What type of lawyer is most needed?

The legal profession is vast and accommodates anyone ready to work. Most law school graduates who follow a career to become lawyers are often in a fix regarding the most lucrative legal fields. However, the recent legal landscape has provided several opportunities for law graduates to be trained to become lawyers.

The job outlook for lawyers is interesting and offers several opportunities. However, not every lost student or even a practicing lawyer knows the most lucrative legal aspect. Read and learn about legal Fields that pay in six figures.

8 promising legal fields you should know

Even though all aspects of legal Fields depend on making you wealthy, some can make you get there faster. Check out the most lucrative legal Fields you should embrace as a lawyer.


Litigation is an aspect of law that requires filing a suit for your client in court. Litigation is one of the aspects of lawyering that is very lucrative in most parts of the world. Litigation lawyers are highly sought after within the areas of intellectual property, employment, and family law. Furthermore, litigation lawyers are always researching to ensure familiarity with the current laws. In a business environment, litigation lawyers are the most sought-after.

Commercial lawyers

Commercial law is a very lucrative aspect of the legal field. As a commercial lawyer, your job entails writing contracts and the responsibilities of parties in a business transaction. Also, there’s a growing need for experts in virtual currency law. A commercial lawyer ensures that their clients comply with the contract and policies governing their businesses. For instance, in some commercial environments, there are laws that govern their transactions and dealings with customers. Your job as a commercial lawyer is to enlighten your client on the current laws regarding commercial transactions.

Intellectual law

Intellectual law was not as lucrative as it is now. These days, more people are creating content and innovation; therefore, they need protection on their copyrights. For instance, musicians often allow their content to be downloaded on several platforms. Musicians should have a right so they are content and protected against copyright. Music and video streaming services are among the reasons most artists now require the services of an intellectual lawyer. In the past, the services of an intellectual lawyer were only required if an inventor created a new invention.

Family law

Family law is one of the most lucrative aspects of lawyering. Family law has to do with issues relating to marriage, adoption of a child, juvenile offenses, divorce, etc. The most popular aspect of family law is often divorce. The rate of divorce has been on the rise for the past decade. Lawyers who practice in this field of law appear to be doing well because it is lucrative. 

Immigration law

Immigration law is another legal field that is lucrative for lawyers. There are several people who migrate to another country without any knowledge of the laws. An immigration lawyer can provide tips on paying taxes, getting a work permit, becoming a resident, etc. More so, an immigration lawyer is familiar with immigration policies and various economic regulations. Lawyers walking in this legal field have been in demand for a long time now.

Real estate law

The estate lawyers are some of the richest in the world. Real estate is a lucrative venture that attracts several individuals. The job of a real estate lawyer entails helping companies or individuals buy, use, develop, or rent a property. 

A real estate lawyer can become an attorney for the property owner. Most often, real estate lawyers are paid in percentages. Also, a real estate lawyer enjoys more patronage when people living in rural areas want to locate in the urban region. Real estate lawyers are highly sought after in a developed and organized society.

Labor and Employment

Amazing labor and employment are among the biggest legal fields that can make a lawyer an instant millionaire. A lawyer in this field must know the right labor and employment laws. 

Your job as a lawyer in the label and employment field is to deal with matters concerning union contracts, wages, safety and benefits, workers’ rights, etc. Most often, label and employment matters always end up in litigation.

Contract management

In this aspect, the lawyer is responsible for overseeing contracts between his clients and other parties. Most often, the lawyer’s job entails drafting contracts and vetting. The lawyer’s job as a contract manager requires protecting your client’s rights and interests in every contract that they undergo. Also, as a contract manager, the lawyer can work from anywhere because his job can be done remotely.


Lawyering is not one of those jobs that AI or robots can take over. However, the drafting of contracts is an aspect of law that is gradually being taken over. Meanwhile, for every legal service, opt for a law firm with experience and competence. Finally, to learn more about legal fields that are lucrative, click on this link here. The legal profession will remain one of the relevant jobs even in the next 20 years.