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5 Major Questions To Ask A Prospective ISP Before You Sign Up With Them


So you have finally decided to get wifi for your house? How does it feel to be an adult? Paying for your own wifi and all! However, it is not as simple as just deciding to install wifi and then getting a modem or a router. First, you need to find an internet service provider and Prospective ISP around your area and talk to them.

Yes, you will have to talk to them if you do not want to make a hasty decision and get everything right.

But, if you are new to this, then do not worry, because we have a short guide for you.

In this excerpt below, we will be discussing all the questions which you need to ask your internet service provider and Prospective ISP before getting wifi for your house,

This will ensure two things in particular,

– First, you will not be making any mistakes.

– Second, you will have a good impression about the knowledge about these things, and your Prospective ISP will try less to manipulate you.

Why Do You Need A Fast Internet- Prospective ISP

In today’s day and age, we will see that everything requires more data, whether you are playing a game, downloading a huge piece of software from, or streaming something in full HD.

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Plus, when we have the option to go higher, we wouldn’t be settling for anything less. This is why you will need an internet connection which will make everything smooth and easy.

Questions You Should Ask Your ISP

So, you have just reached your ISP office, and they are trying to sell you packages. How would you know what kind of questions you are supposed to ask?

Ask these five questions, and you are good to go.

1. Are You Guaranteeing Speed?

This will always ask you to upgrade to a speed more than you originally asked. This is their way to make you sign up for something which is essentially more expensive.

Now, if you want a better internet speed, you can definitely avail them, but definitely ask them firmly about the internet speed.

That is, are they really guaranteeing a speed of that quality.

2. Is There Any Limit To Speed?

The first thing you need to ask is the limit to their speed. Do they have a particular limit provided to every local in the area to avoid bandwidth congestion?

Or, is it a service which has no limit and you can extend it as much as you want.

3. How Well Is Your Customer Service?

Customer service is very important for any customer, especially ISP. For example, today it is raining, but if the internet is gone till the next day, then there is a big problem.

There will be many times when your internet could be lagging or has shut down completely, and you will need to call your ISP.

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Now, if the customer service is poor, you will automatically want to stop availing of their services. This is why asking about customer service feedback is very important.

4. Can I Provide My Own Router?

ISP generally comes with the network and the router or modem. What if you do not like the router that they are providing and you wish to change them?

Ask them whether you could provide your own router, and be absolutely clear about the service fee, installation charges, and many more.

The question is, will it remain the same without the router to change.  

5. Will You Throttle My Bandwidth?

This is a very important question to ask your ISP. Yes, it is a little direct, but since throttling is legal in some countries, it might not be too odd if your ISP is doing so.

Internet throttling is when they purposefully hog the bandwidth in order to prevent internet congestion.

We wouldn’t recommend you change your ISP because of this; just start using a good VPN

Choose Them Wisely!

You can change your router or ISP very frequently, yes you can upgrade once in a while, but it is troublesome.

So, ensure whenever you choose one, it is the right kind, and they can provide you with all the internet speed and quality that you desire.