How to play Minesweeper
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How to play Minesweeper

In this article, I will show you how to play Minesweeper on your Windows computer. Minesweeper is no longer a built-in game for Windows PCs, but you can download the remastered version for free from the Windows Store.


Know the rules of Minesweeper

1. Understand the basic rules of Minesweeper. The Minesweeper game starts with unmarked squares. If you click on one of the courts, it will disappear, some will remain blank, and some will show numbers. You’ll have to use that number to figure out which square has a mine or is safe to click.

  • Minesweeper is similar to Sudoku in that success depends on eliminating candidates until the answer is narrowed down to one.

2. Use the left and right mouse buttons. The only tool you need to play Minesweeper is a mouse. Use the left button to click on a square without mines, and the right button to flag the square with mines.

  • At more incredible difficulty, you have to flag the squares that appear to have landmines until you can be assured that they actually are.

3. You don’t have to worry about where to make the first click. There is no landmine in the first cell you click. If you click one square, some squares will open, and some courts will show numbers.

4. Understand the meaning of the numbers. The number on the square indicates the number of mines placed on the adjacent square. For example, if two courts are next to each other and “1” is displayed on one of the squares, you can see that the yard next to it has a landmine.


Download Minesweeper

1.startImage titled Windows start.pngOpen. Click the Windows logo at the bottom left of the screen to open the Start Menu.

  1. Type in the Start menu store.
  2. Microsoft StoreImage titled Microsoft_Store_app_icon.pngOpen. Click ” Microsoft Store ” in the search results near the top of the Start screen.
  3. Click the Search bar at the top right of the Microsoft Store window.
  4. Search for Minesweeper. Type in the Search bar Microsoft minesweeper and wait for the search results to appear.
  5. Click Microsoft Minesweeper. Microsoft Minesweepershould appears at the beginning of the search results.
  6. Click Get. Click the blue Get button under the heading “Microsoft Minesweeper” to install Minesweeper on your computer.
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How to play Minesweeper

Minesweeper is a game that you can clear by opening all squares without mines without opening the hidden courts of mines. Clicking on a square will reveal the number, so you need to figure out how many mines are hidden around it.


1.Open Minesweeper. After the installation of Minesweeper is completed, when the screen is displayed, click ” Start “. Or start Image titled Windows start.pngOpen the menu, minesweeperenter, and click the green ” Microsoft Minesweeper ” app.

2. Select a difficulty level. On the left side of the window, click on one of the difficulty levels below to launch your first game.

  • Elementary 9×9-9×9 squares with ten mines
  • Intermediate 16×16-40x mines in a 16×16 square
  • Advanced 30×16-99 mines in a 30×16 square
  • Custom- You can set the number of squares and the number of mines by yourself.


3. Let’s proceed to the tutorial if you like. When you play Minesweeper for the first time, you will be presented with a screen to start a tutorial that will help you practice the basics of Minesweeper.

  • If you don’t need to see the tutorial, click ” Skip ” at the top of the screen.
  1. Click any square on the panel. Click on the square to start the Minesweeper game.
  2. Check the numbers. The number on the panel indicates the number of mines adjacent to the square where the number is displayed.


6.Right-click the square where you think the mine is. This will flag the square. Flagging from a square that definitely contains landmines (for example, there is only one square next to “1”) makes it easier to eliminate the squares that have landmines later.

  • Do not flag more than the number of mines on the panel.
  1. Double-click on the square you don’t know if it contains mines. You can double-click the right mouse button to add a question mark as a mark for a cell that is left to be processed until another cell is processed.
  • This is a useful strategy if you have some land mines you haven’t found yet.
  1. Click the square that has no land mines. Click to open the target square.
  2. Open all squares. To win with Minesweeper, you must click and open all squares without mines.
  • So, if you mistakenly click the square with the landmine, the game will be over. You can choose to start a new game or play the game you were playing again.
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Minesweeper is a game that you can clear by opening all squares without mines without opening the hidden squares of mines.

At first glance, it feels like a very simple game, but it’s actually quite brain intensive.

Clicking on a square will reveal the number, so you need to figure out


Flag a hidden square of land mines

  • A flag is set up as a mark on a cell that is determined to have land mines.
  • This is to prevent it from opening if you accidentally click it.
  • However, if you set up more flags than there are hidden mines, it will be negative.
  • It is not mandatory to raise a flag to clear it.
  • It seems that many people who aim for high scores do not set the flag because they do not have enough time to set the flag.
  • In order not to be unreasonable, the square that opens first does not hit the land mine square.
  • However, this is not always the case so that you may hit a mine trout with your luck and
  • you may come up with a lot of play.

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