Apps for Bitcoin to Litecoin Exchange

Best Android Apps for Bitcoin to Litecoin Exchange

Crypto trading has become an integral part of life for many people. However, this method of a cryptocurrency exchange has nuances, as you always need to stay online. Far not every crypto-exchange can boast of rich functionality for such opportunities. Let’s look at several popular trading platforms that allow for making exchange transactions from a mobile phone. They are very important for those traders who are often on the road, like to check quotes and manage funds without any restrictions. Here are the Best Android Apps for Bitcoin to Litecoin Exchange.

When choosing a crypto exchange, it is important to consider the availability of a mobile version, since it will allow you to exchange assets on the go and in a matter of minutes.

The first step you should make to start trading cryptocurrency from your smartphone is to download the Play Market and log in. Don’t forget about the two-factor authentication system, which will most likely be required. Enter the SMS code from the linked phone number or confirm it through e-mail. Now you can look for an app that you should download to perform a bitcoin to litecoin exchange. The functionality of mobile applications usually does not differ from the web version much. Nevertheless, below we have gathered the best options for you.

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The app of one of the world’s largest crypto exchanges in terms of trading volume – Binance – ranks second with a capitalization of $2.1 billion.

The Binance app is stable and has a pretty convenient interface. There are two versions of the application – for Android and iOS devices.

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The application interface is simple to use: currency pairs are grouped in a separate tab with the current cryptocurrency rates. You may buy and sell any coin by clicking the Buy or Sell buttons. The application is highly stable, Binance has a large number of trading positions. For those who want to trade short rates and different currency pairs, the Binance app will be indispensable.


Coinbase is another popular crypto exchange with a well-deserved reputation and high trading volume. The Coinbase mobile app is a variant of the online bitcoin storage with functionality for exchanging. To start working you should link your trading accounts on the site.


The Cex platform does not boast the same trading volume and currency pairs as Binance. However, it supports a very convenient app for iOS and Android. On CEXb you can buy altcoins for fiat using Visa and MasterCard.


It’s a young crypto exchange that allows for converting many different coins, including the rarest ones. The creators of the exchange went beyond the usual online trading and brought variety to the functionality by developing the Kucoin mobile application.


A relatively young, but already well-established exchange. Its main difference is decentralization. This platform does not store your coins. That is why it cannot be hacked so don’t worry about the safety of your funds.

Besides, to work with, you don’t need to register. Cryptocurrency exchange occurs in a matter of minutes.

To date, the developers are working on creating a convenient and simple application for operating systems. Plus, you can access Godex via a mobile browser.

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