5 Non-Obvious Ways to Win Out of an Online Casino

Beginner Tips: 5 Non-Obvious Ways to Win Out of an Online Casino

We have been playing in Online Cricket Betting ID since 1998. After the ban on land-based casinos, we have played in over 450 online casinos. We share our experience on how not to lose everything at once, and in case of luck – even gain a profit.

  1. Withdraw the minimum winnings

You cannot make money in a Cricket ID in the sense that you cannot come there regularly and leave in the black all the time. But if you want to win out at online casino over a short distance, then you need to withdraw money immediately, as soon as you raise at least 10-20% in excess of the deposit.

Winning a small amount is easy: if you bet $ 100 and withdraw $ 105, then this is already a success. Judge for yourself – in the bank for a deposit of $ 100, they will offer you 5% per annum (in foreign currency), and in a year you will receive $ 105. And so you got them in a day (if not in 10 minutes), which is about 1825% per annum, that is, $ 1825 net at a start of $ 100, if you win $ 5 every day.

Of course, there is no guarantee that you will be able to win even $ 5 from your bet 100. But if you are just learning to play in a casino, then do not try to win millions always start with the minimum deposit casinos – learn how to win and withdraw the minimum winnings. Make it a habit.

  1. Do not use “win-win systems” from the Internet

Whatever sites that sell or offer for free “one hundred percent scheme to win at the casino” tell you, don’t believe it. There are no such schemes.

This is especially true of roulette game schemes. Classic Roulette has 37 fields (18 red, 18 black and zero), and the red / black is paid at 18:37, not 18:36. Zero is paid out at a rate of 1:36.

In simple words: when you bet on red or black on roulette, then the chance to win from you is not 50%, but about 48%. Therefore, having made a couple of bets, you may well be a winner, but over a long distance the casino will always remain in the black due to these “missing” 5% (2% each for red and black plus zero).

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Martingale systems suggest doubling your bet every time you lose on roulette and betting on the same color to always be in the black. In real life, such a system does not stand up to criticism – every casino has a lower and upper limit for bets. For example, you can bet a minimum of $ 1 and a maximum of $ 50 on roulette. If you double your bet each time, you will do it a maximum of 5 times (2-4-8-16-32), and there is no guarantee that during this times another colour. This does not mean that the casino is trying to trick you – it’s just a matter of distance. Take a coin and flip it, for example, a thousand times – and count how many times you have it come up tails five times in a row.

(If you really flip a coin a thousand times, it will come up tails or heads 10 times in a row at least once, and that’s okay – just statistics and probability.)

If you play for high stakes, then the minimum bet for you may be, for example, $ 100, but the maximum will still be 5000 – that is, you will not double your bet more than five times.

Let it become your rule – not to believe “free schemes how to win in a casino.”

  1. Do not try to recoup

Everything is simple here. Treat the casino like going to billiards, bowling or the cinema – you have no problem to leave with more money than you came. You come to the casino for excitement, for thrills. Lucky – fine, unlucky – it happens. If you suddenly lose, then do not bet more money that day. Never play debt. Do not contact Lobmard. Don’t take a loan. Most likely, you will lose this money too, because you will make higher bets – you have to win back.

Let it become a law to set aside the amount for the evening for the game and never exceed it.

  1. Choose games with a high chance of winning

Most licensed casinos have a return percentage of 85 to 98%, but few people know that these numbers differ from game to game. Everything is elementary here: our service was created so that you can see which game it makes sense to play right now.

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But do not create illusions: it is impossible to constantly win even on the “giving” slot machines. Therefore, if you go to play in an online casino, then do not expect that with the help of our service you will definitely be able to make a profit:

– firstly, we have a certain delay in the display of statistics – perhaps someone won big three minutes ago, and this data has not been updated in our database yet;

– secondly, the slot can play well at a low rate, and you are trying to play at a high rate, or vice versa;

– thirdly, it may just be lucky for someone else, and you will lose.

Do not treat our service as an opportunity to win with 100% probability, and do not use our data if you go to a casino to “earn”. If you just go to play, then you can watch our statistics to understand which slot machine has a higher chance of winning.

Let our site become the place where you specify the current return percentage of a slot machine, but do not forget that there is always a risk of losing.

  1. Don’t play

This is the simplest advice, but the hardest to follow. As we wrote in the beginning, we have been playing in various casinos since 1998 and are familiar with many players, streamers and gamblers. None of those who regularly play in casinos remain in the black forever.

The most famous story is about the owner of one of the largest car dealership networks in the United States, who won about ten million dollars in Las Vegas. He decided to quit playing, but six months later the casino sent a helicopter straight to his home. He was offered to simply go to Las Vegas to relax – a hotel room, alcohol, food and leisure are completely free for him, and it is not necessary to play. He thought – why not?

In general, for a week and a half in Las Vegas, he not only lost all the money he won six months ago, but also about forty million (!) More than that. Therefore, remember – they go to the casino to have fun, not to earn money.