Assault rifle in PUBG

Ranking assault rifle in PUBG based on power and performance

Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds or PUBG is an intense action game for mobile phones. Multiple players parachute onto an island and search for artillery. They use a large number and variety of weapons to kill the opponents. But the assault rifle in PUBG stands apart for its power and efficiency.

Assault rifle in PUBG

Yes, the sub and light machine guns can fire rapidly, while the sniper rifles are effective in stealth to cause extensive damage. But only the assault tools can help you engage in fierce battles. They can shoot down the enemies in both close and medium ranges. The guns are very versatile and flexible as they fit into any type of battle scenario. Have a look at the best of the best among these firearms:

Groza: thunderstorm assault rifle in PUBG

Groza is one of the best weapons found in risky airdrops. The powerful Russian model has all-around capabilities and stats. You can take down enemies using a single shot in the virtual battleground. The prominent and popular choice offers a decent 7.62 mm. rate of fire. It is a perfect fit for fighting pitch battles in mid to close ranges.

The terrorizing weapon can unleash a thunderstorm of bullets. But you have to use it strategically due to slow reload time. Do not blindly empty the whole magazine, but check for security in the surroundings. Groza can inflict maximum damage to a distance of 80 meters. Prioritize and reduce its usage if there are less than ten living players.

M416 for making primary, tactical attacks

M416 is a carbine-type weapon, also known as the HK416. The military-grade firearm is highly valuable for its reliability and efficiency. This weapon is also an excellent substitute for Groza due to its versatility. This assault rifle in PUBG is very popular as it facilitates a large number of modifications.

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You can unleash automatic fire with full control and with minimal recoil. It can support the extended magazine, lower or upper rail, and stock attachments, and the flexible model has the highest fire rate among all the guns. The gunmetal body and heavy-duty realistic look make it one of the most commonly used weapons in the game.

The Austrian AUG A3 for supply drops

The battle-hardened professionals use this model for close-range fights. It is a powerful weapon that guarantees higher efficiency. The AUG A3 can be readily available in airdrops, and it is a modern gun with flexible grips. You can handle it exceptionally to cause damage up to 70 meters.

The firearm has a higher muzzle velocity with faster, curved bullet trajectories. However, it has a slow reload of 3 seconds. The firing rate and close-quarter capabilities are also not the best. But the stability offered by this bull-pup variant cannot get ignored by any good shooter.

Beryl M762: destructive assault rifle in PUBG

Sharpshooters can create a lot of mayhem using this well-designed model. It has an auto mode and a higher firing rate that are appropriate for close quarter combats. The weapon chamber’s 7.62 mm ammo and damage capability are superior. This Polish gun also has a higher recoil cost.

The Beryl M762 is more efficient when compared to the similar AKM/RPK variants. It is a modern, high-grade weapon that tests your ability to control the kick. The gun also has the maximum number of attachments in its category. It supports angled foregrip, laser sight, extended mag, flash hider, etc.

AKM for professional shooters

This extremely popular weapon encourages the best attacks on opponents. The players can go into a shooting frenzy to unleash a lot of damage. It has 30 round mags and 7.62 mm ammo for close and mid-range battles. This improved version of AK-47 is a little challenging to control in medium skirmishes.

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The Russian weapon is, however, ideal for single-shot mode. And it also supports muzzle, sight, and magazine attachments. Please do not rely on it to breach buildings or take on well-armored opponents. Yes, you can kill a vest or helmet wearing enemy with five shots. But the damage capability is not effective beyond 50 meters.

MK47 Mutant: dependable, hybrid weapon

The MK47 can fire single and two-round bursts in the medium range. This assault rifle in PUBG has the best damage per shot capability. It is a successful model that can bridge the gap between other assault guns and DMRs. But the weapon lacks a full-auto mode and has a very small magazine size.

The Mutant is available in Erangel, Sanhok, and Miramar maps. Its 20 round firing capacity can get increased to 30 with an extended mag. Its accuracy is weak, but the suppressor support is excellent. Also, the gun’s muzzle and grip make it ideal for long-range engagements.

QBZ-95: the Chinese automatic for Sanhok hills

The Chinese bull-pup has 5.56 mm ammo and 30 rounds magazine size. It is an excellent replacement for the SCAR-L in the Sanhok forests. It is a carbine-model that offers standard, light-weight support for the fighters. The QBZ-95 is very efficient when used in combination with a grip and muzzle.

It is a natural and less-obstructive rifle with a wide range of attachments, and it supports 6x Scope, canted light, half grip, suppressor, and holographic sight. The modern weapon is one of the finest additions to the small-caliber category of firearms.

M16A4: high-impact assault rifle in PUBG

As the name suggests, M16A4 is a fourth-generation variant of M16. It is a stable weapon with a devastating burst mode. But, the gun is better suited for long-range battles due to very fast bullet velocities. It is a 5.56 mm rifle that can cause damage to a maximum distance of 50 meters.

The gun does not have an auto-feature and is better as a secondary weapon. It is not the best choice for sharpshooting. But a skilled operator can effectively use it to cause accurate and rapid damage. He can unleash lethal attacks despite sideways recoil jumps and a lack of automatic fire option.

So, grab the best one and have a great time.