How to decrease ping on Fortnite
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How to decrease ping on Fortnite

You are an avid Fortnite player, to whom you often devote part of your free time. During the game sessions, however, you noticed that you have lag problems, which could be caused by a sudden increase in ping (i.e., connection latency). In this regard, you are looking for solutions on the web that can help you solve this annoying problem. How to decrease ping on Fortnite?

Fortunately for you, you have come across this guide of mine, in which you will find many tips on how to decrease the ping on Fortnite: in detail, I will explain how to activate the display of the ping in the game, and then I will provide you with several useful tips to solve the problem, which you can put into practice regardless of the platform you are playing on.

I’d say it’s time to start reading this guide of mine, don’t you think? Yup? So let’s get down to business! Sit comfortably and pay attention to the advice you will find in the next chapters. I’m sure you will find a lot of information that will come in handy for your purpose. Having said that, I just have to wish you a good read and have fun!

How to seeping on Fortnite

Before explaining how to decrease the ping on Fortnite, it is essential to explain how to see this parameter, so as to assess whether it is actually necessary to proceed to lower it. If it still isn’t clear what pinging is, I’ll explain it to you right away.

The ping is a system that allows the measurement and, therefore, to quantify the time it takes for a data packet to reach a particular network device, then return back to their source. Applying this concept on Fortnite, it translates into the speed that all the data you send to the game server (such as the movement of the avatar, the execution of skills, etc.) use to return then to your gaming device (e.g., console).

With a low ping, you won’t even notice playing an online game, as the transmission latency will seem similar to what you are used to perceiving when you spend your free time with offline video games, that is, those that do not require a connection to The Internet is active and therefore provides for a “journey” of data only locally (where clearly the data transmission speed is very high and, above all, stable).

A high ping, on the other hand, could cause you gameplay problems, which translate into situations that could lead you to a disadvantage compared to the other players with whom you are playing: for example, you may not notice that an enemy is attacking your avatar, if not after you’ve been defeated.

Having said that

The critical thing to do is, first of all, understand how to see the ping on Fortnite, so as to evaluate if it is adequate. To do this, after starting Fortnite, in the lobby screen, press the ☰ icon located at the top right and select the Settings> Game UI items. Once this is done, move the article next to the wording Actual Debug Statistics to Yes and press the Apply button.

From this moment on, when you play any Fortnite mode, you can read the game performance statistics in the upper left section: next to the wording Ping, you can read a numeric value that will indicate the latency value of the transmission two figures.

A ping is good if its values ​​are below 80. Obviously, the closer the value is to zero, the better the performance will be. If the detected ping exceeds the indicated value, then I recommend you read the next chapters carefully.

In any case, even if you have good ping, I still suggest reading this guide: maybe you can put into practice some solutions that could further lower this value and make your game sessions on Fortnite even more fun. In case something hasn’t been clear so far. However, I recommend reading my guide on how to seeping in Fortnite.

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How to decrease ping on Fortnite

In most cases, a high ping value is attributable to network connection problems. In some cases, however, no matter how much you try to find a solution. The cause is attributable to the game servers. So you just have to wait for the Fortnite team to resolve the situation.

Leaving aside this case (which can be verified simply by checking the performance of the connection outside of Fortnite). We return to the situations in which the ping problem derives from one’s own network connection.

Meanwhile, we start from the assumption that a bad ADSL connection (fiber problems are more attenuated). It can cause a high ping, which you will not be able to solve in any way personally. If not, by changing the Internet profile (precisely the fiber) or by changing provider.

In this case, I advise you to consult my guide on how to lower the ping. In which I recommend a series of solutions that you can request from your telephone provider to improve the quality of your Internet connection. I also suggest you read my guide on the best fiber offers. You can activate it in your home user if you are sure that there is fiber coverage at your home.

Another tip I can give you is to check that the NAT and the modem ports are open. So that there are no limitations on the network transmission that could cause an increase in the ping; in this regard, I can suggest you read my guides on how to open the router ports and how to open NAT.

Encounter problems

Suppose you encounter problems in performing this operation. Probably the modem you have does not have all the features you need to do it. In this case, I am surely replacing it with a more professional. Even gaming one could be the most prudent choice. In this regard, my advice is to consider the solutions that I have provided you in my guide on which modem to buy.

Another important factor is influencing ping in an online game. Such as Fortnite is the type of connection that exists between the gaming device and the router. Often, when playing from mobile devices and consoles. But also from PC, a Wi-Fi connection is preferred.

In a wireless connection. Unfortunately, the quality of the network transmission can easily degrade due to many factors. Such as the distance between the console or the PC and the router. Which is, in turn, influenced by the presence of partitions (the router is in another room from the one where you play). From the presence of electronic devices nearby.

Since the wireless connection is of the radio type. The presence of multiple network devices (the modems of the neighbors, for example) on the same radio channel. It can affect the quality of the network. In this specific case, my advice is to change the radio channel. Following the advice, I have given you in this guide.

Consideration the Wi-Fi connection

Always taking into consideration the Wi-Fi connection. Routers are often based on 2.4 GHz technology. In case you have to play online video games. Like Fortnite, my advice is to prefer those equipped with wireless technology at least 5 GHz, which provide better performance.

Be careful, though: before making this change. Make sure that your PC, device, or console you use to play Fortnite has support for 5GHz networks. For the rest, I highly recommend reading my guide on how to connect to 5GHz.

If, on the other hand. You have the possibility to replace the wireless connection with an Ethernet connection, which is via LAN cable. The ping values ​​will certainly be better. The Ethernet cable, if of excellent workmanship. It will be shielded and not very susceptible to electromagnetic interference that would cause degradation on the quality of the connection. For this reason, I suggest you read my guide on how to set up an Ethernet network.

Suppose the quality of your wireless connection is bad. But you cannot replace it with a direct LAN cable. Then you can rely on Powerline adapters if you have never heard of it. These are devices that allow you to expand the signal of the Internet connection through the home electrical system—keeping the starting values ​​almost intact.

Already warn

I already warn you that this type of connection is not optimal for playing online video games. As you can guess, the electric current that feeds all the electronic devices in the house passes through the electric cables.

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This means that data transmission could be affected (and even a lot). If there are many electronic devices turned on at the same time that draws electricity or is connected on the same stretch of the system that goes from the router to the gaming device.

For example, a mistake that is often made is to connect the Powerline to the same socket (via a power strip or multiple sockets). Where other devices are connected in operation, this inevitably causes a deterioration in the quality of the Internet connection, which may be acceptable in normal Internet browsing situations, but not for online gaming.

In any case, if you want to know more about what Powerline adapters are and how to use them. I recommend you to read my guides on the best Powerline and how the Powerline works.

Having said that, the ones I listed in the previous paragraphs are some of the tips you can put into practice. In the next chapters, I will provide you with other specific ones based on the game platform through which you play Fornite.

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How to decrease ping on Fortnite PC

Suppose you want to decrease the ping on Provide on PC. In addition to taking into account all the suggestions that I have given you in the previous chapter. You can also verify that there are no processes running on the computer that could cause an increase in the ping.

For example, antiviruses with firewalls can interfere with online gaming. Even though almost all security software now has a gaming mode. Even processes that download data in the background. Such as automatic updates of the operating system or other software, can affect ping.

Of course, what you absolutely need to avoid is streaming media or downloading. Even run a live stream of the game sessions can affect the table. In any case, my advice is to carefully read the tips I gave you in my guide on how to optimize the PC to play to try to mitigate the problem.

How to decrease ping on Fortnite PS4

Suppose you play Fortnite on PS4. What I have indicated to you in the previous chapters of this guide is more than enough to be able to lower the ping while you play. In any case, know that pinging on PS4 can easily be influenced by DNS, NAT, and, above all, by the type of connection to the router.

So, intervening on these factors can solve the problems of high ping. In this regard, I suggest you deepen these topics by reading carefully what I explained in my guide on how to lower the ping on PS4. You will find a lot of information to address some of the most common ping problems on the Sony console.

How to decrease ping on Fortnite on smartphones and tablets

Most of the advice I have given you in this guide of mine can be applied to decrease the ping on Fortnite on smartphones and tablets. However, I would like to make you think about a question that can be trivial. Playing Fortnite via the SIM data network can greatly influence the quality of the game connection.

Although playing on the move is the new frontier of the gaming sector. I point out that currently, mobile network connections. Although fast, do not guarantee quality in terms of transmission latency as the signal is often influenced by many external factors.

Certainly, the use of 5G networks (currently not widespread). Compared to 4G, it improves this situation. Again, be careful which network you connect to. As public hotspots often don’t guarantee decent network performance. Above all, they are risky in terms of privacy.

Theoretically, you could also connect your smartphone or tablet to the network via Ethernet. By purchasing special adapters. But I don’t know how practical this solution can prove to be.

In this regard, I remind you that to use a 5G network. You must have a smartphone that supports this technology in addition to a mobility provider that provides this service. In this regard, I recommend reading my guides on the best smartphones and on the best rates for mobile phones.


I point out that some smartphones. Such as Huawei, which are equipped with a feature. Generically called Gaming Boost, which allows you to improve the performance of the device during gaming sessions.

Specifically, it is a game mode of the device that makes the usually active processes remain suspended during the game session. This translates into better hardware performance. But also network performance as some apps may not connect to the Internet to download data and therefore affect ping. I told you about this feature in my guide on how to optimize Android.

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