Picsart Photo Editing background

Picsart Photo Editing Background Features and How to Use

Isn’t it annoying when you have managed to pose and look perfect in a picture, but the background is somehow off? Suppose you have discarded a shot simply because the background wasn’t aesthetic enough, but the people in the picture look amazing. In that case, you have the perfect solution, Picsart Photo Editing Background.Clicking pictures has become a fundamental action nowadays. It is so common to capture memories that we click images as often as we drink water! But it’s not just about clicking pictures but clicking them meticulously.However, when you capture the moment well, but something about the background screams change, you can always use Picsart Photo Editor.

What is Picsart Photo Editor

In today’s times, editing has become a part and parcel of our lives. We edit all our pictures, from Instagram posts to stories to Whatsapp display pictures. Hence, questions about a specific tool named Picsart photo editor are common. You might want features like the PicsArt photo editing background change feature. So here are some details you need to know about the editing tool.Picsart photo editor is an editing tool for pictures and is quite mobile-friendly. So, you can edit as many images as you want and edit anytime!

Picsart Photo Editing Background change feature

The PicsArt photo editing background is one of the app’s best features. It enables you to edit the background of any image you want. It is easy to do; with this feature, you can change image backgrounds within minutes.

Step 1

Once you have downloaded the app, signed up/created your account, you need to click on the “+” icon at the bottom center of the screen. After this, you will get multiple options like “Edit a Photo,” “Edit a video,” “Make a Collage,” etc.

Step 2

You must select “Edit a photo” and import any photo you want to edit from your gallery. You can also click a picture instantly and choose that picture to edit.

Step 3

Once the picture has been dropped on the editing screen, you need to navigate through the options at the bottom. Tap “Add Photo” to import the image you want to keep as your background against the previously imported image.

Step 4

Now expand the second picture/background image to fit the screen. Also, bring the image’s opacity down to 32 so that the image you want to keep in the foreground is visible against the background picture.

Step 5

You will see a rectangular icon on the editing screen to the left. Tap the icon to get a new set of options at the bottom of the editing screen. Choose “Erase” and erase over the picture so that the background and foreground pictures blend perfectly.This entire process will require patience as you must determine the proportion of each image you want in your final image. For this purpose, you must keep tuning the opacity to get the perfect blend of the two pictures.Also, while erasing the unwanted portions from the pictures, you will have to be careful about the outlines of all components of the images. This will require dexterity. However, the app has a splendid UX/UI experience. Hence, using it is super convenient.
Picsart Photo Editing background

PicsArt background ideas

For your image’s new PicsArt background, you also have the option of stickers available on the editing screen. This means instead of choosing a second picture from your gallery for the background, you can click on stickers. It is from this option that you can choose any background image you want.
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Beginning with Picsart Photo Editor

To begin with, you need to download the PicsArt photo editor app from Playstore if you have an android phone. If you possess an iPhone, the app is also available on Apple Store.Once the app is installed on your phone, you must sign up or create an account. You can begin from scratch by tapping the “Create an account” button. Alternatively, you can log in using your Facebook, Snapchat, or Apple account if you have an iPhone. If you have an Android device, you can log in using your Facebook or Gmail account.The PicsArt photo editor has a dynamic home page with many pictures. So you will see a different home page every time you visit the app. Once you have signed up, you can go to Settings. After this, you will get the option to edit your profile.Once you tap “Edit profile,” you can update your username, name, and password. You can also write in the “About me” section. You can also update your picture here by importing your image from Facebook. Or you can click on choose and select a photo from your gallery.The “Settings” page is basically like any social media profile you have. Once you go back to the Settings page, you can connect Facebook to your Picsart account. Once you tap the button, you can view all your Facebook connections in a feed framework like on any of your social media profiles.

Picsart Photo Editor Settings

Some other features on this page are within the three dots in the top right corner. You can tap on the three dots and get multiple options. The first option is to upgrade to Picsart Gold. The main USP of Picsart Gold is multiple additional features and templates.You will have another “Settings” option also here. The first option you get here is to sync contacts from your phone, and you can do this with a single tap. Another useful option for iPhone users is the iCloud Sync feature.You can also enable or disable your editing history upload on this page. This sums up your Settings page completely.
Picsart Photo Editing background

Challenges Page

The challenges page is one of the unique things about Picsart. As PicsArt is more like a social network, the challenges section is where any user can participate in numerous challenges on this page by PicsArt.Each challenge has a basic description followed by rules and regulations that participants must abide. Once the participant has created a design per the challenge’s rules, they need to submit the artwork.Also, participants can view all the submissions within a specific challenge to estimate how stiff the competition is! You can also share the challenge from the challenges page with any of your friends via WhatsApp, Instagram, etc.At the bottom of the challenges page, you will notice some challenges that have ended. You can click on these challenges and see the winners. Primarily, winners receive PicsArt Gold memberships for winning the challenges.When you see the winners of these challenges, you can visit the profile of these individuals. You can also follow these people to widen your PicsArt community.You can also view their edits and designs once you visit their profiles. When you click on the artwork or posts of other individuals, you will notice that the user interface is quite similar to that of Instagram. Like Instagram, you can also like, comment, or save the posts/artwork here.
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Below these posts, you can also see the sources from Picsart that they have used to create their artwork. You can also use these sources and create art of your own. Also, you have the option of “Remix” below each post. You can tap on the Remix button to use the same art as someone within your network to create your art.

Discover Page

This is the tab where you can search for anything that interests you in designing. You can choose from innumerable background options on this tab. You have several templates also on this tab. These templates are suitable for multiple design options, such as posters, cards, leaflets, etc.Another exciting offering of discover is the motley of stickers available for you to choose. You can choose any sticker you want and use that as the background for your images. This is one of the best qualities of a Picsart photo editor. It offers a wide range of options for templates, stickers, etc.On the top right corner of this tab, you also have the option to add friends. So you can invite friends via WhatsApp, Email, and SMS. You can also invite friends from your phone contact book directly.On the discover tab, you can also choose templates from popular categories such as Social media, Marketing, Gaming, and many more. Truly, this app is a blessing for those who like to edit pictures!

Pros and Cons of Picsart



One of the most practical advantages of the Picsart photo editor is that it is easy to use and can use on the go. As the app is mobile-friendly, you can use it whenever you want or need it.

Bulk content

In content marketing and content dissemination, creating content in bulk is not just essential. You also need to ensure that your content aces its aesthetic appeal. This is where the Picsart photo editor comes in as an asset.

Advanced features

Another significant advantage is, of course, the PicsArt photo editing background change feature. This feature enables you to correct any mistakes you may have made while clicking a picture. You can eliminate the fault in the image and use it like it was clicked with utmost meticulousness.The confidence that no matter how you have clicked your picture, you can always set it right on PicsArt is itself the biggest strength of the app.


App shut down

Now coming to the cons of the app, many users have often complained about the app crashing or shutting down unexpectedly in the middle of an edit. This can hinder users from enjoying a seamless editing experience on the app.

Works only with internet

Certain features can be used only with an internet connection. This is a massive issue because many bloggers/vloggers, and photographers use this app. So if you are traveling in a remote area and need to edit pictures on this app, you must ensure you have speedy internet connectivity.


Due to the editing screen’s black theme, some editing options and features are often hard to notice. Also, the free version usually has a lot of ads which is a disturbance. It makes you lose focus and concentration, thus compromising the quality of work you produce post-edit.

Final Thoughts

While the app has advantages and disadvantages, you must recognize its numerous benefits. You can use it to manage your work-related designs. You can also use it to create certificates and edit pictures.Also, it is a highly user-friendly tool and offers many features. You can also create beautiful collages on the app for your friends and colleagues!Hence, this app is beneficial for your phone as it can get much of your work done in just a few minutes. Download the app today!