List of animals that start with U

When it comes to animals, the letter “U” presents a challenge as there are relatively few animal species whose names start with this letter. However, there are some unique and fascinating creatures that do begin with “U.” These animals demonstrate the diversity and wonder of the natural world. From the depths of the ocean to the lush forests and expansive savannahs, let us embark on a journey to discover some remarkable animals whose names start with the elusive letter “U.” Prepare to be amazed by these captivating creatures and their distinctive characteristics.

Animals that start with u


Also known as the Japanese Bush Warbler, the Uguisu is a small bird native to Japan. It is known for its melodious song, which is often associated with the arrival of spring.

Ulysses Butterfly 

The Ulysses Butterfly, also known as the Blue Mountain Swallowtail, is a vibrant butterfly species found in Australia and Papua New Guinea. It is renowned for its striking electric blue wings.


The Umbrella Bird is a large bird native to the rainforests of Central and South America. It gets its name from the distinctive crest of feathers on its head, which resembles an umbrella when fully displayed.


The Urial is a wild sheep species found in the mountainous regions of Central Asia. It has a stocky build, curved horns, and a thick coat that helps it withstand harsh, cold climates.


Uroplatus, commonly known as the Leaf-tailed gecko, is a group of geckos native to Madagascar. They have unique adaptations that help them blend in with their surroundings, such as leaf-like tails and camouflage patterns.

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Unicornfish are tropical marine fish found in the waters of the Indo-Pacific region. They are characterised by a long, prominent horn-like projection on their forehead, hence the name “Unicornfish.”

Uakari Bat 

The Uakari Bat, also known as the False Vampire Bat, is a species of bat found in South and Central America. It is one of the largest bat species and is known for its carnivorous diet, which includes small vertebrates.

Unique animals beginning with U

Here are some additional unique animals beginning with “U”:


Uromastyx is a genus of lizard commonly known as spiny-tailed agamas. They are found in arid regions of Africa and Asia. These unique reptiles have spiky tails and are known for their ability to absorb and retain water, allowing them to survive in harsh desert environments.


Uintatherium is an extinct genus of large herbivorous mammals that lived during the Eocene epoch. These prehistoric creatures had a unique appearance, resembling a rhinoceros with multiple pairs of bony protuberances on their heads.

Uakari Monkey 

The Uakari Monkey, specifically the bald uakari, is a distinct primate species found in the Amazon rainforest. Known for its bald head and bright red face, it is one of the few primates that primarily eats fruit.


The Unau, also known as the Hoffmann’s Two-Toed Sloth, is a slow-moving mammal native to Central and South America. These arboreal creatures have a unique adaptation of hanging upside down from tree branches for long periods, thanks to their specialised claws.


The Urial is a wild sheep species found in the mountainous regions of Central Asia. It has a stocky build, curved horns, and a thick coat that helps it withstand harsh, cold climates.

Underwater animals starting with U


Unicornfish are tropical marine fish found in the Indo-Pacific region. They have a prominent horn-like projection on their forehead, which gives them their name. These fish are known for their vibrant colours and can often be found near coral reefs.

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Sea urchins are spiny, globular creatures that inhabit oceans around the world. They are echinoderms and are characterised by their spherical shape and long spines. Sea urchins play an important role in marine ecosystems as grazers and are found in a wide range of habitats, from shallow coastal areas to deep-sea environments.


Urobatis is a genus of stingrays commonly known as round rays or round stingrays. They are found in coastal waters of the eastern Pacific Ocean. These rays have a circular body shape and typically inhabit sandy or muddy bottoms.

Umbrella Squid 

The umbrella squid is a unique cephalopod found in the deep ocean. It has a transparent body with a bell-shaped mantle that resembles an umbrella when expanded. Umbrella squids have photophores (light-producing organs) on their bodies, allowing them to produce bioluminescent displays.

Upside-down Jellyfish 

The upside-down jellyfish (Cassiopea) is a type of jellyfish that rests on the seafloor with its bell facing upwards. They have a symbiotic relationship with photosynthetic algae living within their tissues, which provides them with energy. These jellyfish are commonly found in shallow tropical waters.

Ugly animals beginning with U

Beauty is subjective, and every animal has its unique charm. However, here are a few animals that are sometimes considered unconventional or less aesthetically pleasing by some people:

Uakari Monkey 

The Uakari Monkey, specifically the bald uakari, has a distinctive appearance with its bald head and bright red face. While some might consider it unusual or unconventional, others find its unique features intriguing.


The Umbrellabird, particularly the male of the species, has a rather peculiar appearance. It has a large, bulbous crest on its head, which can be extended to form an umbrella-like shape, giving the bird its name. While it might be considered unconventional by some, it possesses its own charm.

Ugly Stink Bug

The Ugly Stink Bug, also known as the Western Conifer Seed Bug, is a type of insect that is not traditionally perceived as visually appealing. It has a brown, elongated body with a triangular shape and is often associated with unpleasant odour when disturbed.


Q1: What are some unique animals that start with “U”?

Ans: Uakari, Uguisu, Umbrellabird, Unicornfish, Uroplatus.

Q2: Name a strange-looking animal that starts with “U”?

Ans: Uakari Monkey.

Q3: Which underwater animal begins with “U”?

Ans: Unicornfish.

Q4: What is an unusual insect starting with “U”?

Ans: Ugly Stink Bug.

Q5: What is a distinct bird species beginning with “U”?

Ans: Umbrellabird.