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PC Remote Server

The development of technology is replacing most of the work from PC to Smartphone. But, still, there are some programs which we can’t access via smartphones. So we need a PC remote server to operate the function of our computer from the Smartphone.

There are several ways of mirroring a PC’s screen. Using a team viewer is the oldest technique to control the function of your PC from any location remotely. The entire remote server uses the IP address to connect two devices. It takes very few seconds to set up the connection.

Once it gets connected, you can operate the host’s PC from your phone as a remote. It runs on the basic principle of screen cloning. The same screen gets cloned and reflected on the remote server and provides an easy operation feature to perform the same function as per the operating command.

Working Principle of PC Remote Server

The entire PC remote server works by the principle of the remote desktop protocol (RDP). It allows a remote control server to build a conveyor between the Microsoft terminal devices. Remote Server doesn’t connect the server to the console session but uses TCP port on the same service to get inside the executive session.

It encrypts the server from the host computer to remote so that no one can hack the server. It doesn’t require any external authentication to establish a connection. You only need to allow the permission from the host and remote devices to on and off the connection.

Features of PC remote server:-

Any of the remote servers must hold the following qualities:-

  •     Screen display:-the remote server must be able to display the screen from the host server.
  •     Connection: – It has the feature to establish a link between two or more computers. All of the computers must have the function to control the screen. It uses an internal IP connection to take control of the remote server.
  •     Controls:- The remote server must be controlled from the mouse and keyboard on the virtual screen coming from the host server.
  •     System compatibility: – It must be compatible to run in any type of operating system and doesn’t need any special system requirement instead of the app to run its a function.

List of best PC remote server:-

Some of the widely used PC remote servers are the following:- 


It is the most widely used PC remote server that provides remote service facility to connect you PC to other PC. It also allows you to connect your OC to your Smartphone. To use this software, you need to download and install the app from its official website TeamViewer.com. Sometimes it doesn’t work if you have old TeamViewer software installed on your PC.

So, always try to download the latest version of the software from its official website. Note that both the PC must have the new version of the software before establishing a connection.

It is straightforward to deploy the screen as it only needs an internet connection to create a link between the PC. Till now, it has connected more than 2 billion devices since 2005 without any complaints. The company runs like a pro and has more than 800 offices around the world.


It was founded in Germany and running since 2014. It has more than 100 million worldwide users and more than 5 million monthly users. Anydesk supports the virtual latency collaboration method to take control over your PC.

It doesn’t need a very high-speed internet for performance. It can even run on an average internet connection. It’s among the top 50 fastest-growing companies in the world. They take shallow subscription charges for providing remote control services.

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Splashtop Business Access

It is only for premium and regular remote service users. It charges you 5$ per month to provide its features. This PC remote server is for professional companies and business people. It allows accessing individuals and groups of computers remotely. You can remote your android, iOS, PC using Splashtop Business Access.

Its app is available in all types of operating systems to increase its availability to work. If you want to mirror your PC screen to your android phone, then install the app on both the devices and log in to your account. It will generate an encrypted key to establish a connection between your PC and phone in a few seconds.

You can now operate your PC from your Android phone. It is a great PC remote service provider. It also has yearly and quarterly plans available for its users. Splashtop Business Access comes with seasonal discounts and coupon codes to attract small business people for accessing their service.


It was known by the name of the screen connect. ConnectWise offers a secure, fast, and reliable PC remote service. It takes very little time to connect your computer via Connect wise. The interface of the app is straightforward to use. It is very easy to install, and you don’t need to extract another file for installing the app.

It offers a lot of control units to make the remote control process easier for the user. After making a first-time connection, the same PC gets connected to the remote server with just one click. It doesn’t directly disconnect the server if your connection is weak but manages to handle the connection by storing some extra beats of data from the beginning.

Zoho Assist

It is also an alternative PC remote server app. The feature of Zoho assist is complicated to use. You have a lengthy signup form, which takes minutes to complete. The verification process of using the app makes it more complex to use.

It works very high-security features, so it’s safer for remoting something more private. People who have spent very few times in the remote servers don’t like Zoho assist. But, still, it is an alternative remote controller app that you can use as an alternative. The best part about Zoho Assist is that it is free to use.

It also offers premium features at a low price. You need a strong internet connection to run Zoho Remote control software. Your PC disconnects if the stability of the internet connection is not maintained.

Chrome Remote Desktop

It is a remote service by Google. But it only gives a limited feature to mirror the image of the Google Chrome browser. You need to download and install the extension on both host and remote control devices for mirroring your browser screen.

After installing the extension, you need to sign up and verify your Gmail for using the remote control feature. It is connected to your PC until you don’t remove the slim profile from the extension. It doesn’t remote another screen instead of Googling chrome browser.

Microsoft Remote Desktop

It is a free PC remote server app provided by Microsoft. By default, it is present in each computer having a Microsoft operating system. Most of the people don’t know about this remote service and get surprised after hearing its name. The app threw in some corners off your PC as a scarce person uses this app for remote control.

To access this app, you need to log in with your Microsoft account and connect to other Microsoft account with whom you want to connect. It doesn’t have any time limit for connecting your PC. It is an entirely free service from Microsoft and simple to use. But, it needs a perfect internet speed to run this remote server app.


VNC refers to virtual network computing. It is a system software present in a computer that uses frame buffer protocol to provide remote control features. It works by utilizing a high caliber monitoring service. You can run this software in all types of o operating systems. It is an incredibly popular tool for business people and IT employees. It is entirely free to use and doesn’t charge you anything for accessing its features.

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It is a premium PC remote server provided that allows you to connect your PC with multiple remote servers. The best part of using Mikongo is that it displays your screen in HD quality. If you are remoting your screen for saying smaller things, then it will are the best PC remote for you.

It also additionally offer whiteboard and file sharing feature on the app. It is one of the best software for teaching and sharing the presentation on the screen. People use it for remoting videos to other participants on PC. As it provides high-quality remote service, so you need a fast internet connection to establish the connection between your participants.


It is a small remote server tool for professionals. The signup and file-sharing method are elementary. You can represent your presentation, image, and other files with this PC remote server.

Companies use this software for doing client meetings and taking business ideas from an entrepreneur from different places. You can remote your browsing info as well as share your paint using LogMeIn. It doesn’t run directly by entering an IP address, but you have to create an account and login to use the feature. 

Final words:-

PC remote server has a lot of applications in sharing files, guiding, and giving the presentation. Nowadays, people are also using secret service to teach digital courses to their audience. You can help your friend solve any issue related to your PC or android using these remote control services. Don’t use the banking website after connecting your device to a remote server. You must take the premium remote control services for your safety if you use a private server regularly.



  1. What is the difference between remote control and screen sharing?

Screen sharing allows the user to share their screen with a source so that the users can view the screen. Only one person from the beginning has permission to access these screens. Another person can only take a view. People prefer to use screen sharing while web conferences and showing presentations. But in remote control, only one screen gets shared from the host to the remote server, and they both have access to take control over the same screen. They get connected with the help of PC remote server software.

  1. Is it safe to use a PC remote server?

All those PC remote servers which are present as a system app are safe to use. For example, private servers for Microsoft and Google are secure. But, we can’t trust on third party remote server those are providing free and paid services. Nowadays, most of the companies are stealing data of the users with the help of applications and software. So, premium remote control providers are more trusted than the free ones.

  1. Can I use the phone as a remote server for my PC?

Yes, you can use your phone as a remote server to take full control over your PC. But, you have to install a private app that is available for Windows and Android. PC private beta is an example of such an app. You can install the Exe file of PC remote on PC and apk file on the android app. Now you can’t connect your PC to your phone by entering the IP address displayed on the PC’s screen.

  1. Can I connect my PC to multiple PC remotes?

It is possible if your remote server provider support working in multiple IP then you can easily connect to even more PC. You have to enter the IP address display on the host PC to the entire remote PC for establishing a connection. Some apps also have a feature to create a group inside the server to activate the PC remote server.

  1. Why Am I Not Able To Connect My PC To The Remote Server?

It is because you have not granted permission from system software to connect your PC to an external server. It is present in a computer for security purposes. Go to your system settings option in your PC and allow permission to connect to an external server. Now try to reconnect the remote server to make it work for you.