How to save on Amazon
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How to save on Amazon

After making your first purchase on Amazon, you got a taste for it, and now you can’t do without it. The availability of articles of all kinds. The advantageous prices and the possibility of also buying food products. Have made the famous online shopping site your main point of reference for shopping on the Web. For this reason, you would like to know how to best use Amazon to be able to save on your purchases and what are the promotional initiatives that the giant of Jeff Bezos offers to its customers. Suppose this is actually the case. Let me tell you that you have come to the right place at the right time!

With today’s guide, in fact, I will explain how to save on Amazon by putting into practice some “tricks” and taking advantage of the offers or promotional events offered by the famous online shopping site. Yes, you read that right: in addition to monitoring the price of the items and planning the purchase of multiple products in a single order in order not to pay the shipping costs. You can save money by purchasing products on sale or available at advantageous prices for a few hours. How do you say? Are you looking forward to learning more and deepening the topic? So let’s not waste any more time chatting and get to work immediately.

Courage: make yourself comfortable. Take five minutes of free time and read the next paragraphs. Read carefully the instructions I am about to give you. Try to put them into practice, and I am sure you will be able to do real business. All that remains for me is to wish you a happy reading and, above all, enjoy your shopping!

Monitor the price of products

The first solution to consider to save money on Amazon is to monitor the price of the products. It is not necessary to rely on tools or external sites.

To follow the price trend of the product you intend to purchase. Pause with the mouse pointer on the Account and lists item and click the Login button. Then enter your access data in the E-mail address fields. Mobile number and Password and presses the Login button to connect to your account.

If, on the other hand, you do not yet have an account. Pause with the mouse pointer on the Account and lists item and select the Start from here item. Then enter your data in the fields  Your name. Email and Password and press the Create your button Amazon account. For the detailed procedure, I leave you to my guide on how to register on Amazon.

Save on Amazon shipping.

Saving on shipping Amazon is another valid solution to lower the costs of your purchases on the famous online shopping site. In fact, on the products sold and/or shipped by Amazon, it is possible not to pay the shipping costs.

To know the shipping costs. Above all, to know if the product of your interest is available for free shipping. Access the card described in the article, find the Price option, and check the shipping option shown.

  • Free shipping for orders over EUR 29: if the item you intend to purchase reports this option. It means that it is available for free shipping, but only if included in an order that exceeds 29 euros. In this case, you can choose to add other products to reach the minimum threshold required to not pay for the shipment or to postpone the order until you need to make other purchases.
  • Free shipping for orders over EUR 25 of eligible books: this option appears if your purchase is a book. In this case, you can have free shipping with an order of at least 25 euros, which includes books eligible for free shipping.
  • Free shipping: the product you have chosen is available for free shipping, and you will not pay any additional cost to receive the item.
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In addition to the options, I have just listed. You need to know that there is an additional solution to not paying the shipping costs. This is Amazon Prime, the subscription service that the Jeff Bezos giant makes available to its users.

Save with Amazon Offers

After understanding how you can monitor the price of a product for sale on Amazon. How you can save on shipping. You are wondering if it is possible to find products to buy at advantageous prices. The answer is yes: in fact, by accessing the Amazon Offers section. You can find hundreds of items on offer every day.

To view the offers of the day. Log in to your account and click on the item Offers in the main menu, on the new open page. Find the same items on the menu.

You must know that you can also view flash offers coming selecting Inbox if you do not want to miss a product that will be on offer throughout the day. Press the button. Follow the offer to add the ad in section followed Offers present at the top.

Furthermore, in the Amazon Offers section. There are additional sections in which to find other products at advantageous prices.

  • Amazon Renewed: this is the section that collects the reconditioned products that have been tested and certified by qualified suppliers for an appearance and functioning equal to the new product.

Used and reconditioned

  • Used and reconditioned (or Amazon Warehouse): it is a section in which it is possible to find used and reconditioned objects. But also articles with small defects or with packages that have been opened. Amazon Warehouse is managed by Amazon. All products are sold and shipped by the Jeff Bezos giant.
  • Outlet: it is a section that offers thousands of new products at discounted prices. The reason? They are items from old collections or that are no longer part of Amazon’s recent catalog. A real online outlet where the products are divided into the categories of food and home care, books, watches, fashion, cars and motorcycles , CDs and types of vinyl, sports, video games, musical instruments, etc.

Whether you have chosen to purchase an item in the offers of the day or in the sections listed above, all you have to do to complete the order is to press the Add to cart button relating to the product of your interest. Access the cart visible in the top right and click on the Proceed to order button.

Then, follow the purchase procedure and complete the order within 15 minutes from adding the item to your cart to buy it at the discounted price (otherwise you will have to remove the item from the cart and repeat the procedure. As long as the product is still available and discounted), for detailed steps. You can read my guide on how to buy on Amazon and how payment on Amazon works.

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Use Amazon gift vouchers and top-ups.

Using Amazon gift vouchers and top-ups is another way to save money on the popular online shopping site. In fact, not everyone knows that in addition to having a voucher or top up your Amazon account. There are several solutions to earn them for free.

Suppose you are wondering how to do it. The first solution to put into practice is to buy an Amazon voucher or top-up to add to your account. In fact, you must know that the site to buy and sell online occasionally offers some unmissable offers such as. For example,  buy a 30 euro gift voucher for the first time and get a 6 euro discount voucher and receive an Amazon discount voucher from 10 euros with your first top-up from at least 30 euros.

Then, follow the instructions on the offer page to receive your Amazon voucher. Then log in to your account. Click on the Gift Vouchers item under the search bar at the top and select the Add a Gift Certificate to your options account. In the new open page, enter the code of your Amazon voucher in the field  Enter the code of the Gift Certificate. You can learn more about this by reading my guides on how Amazon gift cards work. How to convert Amazon vouchers.

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If you have already taken advantage of the offers indicated above. You must know that you can get Amazon vouchers by relying on survey websites or by downloading on your smartphone or tablet the applications that allow you to earn by doing simple chores. To learn more, you can read my guide on how to get Amazon vouchers.

Save with Amazon events.

In addition to the Amazon offers that I told you about in the previous paragraphs and that the famous online shopping site offers daily to all users. You must know that you can also save money by taking advantage of Amazon events.

What is it about? Real promotional periods. In which it is possible to find all kinds of products at really advantageous prices. During the year, the main Amazon savings events are three.

  • Amazon Black Friday: is the annual event that is proposed on the fourth Friday of November to kick off Christmas shopping. It has a duration of 24 hours and, during the day. The promotions (which concern products of all kinds) are offered in two ways. The offers are of the day valid for the entire duration of the event with almost unlimited availability. Flash offers available only for a limited period of time and in limited quantities. Black Friday is open to all Amazon subscribers. But Prime customers can view discounted products 30 minutes before they actually activate.
  • Amazon Cyber ​​Monday: is the Monday following Black Friday. In which many companies in the hi-tech sector offer hundreds of products at advantageous prices.
  • Amazon Prime Day: unlike the two events mentioned above. It generally takes place in the summer and usually lasts for more than a day. The modalities, however, are the same as for Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday with offers of the day and lightning offers.

Purchase with 18app voucher

If you are 18 or older and you are entitled to the Culture Bonus. You must know that you can save on Amazon by purchasing with 18app coupons. In fact, the initiative by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism and by the Presidency of the Council of Ministers provides 500 euros to spend on books, music CDs, tickets for cultural events (cinema, concerts, theater, museums) and much more.

It will be useful to know that with 18app, you can generate coupons to spend on Amazon too. To do this, connected to the initiative website. Click on the Enter with the SPID button on the top right and select the Identity provider on which you obtained your digital identity. In the newly opened page, enter your login details and press the Enter button with SPID. If, however, you do not yet have your digital identity and you have not yet requested your Culture Bonus. I leave you to my guides on how to obtain SPID credentials and how to register on 18app.

18app account

After logging in to your 18app account, click on the Create voucher item an. In the newly opened page, select the Online option. Now, choose one of the product categories available between Recorded music (to buy CDs and types of vinyl) and Books (if you intend to buy paper books, audiobooks, and Ebooks) and specify the voucher cut to be created in the Coupon amount field  (5, 10, 25 or 50 euros). Finally, click the Create voucher and  Confirm buttons. Copy the code that will be shown on the screen. For detailed steps, you can read my guide on how to use 18app.

Before creating a voucher, I advise you to check that the product you intend to buy on Amazon is available for purchase with the Culture Bonus. Then, access the product of your interest and verify that the description “Initiative” 18app “. The logo of the initiative (a white thumb upwards on a blue background ) is shown in its description.

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