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How to Remove Yahoo From Google Chrome

Recently, you have noticed that every time you search with Chrome. You are directed to Yahoo, rather than your preferred search engine. You have tried to find a solution to the problem, but, unfortunately, all your attempts have been in vain … at least so far, that you have happened in my guide. In today’s tutorial, I will show you, in fact, how to remove Yahoo from Chrome to change the default search engine and the browser home page. Here we know how to remove yahoo from google Chrome.

I will explain, therefore, how to proceed with computers with Windows operating systems, Macs, and mobile devices. Then on smartphones and tablets, equipped with Android and iOS. Also, in the unfortunate event that you have been infected with a virus or malware, I will give you some useful tips to clean your computer of these types of threats.

How do you say? Can’t wait to get started? So, let’s not waste any more time: sit comfortably, pay attention to the advice I have prepared for you in my guide, and try to put them into practice. I am sure that if you follow my suggestions to the letter. You will be able to remove all references to Yahoo from Google Chrome on all your devices. All that remains for me is to wish you a good read and, above all, big good luck for your “cleaning” activities!

Remove Yahoo as a search engine in Chrome

To perform a search on the web via Google Chrome, simply type the query (i.e., the terms to search for) into the address bar, located at the top. If, by doing this, you display the results on Yahoo and not on the search engine of your choice, for example, Google, it is possible that some browser parameters have been changed. In the next few lines, therefore, I will explain how to remove Yahoo from Chrome’s search engines and restore the program’s default search engine.


Suppose you want to remove Yahoo as a search engine from Google Chrome for Windows or macOS. You can proceed by performing the operations that I will show you in the next lines.

First, launch Google Chrome and, in the main browser screen. Click on the icon with the ⋮ symbol that you find at the top right. In the context menu, select the Settings item and, in the new screen that opens. Find the Search engine section once this is done. You should read the wording Yahoo under the heading Search engine used in the address bar. Then click on the Yahoo entry to open a drop-down menu, from which you can select a different search engine, such as Google. By doing so, you will have successfully set up a different search engine.


If you want to completely remove Yahoo among the possible search engines in Google Chrome, click on the word Set search engine and, in the new screen that has opened, locate the entry Yahoo. After finding it, click on the icon with the ⋮ symbol on the right and, in the context menu, select the Remove from list option. So, as to delete Yahoo from the list of search engines in Google Chrome.

If you use Google Chrome on smartphones and tablets, you can remove Yahoo Search as the default search engine in a very simple way, but only on Android. On iOS, in fact, the default search engines are only Google, Virgilio, and Bing, and therefore, there is no risk of redirection on Yahoo.

To proceed, then start Google Chrome on your Android smartphone or tablet and tap on the icon with the symbol that you find at the top right. In the contextual menu you see, tap on the Settings > Search engine. In the list that is shown to you, then tap on any search engine, such as Google, in order to select it and use it immediately instead of Yahoo. Easier than that?!

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Remove Yahoo as Chrome homepage.

When you start, Google Chrome-like start page will show the homepage of Yahoo instead of the usual browser home screen? If you want to remove it, you can act directly from the program settings. In the next few lines, I will explain how to proceed both on the computer and on mobile devices.


On computers, you can edit both the home page (the one that appears by clicking on the Home button) and the opening page of a new tab in Chrome. But let’s go in order.

To change the Chrome homepage, start the browser and click on the icon with the ⋮ symbol located at the top right. In the context menu, select the Settings item to access the program configuration panel. To change the page set as home, locate the Appearance section and change the Yahoo URL that you find in the text box under the heading New tab page. Then type any website you would like to reach by pressing the Home button, such as com.

If, on the other hand, you want to change the home page that is shown to you every time a new tab opens, scroll down the items in the Settings panel of Google Chrome until you find the section on startup. Under the item Open a page or a set of specific pages, find the word Yahoo and click on the icon with the symbol ⋮ that you can find alongside. In the context menu, click on the Remove option, to delete the reference to Yahoo, or press Edit, to change the URL with a different one, such as

Smartphone e tablet

To change the home page of Google Chrome, also called Home, in the mobile field, you can only act on Android devices. To do this, launch the Google Chrome app and tap on the icon with the ⋮ symbol in the top right corner. In the context menu, tap on the Settings > Home page.

In the screen that is shown to you. Press on the wording Open this page and change the URL of Yahoo with the one you prefer, such as Then press the Save button to confirm the changes made.

Remove automatic redirects to Yahoo.

If, despite the suggestions, I have shown you in the previous chapters. You have not been able to remove the references to Yahoo from Google Chrome. It is probable that you have been infected by malware. That acts on the browser settings to make it use Yahoo instead of the page initial and default search engine of the program. In this case, I advise you to follow the suggestions that I will show you in the next paragraphs to try to solve this problem.

Run an antimalware scan

The first thing you can do is to attempt. The use of antimalware software to clean up your computer of the infection. The software that I recommend to use is Adw Cleaner. A free tool for computers with Windows operating system, which does not require any installation. If you are interested in downloading it, go to its official website and click on the Free Download button.

After downloading the .exe file, double-click on it and, in the Windows User Account Control window, press the Yes button. Then click on the Accept button to start using the Adw Cleaner. In the main program screen, press the Scan now button to start scanning on your computer and then cleaning it. At the end of the scanning process, press the Clean and repair button, to eliminate the detected threats.

If no threats are detected, you can try using Malwarebytes antimalware software, available for free on Windows or macOS. A paid version is also available, which in this case you don’t need, starting from 39.99 euros/year which enables automatic updates and real-time protection.

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If you own a Windows computer, go to the link I provided and click on the Free trial button and then on Download now, to download the .exe file needed to install Malwarebytes. Then double-click on it, select the language from the menu for choosing the language and press OK. Then click Accept and Install and press Finish to complete the installation. In the main Malwarebytes screen, press the Scan button to start cleaning your computer.

On macOS, on the other hand. Press the Free Download button found on the Web page I have provided. So as to download the. Pkg file is necessary for installing the program. When the download is complete, double-click on it. Then, press the Accept and Install buttons and type the macOS password. At this point, press the Install software button to start the installation.

Once the procedure is complete, start Malwarebytes and, in its main screen, press the Scan now button. To start scanning and remove threats on your computer.

In addition to the software I mentioned in the previous paragraphs, there are several that can be right for you. In this case, I recommend you read my guides on how to eliminate adware and the one on the best free antivirus.

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Remove unwanted extensions from Google Chrome.

You can also consider checking if there are extensions in Google Chrome that have malicious code. And that interfere with the correct functioning of the browser.


To do this, you can disable the extension or completely remove it from Google Chrome. To do this, start the program and click on the icon with the ⋮ symbol located at the top right. In the context menu that is shown to you, select the items Other tools > Extensions, to reach the section on managing browser extensions.

Move the lever from ON to OFF in its box. While if you want to uninstall it, simply press the Remove button twice in a row.


Another useful tip is to remove any unknown software from the computer. Suppose you have a Windows computer. Click on the icon with a magnifying glass symbol located at the bottom left of the taskbar. In the text box, type the terms control panel and press on the corresponding search result.

Press the word Uninstall a program. So that you can view the list of all the software installed on your computer, then identify those with names unknown to you or those that contain the term toolbar and. After selecting them, press the Uninstall button at the top if you want to go deeper into the topic or discover other tools that can help you remove software on Windows. I recommend you read my tutorial.

On macOS, however, you will find the software installed inside the Applications folder in the Finder. Just right-click on the malicious program and select the item Move to trash. In case, I recommend using the App Cleaner application to completely remove the software from macOS. If you want to deepen this topic, I recommend you read my dedicated guide.

Reset Google Chrome

As a last option, you can perform the reset of Google Chrome settings. Useful for deleting any cached files and all the information saved in the browser.

To do this, start Google Chrome and click on the icon with the symbol located at the top right. Until you find the word Advanced. Press on the latter and continue scrolling through the list. Until you reach the Reset and cleaning section (Reset on macOS), then click on the item Restore the original default settings and then press on Reset to perform the reset.

On Google Chrome for Windows, in the aforementioned section, there is also another button, called Clean your computer. This feature allows you to scan your computer to identify and remove malicious software. Then click on this wording, then press the Find button and wait for the result of the scan.

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