Keep Kids Active

How to Keep Kids Active for Christmas

Every child loves and looks forward to the magic of the holiday season. But the most wonderful time of the year is too often spent at home, eating high-calorie foods and staring at screens.  Lounging on the couch and enjoying your favorite Christmas movie together definitely makes for unforgettable moments. However, you should also make some time for physical activity during this time and learn to Keep Kids Active. This way, the kids won’t be too sluggish when the holidays are over and school starts again. Plus, the holidays themselves will be more special and more enjoyable.

Read on to get cool ideas on how to Keep Kids Active over the holidays. Your kids will love these fun activities and they’ll have a Christmas to remember.

1. Take a stroll in your neighborhood

Most neighborhoods have a special kind of magic during Christmastime. Take long walks with your children and enjoy the magic of Christmas lights and other decorations around the neighborhood. You’ll get in the holiday spirit and have a nice workout at the same time. Your kids will also have an easier time falling asleep at bedtime after they’ve had a nice walk.

2. Register for a race

Find a kid-friendly Christmas-themed race in your area and sign your children up for it. It can be a fun and original new experience if they’ve never tried it before. If they’re a little older, it may push them to stick to their workout routine and train a little harder in preparation for the run. If they’re very young, it’s a fun way to spend the day and meet new friends while forming a positive relationship with physical activity. 

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3. Use shopping as cardio

While more and more people do their holiday shopping online, it could be a better idea to hit the stores yourselves. It’ll be fun to pick out gifts for all of your friends and family together. Best of all, you’ll be walking a lot instead of sitting in front of your computer. As a final touch, you can also walk to your friends’ and neighbors’ homes and hand out the presents yourselves. 

4. Put up holiday decorations

Decorating your home isn’t only a fun pastime, it’s also a great way to stay active. It can start by visiting a tree farm, cutting your own tree, and taking it home as a family. Next, you’ll have to clean the house and move the furniture around to accommodate the decorations. Your children can do little chores like tidying up and cleaning their rooms. Finally, your kids will get to pick out their favorite ornaments, stockings, lights, and garlands, and put them on all around the house. 

5. Play with your pets

Pets are a great source of entertainment for a child and this is no different for the holidays. During any school break, you should encourage your little ones to spend this time with their pets. You can walk the dog together or play with your cat at home. These are all great ways to remain active while snacking on delicious Christmas treats. And the pets will love all the extra attention they get.

6. Visit an indoor playground

Visiting an indoor playground that’s fully equipped for kids’ enjoyment is a great idea at any time of the year Keep Kids Active, and holidays are no exception. Trampoline parks like Uptown Jungle in Mesa, AZ offer a fantastic fuse of fun activities and complete safety, all under the watchful eye of experienced staff. They provide a mix of entertainment and education because they contribute to better motor skills, promote fitness, and offer a chance to make friends.

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