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Instagram The Ultimate Guide

In an era – ours – that increasingly looks to social media, ease of use is one of the most important factors behind its disproportionate popularity. This is the reason why Instagram is one of the main and most important social media platforms globally. Instagram The Ultimate Guide. In 2020, you can’t have an Instagram profile. Point.

The giant bought by Facebook back in 2012, today holds firmly the third place among the most used social networks in the world, counting over 800 million active users per month. A frightening number! In past years, getting followers and growing on Instagram was much easier.

But today something has changed! Follow our Instagram quick guide carefully to become a real pro! If you are one of those users who are worried about how to make sure but above all keep the greatest number of followers, well … know that …

We have been too and we have therefore decided to write the best, the most complete but above all the most updated guide possible on the use and how Instagram works tailor-made for you. Today, you will discover the best way to become an Instagram Pro in no time and why joining Instagram is so important.

You will learn the basics and some precious tricks.

Instagram Guide 2020. What it is, what it is used for and how it works

What is Instagram?

Instagram is a free social network born in 2010 that allows registered users to take and share photos and short videos on the net. It also allows you to apply filters to photos. The most popular feature is undoubtedly the Stories. In 2012 the company was purchased by Facebook.

Of an almost disarming simplicity and immediacy. So much so that the question “but how the hell can all this Instagram have success if it only does this? But isn’t Facebook enough? ” turns out to be more than legitimate.

The answer, however, is a dry one: no . Facebook is not enough.

To become famous, to grow your brand and to start a profitable business, it  is also essential to have a very active and quality profile on Instagram.

Instagram is becoming day after day and increasingly an excellent and succulent business platform with which to earn and also a lot.

Successful cases such as those of Chiara Ferragni, Fedez, Gianluca Vacchi or Mario di Vaio (just to mention our most famous influencers) cannot fail to go unnoticed. And they were all born on Instagram!

Whether you have been an Instagram addict for years or a newcomer to the photo sharing giant, today you will discover its basics, how to use it best, all the tricks to grow your followers and much more.

Ready to create your first Instagram profile that everyone will want to follow ?

How to Create a New (or Second Profile) Account on Instagram

To access Instagram first you need an account, a personal profile. If you already have one and just want to optimize it to the best, skip this paragraph. Otherwise, continue reading to find out how to create a second account on Instagram,  perhaps for your business or commercial product.

If instead, you have yet to create your first social profile, let’s see how to do it right away!

The registration on Instagram  – therefore the creation of a new account  – can take place both from the app downloaded on the smartphone and from the official website reachable directly from a PC or laptop.

You need a few simple data: a valid email or mobile number, your name and surname (also consider creating a fake profile on Instagram, why not!), A username and a password and you will be immediately ready to share your shots and your videos.

We proceed:

  • Create your new account (profile) by clicking on the entry Subscribe
  • Enter your mobile number or email (or log in directly with your Facebook account to speed up registration)
  • Enter your name and surname, a nickname (nickname) and a password (I recommend long and complex to avoid identity theft)
  • Choose a profile photo
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Here we are! You’re in. You can immediately start using Instagram but there is still much to discover and optimize, continue reading!

How to best personalize your Instagram profile

At the moment you have entered only your basic information and nothing more. But if you want to start on the right foot, the first thing you need to do now is to complete the insertion of the data that you consider most important.

To be noted is that none of these data are mandatory so feel free to complete your profile or not in full respect of your privacy.

So let’s see how to customize the profile, biography, name or icons on your Instagram account!

We begin to familiarize ourselves with the aesthetics of the program. To recall your Instagram profile, you need to press on the last icon at the bottom right of the lower bar of the app. Once selected, you will find the text ” Edit Profile” at the top and in the center. From here, you can enrich your account with valuable data useful to your followers.

Let’s see how:
  • First, you can add or change your profile picture by importing it directly from your photo library
  • Then add your website (if you are a company or a small business owner it is very important and you will soon find out why)
  • Not mandatory but always welcome, a small description of you, your biography for up to 150 characters.
  • Remember that you can make it prettier and more pleasant with the insertion of emoticons!
  • Complete everything by entering your gender and your mobile number if you had not already done so in the initial phase

Regarding the link in the middle of the screen “Get more tools”, it is not mandatory to complete the procedure. If you are a public figure, a content producer, an influencer or you have a company or service company then yes, it’s the option for you! In a few simple steps you will be able to create a second company or creator profile on Instagram.

How to Make and Make Your Instagram Profile Private (or Public)

Well, your profile is complete with all the necessary information.

Now, however, you have to decide whether you want to keep it public (it is by default) or private.

Let’s find out how to transform then change your Instagram profile from public to private in one click!

The procedure is simple and almost identical from any platform you decide to do it. It will, therefore, be almost the same to put the private profile on Instagram from Android, from iPhone or from PC.

In all cases, all you have to do is go to recall the Instagram settings (on Android they are the 3 dots, on the iPhone and computer pc it is the gear icon) and scroll until you find the Private Account item.

How to Make an Instagram Profile Private

  • Select your profile at the bottom right of the bottom bar
  • At the top right click on the “hamburger” icon (3 stripes)
  • At the bottom center tap on Settings
  • Click on the menu item Privacy and then follow Account privacy
  • Click on the indicator on the right to make your Instagram profile private

The operation is obviously reversible and you can make it public again in no time by turning off the switch again.

TIP: If you own a corporate Instagram profile, you know that unfortunately, you will not be able to make it private.

How to Have or Manage Multiple Accounts on Instagram with the Same App

Instagram has finally implemented and made available to everyone the ability to manage multiple accounts from the same app without ever having to log out and log in again.

Be careful, we do not mean the management of fake profiles, with the same email nor how to join two profiles.

We are talking about the fantastic possibility (hyper fast) to change when and how many times you want it in one click directly from Instagram. The limit is no more than 5 Instagram accounts at a time.

When and why is it useful to do so? You may need to have your own account and a separate one for your business. company or small business.

Or you could have created a super-private one that you don’t want to give or show to anyone … What better opportunity then to understand

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How to manage and add multiple profiles simultaneously on Instagram?

Let’s see immediately how:

  • Select your profile at the bottom right of the bottom bar
  • At the top right click on the “hamburger” icon (3 stripes) and in the center press on the Settings item
  • scroll to the bottom of the settings screen and press “Add account”
  • log in or sign up on Instagram with a new profile

You added a new profile but now how to select it on the fly?

To perform a “switch” on the fly between your Instagram profiles, go as usual to your profile screen, press on your username at the top center and from the menu that will appear in front of you select the account you want to use.

Why limit yourself to one public profile when you could create up to 5 different profiles for the most varied uses!

How to Follow a Person or Add Friends on Instagram

Raise your hand if you don’t have a profile or don’t use Instagram yet. I think there are very few left.

And who cares about an empty bulletin board, without photos, videos or funny and engaging stories?

So let’s not see anyone immediately how to enrich your wall by adding your friends, how to follow your favorite famous people and consequently how to legally increase your followers!

In addition to adding your friends, famous people and influencers through their username, you can add all your friends on Facebook who also use Instagram “in bulk”. Such as?

Let’s go immediately to see:

  • Select your profile at the bottom right of the bottom bar
  • At the top right click on the “hamburger” icon (3 stripes) and in the center press on the Settings item
  • Press the Suggested People icon
  • Go to the Suggested screen
  • Press the Connect button to connect your Facebook profile or your personal address book to find who uses Instagram on your smartphone

Following your singers, actors or famous people that you admire most can be a great way to find inspiration, to have a new business idea or simply to spend some time in a pleasant way.

Once you have set up a solid base of friends, the Instagram machine (its fantastic algorithms) will start analyzing your likes and who you follow to suggest the best photos and the most beautiful videos according to your tastes. All this, always from the search tab located below.

Create the Perfect Photo for Your Followers on Instagram

instagram screen add photo

On how to take a photo or video we do not believe it is necessary to add or say much. Everything is immediate and really simple.

The beauty comes later!

Before publication, to attract more people you need to optimize your Instagram shot in the best way possible .

One thing to know: although Instagram is a photographic social network so where users take and share photos on the spot, the latter can also be uploaded directly from the photo library of your iPhone, Android or desktop PC.

So, if you are starting to use Instagram for the first time, know that you can immediately enrich your profile, your photographic “portfolio” by uploading the shots that you have saved in the library. For each single post, you can upload up to a maximum of 10 photos (or videos of course)

But now let’s move on. Let’s find out how many fantastic things can be done before actually sharing your incredible shot.

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How to post a photo on Instagram

Once you have taken the photo or shot your short video, before posting it on your newsfeed or better to say bulletin board. You will first have to insert some useful (and fundamental) information:

  • A short caption to begin with that best describes your photo (there are no limits to the number of characters but we advise you not to overdo it)
  • Do you want to draw someone’s attention or tag your friend or family member? Click on Tag people.
  • The photo you have just taken will open and you just have to touch the photo at the point you want and through the search, add (tag) the person
  • You can subsequently geo locate the photo and then give a geographical coordinate through a suggested place
  • Lastly, in addition to immediately posting the photo on your Instagram profile, you can extend its immediate sharing to the following social networks (after logging in): Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr

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