How to pay securely by credit card online
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How to pay securely by credit card online

You have toured several stores in your city looking for a specific product. Leafing through some flyers, you have found the most convenient store where to buy it in your city. Back home, however, something happened that stopped you from running into the store and buying it: by searching the web to check the characteristics of the product, in fact, you realized that on some online stores, it was available at much lower prices. In this article, we will show you how to pay securely by credit card online?

You are trying to take advantage of this opportunity. You have decided to have the item delivered directly to your home, through the shipping service offered by an e-commerce site. But you are a little fearful because you do not know how to carry out the purchase procedure through this tool or because you do not know whether to trust you to enter your data on an unknown website. If things are this way, you will be happy to know that I can help you clarify all your doubts on the subject.

In my guide, in fact, I will show you how to pay by credit card online to receive your purchases comfortably at home. Are you curious to find out how to do it? So do not miss the tips I have prepared for you. In which I advise you how to make credit card payments and how to avoid running into a scam. Are you ready to start? So let’s not waste any more time! Enjoy your reading and, above all, enjoy your online shopping!

How to pay online by credit card

One of the most common payment methods for online purchases is the credit card. It consists of a plastic card with a chip or a magnetic strip inside where all the information for the recognition of the credit card holder is stored.

These cards are issued to the cardholder by a bank or financial institution, which undertakes to make payments made by the cardholder. Obviously, transactions can be performed if there is a residual in the account of the owner, but. Usually, credit cards have a credit limit. That is, a credit threshold in case there is no availability to complete payment.

In addition, payments made by credit card are not immediately withdrawn. But can be paid by the owner in a single solution or by installments. It is precise with this latter method that the credit card is distinguished from all other types of payment as a credit relationship is established between the owner and the bank, which will have to repay it with the application of an interest rate.

Prepaid cards, which usually rely on the same circuits. Such as Visa or MasterCard, can be added to this type of card. Prepaid cards differ from credit cards in that they lose most of the characteristics of the latter, such as credit lines and installments: I will talk about them in more detail in the next chapter of the tutorial, dedicated to this topic. Debit cards can also be added to prepaid cards, which are payment systems that are based on the immediate availability of funds to carry out the transactions carried out by the owner: I will tell you more about it in the next chapter of the guide.

Credit card payment is simple to make

First of all, after inserting the products or services of your interest in the virtual shopping cart of the website where you have to pay, checkout to complete the transaction. You will then be presented with a form for entering credit card data: enter the name and surname of the cardholder, the card number, the expiry date, and the  CVC / CVV code of three in the appropriate text fields digits. Then fill in the other text boxes you see on the screen, where additional information may be requested, such as the email address to receive proof of payment.

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On some credit cards, a protection system for online purchases may be active, which requires the insertion of a password or a disposable code to be received via SMS or via an electronic device issued by the bank.

If you want to feel safer during a transaction, you can use some services, such as Amazon Pay, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay or Google Pay, which act as a gateway for managing the payment between the buyer and the seller and allow you to make payments even in physical stores via enabled smartphones or smartwatches (therefore equipped with an NFC chip for contactless payment). To find out more, consult the tutorials that I have just linked to you.

Websites were to use your credit card.

If you intend to purchase a product or service from an online store. It is important to put some precautions into practice.

Let’s start with the reliability of the sites: you are often attracted to the low prices compared to those found on the most famous e-commerce sites. Before catapulting headlong into the purchase of a product. However, it is good practice to check the reliability of the shop on which you want to make the transaction.

In fact

it is not uncommon for some e-commerce sites to be closed for fraud against the state or the consumer. This does not mean that all online stores hide a scam behind them, but it is a good idea to inquire on the Web regarding their degree of reliability. How to pay securely by credit card online? How? Don’t worry, in the next few lines. I will explain how to give you some tips to buy online safely.

The first thing to check is whether transactions take place in HTTPS. What does it mean? That purchases are made through a secure connection, and payment data are encrypted throughout their journey until the conclusion of the transaction. Second, it is important to read all the information on the Web site regarding the made, the payment methods, the ‘ after-sales service, and any other documents that can guarantee transparency.

In addition

You must carefully read the description of the products. You are checking that they fully meet your needs. It is also good to check the shipping times. But how to pay securely by credit card online and could be in case of assistance and repairs.

A final finding, which can help you understand if a site is reliable, is to consult the opinions of other users on the portals used for this purpose. Such as TrustPilot, where you can read the reviews of other buyers who have used that specific online store.

Pay with a credit card.

When you purchase a product online. Usually, the most requested circuits are Visa or MasterCard. As they are the most popular and adopted by the main banking institutions.

Unlike traditional payment methods. Such as bank transfer, purchasing by credit card is much simpler and more immediate. Through which you can checkout to complete the transaction and receive it comfortably at home.

In fact, you must fill in the text fields relating to the name and surname of the holder. The card number, the expiry date, the three-digit CVC / CVV code on the back. Possibly an email address to receive the certificate of a successful transaction.

Such as Verified by Visa or MasterCard SecureCode, to complete a payment.

Furthermore, I remind you to check the contractual conditions of the credit card. In order not to incur the achievement of any limitation on the quantity and amount of transactions.

Pay with other tools.

In addition to the payment system, I mentioned in the previous paragraph. There are other tools that you can use for online purchases. Such as prepaid cards or virtual credit cards. An example of a prepaid card is Postepay. But there are several issues by other banking institutions.

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In addition to those indicated in the lines above. Such as prepaid cards made by PayPal. HYPE by Banca Sella, N26, and Buddy bank by Uni Credit. All these solutions allow, in most cases. To have a credit card on the MasterCard circuit for free and at a low cost. To also make online purchases.

In addition to these solutions. Some institutions allow, through home banking. To create virtual credit cards that work like a normal credit card. Thanks to this type of credit card. You can stay safe during an online purchase because there is no risk that the data can be reused by some attacker.

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Online scams: how to avoid them

Suppose it is important to make an online purchase for convenience and savings. It is equally important to protect yourself from any scams. In this paragraph, I will take care to give you some advice on how to avoid falling into these cunning computer traps.

The first thing I recommend is to read the previous paragraph. In case I had not paid attention to it where I told you about the reliability of the websites on which to shop online.

Another relevant element is that related to some online stores or vendors who claim non-standard forms of payment at all costs. For example, those who claim to perform the transaction via cryptocurrency or those who require a top-up of their prepaid card. Instead of using the classic credit card payment (I told you about it in this paragraph ).

Suppose you buy a product from a private seller. It prefers as a payment method the mark, which protects both parties in case of fraud, or other means of protection. Such as PayPal (which allows you to receive reimbursement for scams).

In addition

if you are not sure of the reliability of an online store, use a prepaid card. Instead of your credit card, limiting yourself to recharge it only for the amount useful to validate the purchase.


protected from various phishing attempts. The purpose is precisely to pretend to be a banking institution. An e-commerce site or a shipping courier, to put the scam into practice. How to pay securely by credit card online. In these cases, delete the emails without sending any data relating to your payment methods or identity documents.

If you receive an email that could be real. My advice is to personally contact the sender by email or phone number that you find on his official website or access with your credentials to the Web panel (type the website directly in the bar browser addresses). Check the status of the order or your services. What I recommend is, in any case, never open any link or click on buttons that you find inside an email received of dubious origin.

In my tutorial on how to recognize a fake site. You can find more information on how to identify sites created for phishing purposes and avoid them in order not to fall into scams.

Get paid by credit card.

If, on the other hand. It is because you are a seller and, in all probability.

You have created an e-commerce site. In these cases, I recommend that you contact the banking institution. Where you opened the company account directly? So as to check the costs and procedures for implementing this service in your online store.

If, after consulting with the bank, you realize that the implementation of such a system may be complicated for you. I advise you to rely on intermediaries. For example, PayPal allows you to complete transactions on online purchases both through your account and by credit card. For those who do not have a PayPal account. I told you about this topic in my guide.

In addition to the service, I told you about in the lines above. There are other intermediaries such as Amazon through its Amazon Pay service or Stripe and Shopify.

Are you a private individual? In this case, if you want to receive payment digitally. How to pay securely by credit card online? Yes, you can use PayPal, which allows you to send money for the purchase of goods between users who own the virtual account with this operator.

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