SYPWAI and Our Future

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a software package that is able to reproduce human skills: to plan, solve problems, give advice, as well as learn and improve one’s work in the process of performing tasks. SYPWAI is a non-profit project that helps develop artificial intelligence. Already more than 600 companies want to work with SYPWAI to implement the capabilities of neural networks in their business. Artificial intelligence is our future. Neural networks help solve problems that a person can’t handle. Therefore, the project’s most important goal is to accelerate the innovative future.

Why Create Artificial Intelligence Systems?

The use of artificial intelligence in work allows to automate any process and customize it following the specific task of a person, department, or production. The work of AI becomes more efficient over time due to constant learning. The more the neural network knows the details and needs, the better it functions.

Initially, many assumed that AI would only be able to translate texts, recognize objects, and capture the meaning of human speech. But by 2022, the list of skills has expanded so much that listing it would take more than one page. The current AI is present in many areas of our lives — on the Internet, in medicine, business, and even transport.

Artificial intelligence is gradually coming to all branches of human activity, making conventional software systems intelligent:

  • Medicine and healthcare;
  • Retail sales in online stores;
  • Politics;
  • Game industry;
  • Education.
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There are many more achievements. For example, AI can recognize faces, save energy on smartphones, distribute tasks between processor cores, play (and win!) chess, draw pictures, and even compose music under the strict guidance of non-virtual producers.

How Do SYPWAI and Machine Learning Actually Work?

The neural network is the base on which artificial intelligence (its “brain”) is built. In short, a neural network is a complex program consisting of a vast number of simple programs. Each of them responds to some signal.

At first, the neural network can do almost nothing, and each neuron reacts to signals entering it randomly. That is, it guesses who is in the picture — a cat or a dog with a probability of 50 percent. But if we give a lot of such tasks and specify the correct answer, the neural network will learn to distinguish cats from dogs in pictures no worse than a person. After each attempt, the network “reinforces knowledge” changes within the neurons that positively influenced the correct decision are fixed.

If you want to get involved in AI training and earn money, then SYPWAI is an excellent opportunity for you. All you have to do is solve logic puzzles. Most of them are tests, but some tasks need to be answered in detail.

The SYPWAI machine learning algorithm has something in common with the algorithms of popular social networks. All information received from the user remains in the database, and then the service is adapted to a particular person.

You need to register and then connect your Raspberry Pi device to get started. Registration takes about 10 minutes. Don’t hesitate to contact your regional manager or customer support if you have any questions. To register, specify your username, a password, confirm your email address and mobile phone number, and follow further instructions.

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