making prank calls

Thinking about making prank calls? Read this first

Making Prank calls are a classic way to mess with anyone, no matter what age or wherever you are in the world, as long as you have a phone. Just eight years after Alexander Graham Bell made his remarkable phone invention, people started fooling around through phone calls. Some prank calls are done to mess with friends, while some are done to strangers. It is fair to say that the reason why people keep doing this is simply that it is fun! It’s almost always fun because you gain different candid reactions every single time. However, as much as fun it is, it is also undeniable that at some point – these prank calls gained a bad reputation because of ill-intentioned prank calls. For example, some people merely disturb hardworking service staff. Some call restaurants for deliveries, and once the delivery person arrives at the address, they will find out that they are being pranked. Do pranks have to be this mean to be funny? No, it doesn’t! Pranks are meant to be funny without being mean. Once it starts hurting and causing harm to other people, it’s simply just bullying.

The big question

Are prank calls illegal? well, it is, and it isn’t. To put it simply, prank calls are illegal when you do things that are illegal. The same goes with it being legal when you are doing things that are legal.  If you’re not doing anything that’s supposed to be lawfully penalizing, then you are good to go. However, you should still remind yourself that your friends, family, partner, or even just anyone you pulled a prank on can sue you if you violated their boundaries. 

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So what is a “bad” prank and a “good” prank? 

A bad prank is a prank that can harm, offend, or even be considered a felony. If your prank is meant to hurt an individual or a group, that is simply called bullying. Authorities can intervene once your prank can be considered disorderly conduct, a form of harassment, a hate crime, wiretapping, and doing acts such as calling 911 or other government-related hotlines for the sake of “fun.”

How about a good prank? We know humor is very relative. What’s funny to you may not be necessarily amusing for other people because we live in different contexts. We listed down a few tips to make a good prank:

1. Plan properly

Jokes are spontaneous, while pranks need adequate planning to be believable for your chosen victim. They are both funny, but they have different approaches when it comes to humor. Pranks need careful planning, practice, and sometimes a couple of trials and errors. You have to know who you are pranking to avoid being reckless with your actions.

2. Be mindful of your resources.

How much are you willing to spend for a five-minute, three-minute, or 30-second prank? You should be mindful of your resources. And that includes other people you will be involved in your prank to pull the tricks easier and more efficiently.

3. Rehearse and work on your acting skills

Like we said, pranks need to be more believable. You don’t want to waste your time doing something that will flop, do you? The key to a successful prank is to work on your acting skills! Unless you are Meryl Streep and you can pull off anything at the last minute, you will need to exert effort on this part. More accessible If not, then what is the point?

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How can you make legal prank calls?

If these things are too much of an information overload for you, you will need the help of some prank apps. These apps are typically made by developers that are pros when it comes to pranking. One of our most recommended apps is Ownage Pranks’ Prank Calling App and spoof-calling app. If you have been interested in pranking for quite a while, you might know them from their famously hilarious Youtube videos. The people behind Ownage Pranks are master prankers and are best when it comes to your privacy.

What does this app exactly do?

If you want to prank a friend, a family member, or a lover – this is perfect for you! They collect your personal information through your app and hide your phone number under a fake one so that your victim wouldn’t know it’s from you. Do you have an easily recognizable voice? Not to worry! Ownage Pranks has a bunch of pre-made prank scripts performed by professional voice actors. All you will ever do is giggle on the side and be discreet enough so people wouldn’t know you’re the one behind all this. 
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