How to connect Alexa to Wi-Fi
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How to connect Alexa to Wi-Fi

You received Amazon Echo as a gift from a friend and, already knowing that he uses Alexa as a personal assistant, you immediately start connecting him to your home network to try all its features. However, unfortunately, when you connected the device, you realized that there is neither an Ethernet socket nor a Wi-Fi quick setup button (WPS). So, how to connect Alexa to Wi-Fi.

Desperate, are you considering returning a gift? Stop and carefully read what I wrote in the following paragraphs of this guide. In the following sections, I will show you how to connect Alexa to Wi-Fi so that you can connect Amazon’s personal assistant to the Internet. You only need a few minutes to do this. So, do you have time for me?

How to connect Alexa to Wi-Fi

Linking Alexa to your home or office wireless network is easy. However, since most functions are not directly controlled by keys or the Amazon Echo screen, in the following chapters, you will find all the specific procedures for connecting Alexa to the local network and the Internet. You will also learn which networks the Echo supports.

At the end of the guide, however, you will find methods that will enable you to activate a temporary network to connect Alexa and solve any related problems. Having said that, I would say that it is time to start.

Why connect Alex to the Internet

Alexa voice assistant works by processing voice commands; such processing is carried out by Amazon servers, therefore, in essence, Echo is nothing more than a sound capture terminal (in particular, voice commands for Alexa) and a traditional announcer from which you can listen to responses processed by Alexa or listen to music from connected streaming services.

Therefore, Alexa requires a constant connection to the Internet via Wi-Fi. For this, you can use either the wireless connection available on your home modem, the extended Wi-Fi Extender network, or even the Hotspot network created by a smartphone/tablet computer with the Android operating system or iPhone / iPad with active data suggestion.

Obviously, it’s preferable to use a Wi-Fi modem to connect Alexa, so you don’t have to depend on the work or availability of other devices in the area.

How to find out if Alexa is already connected to Wi-Fi.

Did someone do the initial setup for you without telling you? If you have any doubts, all you have to do is go up to the announcer Alexa and say any simple vocal command, for example, “Alexa, what time is it? “Or” Alexa, what time will be tomorrow? ”

She will say the phrase “ I can’t get online,” which proves the lack of communication also by the presence of a round red ring (clear evidence of the absence of an active connection).

Another effective way to understand if your Echo is connected to the network is to open the Alexa application on your smartphone, go to the device section (bottom right) and open the Echo & Alexa section, where you can check if your Echo (s) is online, and then contact them from the application management service.

Alexa-enabled Wi-Fi networks

All Echo devices support Wi-Fi networks available at 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz so that they can be connected to modern dual-band modems, such as AC or AX, without any problems.

I remind you that a network with a frequency of 2.4 GHz is the network with the highest coverage (it reaches more rooms). But it is less fast, so it would be better to connect Alexa and its devices to a network with such a frequency only if they are actually located far from your home modem. For best results with Alexa and Amazon Echo. Instead, I suggest always using 5 GHz networks, which are definitely faster (even if coverage is very limited, usually one or two numbers maximum).

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As a security protocol, you must make sure. Your modem or device to which you connect Alexa (Wi-Fi Extender, a secondary router, a Hotspot network created by a PC, smartphone, or tablet). Supports the WPA2 protocol, which has been available for many years and is quite secure (especially when using complex passwords longer than eight characters). Unfortunately, at the time of this writing, no Amazon Echo supports WPA3, which has not yet extended to modems and routers?

How to connect Alexa to a wireless network

In this chapter, I will show you how to connect Alexa to a wireless network during the first installation, i.e., as soon as you get Amazon Echo out of the box for customization.

Whatever device you want to use for configuration. The preliminary steps do not change. Insert the outlet into the back door of Amazon Echo and insert the plug into the outlet. Then, just wait a few seconds until the system starts up.


Now that Amazon Echo is ready. Open your iPhone or iPad and install the Amazon Alexa app through the App Store. Which is necessary for the initial setup. Once installed on your Apple device. Open it and enter the credentials of the Amazon account that you intend to use.

In the new screen that opens. Click on the Devices option, and in this section, click the button (located in the upper right corner). Now click on Amazon Echo. Select the Echo model that you want to configure after confirmation on some screens. The search for unconfigured echoes in the room will begin.

As soon as the Echo appears, click on its name, select the SSID to which you want to connect your device, and enter the Wi-Fi network password.


On an Android device, the steps for connecting Alexa to Wi-Fi are the same as on Apple devices. First, install the Alexa app for Android on your smartphone or tablet via the Play Store. Then open it and log in to your Amazon account.

As soon as the main screen of the application appears, open the ” Devices” menu, select the “+” button and repeat the same steps as on the iPhone: click Add Device. then Amazon Echo, and finally, the Echo model that you won’t tune.

Confirm on all the screens that appear. As soon as you get to the Wi-Fi network selection screen, select one of them on the Wi-Fi modem or repeater and enter the password to enter the system.

Again, just wait a few minutes to connect Alexa to your Wi-Fi network and start using all available voice commands.

Change Wi-Fi networks on Alexa.

Have you changed your modem or Wi-Fi network password? In order to continue using your devices with Alexa, you will need to update the Wi-Fi password on all the echoes you have with a very quick and easy procedure.

When you are ready, press and hold your finger on the Echo Dot Action button for 12 seconds and wait until the orange indicator appears on the light ring. Then open the Alexa app, click the Available option button after Echo & Alexa.

On the new screen, click on the Echo, where you want to change the password. Then, in the Wi-Fi network section, select the Change option. Select the latest wireless network and enter a new password.

After a few moments, Alexa will connect to the network and resume working without any problems.

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Alexa Temporary Wi-Fi Activation

Suppose you need a feature to turn off your personal assistant or Wi-Fi network when you do not need it. I must disappoint you: at the moment. You cannot temporarily activate Wi-Fi, Alexa. Alternatively, you can use an intelligent (Alexa certified) Wi-Fi outlet to connect the Echo electrical outlet.

Using the last suggested method, you can disable the Echo by sending remote voice commands to an intelligent socket. This will increase your privacy when you do not want to be heard (even by mistake) by Alexa or when you do not want your personal assistant to be connected to the Internet (for example, at night or when you are away from home/office for a long time ) Like when you want to completely close Eco.

I can’t connect Alex to Wi-Fi.

Despite all your attempts, you could not connect Alexa to your Wi-Fi network? There may be a whole series of reasons, the most common of which I have collected in the following list:

  • Distance to the Wi-Fi network: if the Wi-Fi modem is too far, even for the 2.4 GHz network. You cannot connect Alexa to the Internet; bring the modem or Alexa device closer or use a Wi-Fi Extender or wireless access point;
  • Wi-Fi Authentication: If you use a simple WPA network or a WEP network (very insecure). You cannot connect Alexa to a Wi-Fi network. Therefore, make sure the network on which you intend to use WPA2 media;
  • The electrical outlet does not work: even if this is a rare event, you may have a faulty (or defective) electrical outlet, especially if Alexa does not turn on at all or does not go into pairing mode.

Try to fix the problems as much as possible and, if you cannot solve them, contact Amazon support for help in solving problems or for replacing the Echo (do not underestimate this aspect: Echo is also subject to factory defects and accidental damage during transportation).

How to connect Alexa to the Chromecast

Suppose you are interested in “controlling” the Chromecast via Alexa. Unfortunately, I think I have no good news for you. At the time of writing this tutorial, there are no skills or other solutions to interface between the two devices. In other words, you cannot launch content on Chromecast using Echo devices. Other devices are compatible with the Alexa voice assistant.

In this regard, you could consider purchasing a Fire TV device and Alexa voice remote control. Through which you can start TV series, films, music, and videos, directly on the TV. I told you about this option in detail in one of the previous sections of this guide.

Video streaming: How it works

How to connect Alexa to the air conditioner

As far as air conditioners are concerned. Things are not so different from what has been seen for televisions. Alexa compatible devices, in fact, are already set up for interaction with Amazon’s voice assistant. However, in this case, they must be configured through a specific skill (i.e., a “little program,” available in the Alexa app, capable of integrating the air conditioning control functions inside it).

So, once the installation and initial configuration of the air conditioner have been carried out. Through its native app. Start the Alexa app on the smartphone or tablet that you use to control the Echo device. Touch the button located at the top left and access the Skill and games section. Using the menu displayed on the screen.

Now, using the magnifying glass placed at the top, enter the name of the manufacturer of the air conditioner. To search for the relative skill. When you have found it, tap first on its preview and then on the Enable skill button. To match it with your account (and to all Echo devices configured with it).


Alternatively, if you do not have a Smart air conditioner, you can take advantage of an infrared Smart Hub compatible with Alexa which. As previously mentioned, it is a particular device capable of controlling devices equipped with IR. At the same time, receiving orders from Amazon voice assistant.

The configuration of the devices of this type is not very different from what I have shown you so far. However, before even adding the relative skill to Alexa.

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