost immediately.

In addition, there are not many factors to consider, since all modern wireless adapters use the same technology – Bluetooth 4.0 and USB 2.0. Dongles are not manufactured with USB 3.0 simply because the new version offers more than enough bandwidth to efficiently transfer data over Bluetooth.

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