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Guide to the best educational apps for kid

Managing the screen time of kids is one challenge that every parent has to face. With all the efforts sometimes it becomes impossible for parents to reduce their kids’ screen time, especially in the current pandemic when everyone is stuck at home. 

An alternate solution to this problem is to make the best use of kids’ screen time by getting them engaged in different educational apps for kid specially designed for children. Sites like can be useful with all these tips on homework, but apps are good for using them on small screens. Here we have listed some of the best apps for different age groups so you don’t have to make a lot of effort to find these apps

Preschool Apps: 

In this section, we will look at some of the apps that are designed for preschool kids. Apps to mention here are Khan Academy Kids, Sago Mini World, Montessori Preschool, Papumba Preschool ABC Games, and Accelerating Young Minds. 

Khan Academy Kids is an app for kids to master different skills through a customized experience and adaptive learning path. Different kinds of adorable animals guide kids through lessons in this app. 

Sago Mini World gets your kids to explore the world with Jinja, Harvey, Jack, and Robin. Kids find themselves exploring the space with them, flying through a forest, designing a monster, becoming a superhero, and much more in this app. 

Montessori Preschool app allows your kids to whizz through Kindergarten and PreK with its focus on reading, writing, phonics, colors, numbers, nursery rhymes, and shapes. 

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Papumba Preschool ABC Games is another app that has more than 500 activities and games to develop a child’s aptitude. These games encourage critical thinking and independent play for a head start for kids. 

Accelerating Young Mind (AYM) is an app with 20 educational activities that are interactive ones for kids. This app ensures that children learn life skills, social skills, and academics while playing a game at the same time. 

Apps for Age Group 6-8: 

In this section, we will go through some of the best apps for 6-8 years old children. Notable applications for this age group are MathTango, Epic! – Kids’ Books and Videos, and TABI Learning – Primary School. 

MathTango is an app that has a major focus on math lessons that allow children to complete different missions and build their own world while having fun. 

Epic! – Kids’ Books and Videos is a digital library that gives children access to more than 35000 kids’ books and videos. Children can access these best books and videos anywhere and anytime they want. 

Tabi learning app focuses on normal school subjects with a unique and beautiful learning experience for kids. 

Apps for Age Group 9-11:

As the age of a child increases, learning becomes more focused and directions so apps for kids in age groups of 9-11 years will be different as compared to the younger one with more focus on learning with a little bit of fun. Some of the best apps include Barefoot World Atlas, Hopscotch – Programming for Kids, Quick Math – Mental Arithmetic, Droplets, Babbel, and Seek by iNaturalist. All of these apps offer a lot to learn through innovative learning methods. 

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