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Top Instagram Video Editor for PC, Online, Android

If you are trying to market your business on Instagram, you will likely find out the new changes in one of the most used social platforms. There was a time when Instagram was only used to put photos, and now videos are taking over. . There are more than 1 billion active users on Instagram, and the numbers keep on increasing each day. In addition to this, Instagram has now introduced its users with several video uploading methods, such as Instagram stories and paid ads. You can even post 60 minutes on IGTV; they can upload 30-second Reels and the good old Instagram stories. In this post, you will find some top Instagram video editor for your PC and Android devices.

It’s essential to post content in different formats to woo your Instagram followers and help your brand grow in the online market. More than 60% of the users scroll through their feeds and consume videos daily. That’s why major brands are coming up with new ideas to showcase their brand on social media sites like Instagram. Today we will help you find some of the best Instagram video editors for your PC, Online, and the android systems. 

Here’s the list Of top Instagram video editor
1. InShot

Starting with our list, we have Inshot, one of the most famous mobile applications which are loved by millions of people who post regular videos and photos on Instagram. You might have seen its watermark in various videos that have been uploaded on Instagram. This video editing app allows you to create a video in the app or upload it from your local storage. Pricing for InShot is $14.99.

  • Moreover, you can trim, merge, cut, and delete some parts of the video.
  • In addition to this, you can adjust the speed of the video depending on your requirement. 
  • This application is specially designed to help Instagram accounts to edit their photos and videos professionally. 
  • You can add filters, voice-overs, and even text to your videos. 
  • Furthermore, you have control over the volume level for the original video and mp3 songs you have uploaded for the background. 
  • Lastly, emoji can also be inserted into your videos. 

If you are new to video editing and don’t want to learn something complicated, this application is best for you, as it will give you all the tools you need to create an excellent video for your account. 

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2. InVideo

InVideo is the best one on the list for beginners. It has an excellent user-friendly interface. With thousands of templates in their library, this makes the editor easy-to-use. It has a premium library of music, video clips, and pictures. These Features add an exciting touch to your videos. 

  • Can make a video in 15 minutes
  • An extensive variety of templates to choose from- different aesthetics and different style
  • Very cost-effective: $29.99 per month
  • Has customized ratios for Instagram videos
  • Easy-to-use software, anyone can create videos
  • Gives videos the professional touch that it needs
  • Ease of use on any platform- phone, laptop, or web

3.  Magisto

Another mobile application is Magisto, its ability to use AI to transform your videos and photos into neat and polished movies. Also, if you are a fan of photomontages, then it’s an app for you. Like the first one, you get to have all the necessary features you need from a mobile video editing app. Some other functionaries and tools are. Pricing for Magisto is $9.99.

  • First, it gives you the option to edit your photos and videos using AI quickly. Thus it saves a lot of your time. 
  • The application is hassle-free, and the UI is easy to get around quickly. 
  • If you are not sure about purchasing the app, you can download a free trial to test its tools. 
  • Moreover, it gives you a creativity limitation, which can help showcase a story quickly. 

4. Wondershare FilmoraGo

At number three, we have FilmoraGo, which gives you two things that you won’t find anywhere else. First is the no watermarking, and the second is the no time limit of the videos. On the other hand, if you are new to editing, its UI will help you find the right tool for your editing. You can upload your video and select the theme along with music and filters. Pricing for Mac users is $44.99 per year, and for Windows users, it is $39.99. 

  • You can put your videos in reverse mode. As a result, it will have a fun element to showcase your viewers. 
  • Allows instant preview; thus, you get to see how your video looks even when it isn’t saved in your phone.
  • This application is available on both Android and Ios devices, and you can download it for free.
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5. Quik By GoPro

This application is made by and for GoPro videos. If you are using a GoPro, you must have this app on your mobile phone. Just Like Magisto, it gives you the ability to edit your videos in a few seconds with only one click. But if you want to edit your videos manually, you can do that too with several tools, which makes editing more complicated, but the result is more refined. The app is free of cost.

  • This app will automatically put your video in time transitions, matching the music’s beat, which you have added to the video. 
  • With this app, you don’t need to add music from your library, as this application has one of the best-inbuilt music libraries.
  • Quik doesn’t skimp when it comes to stabilizing the videos. Once the videos are edited from it, they look like they have taken from Gimble. 

6. Videocreek

Last but not least, we have Videocreek, which is relatively new online software, getting a fair bit of attention from Instagram users. It is one of the top Instagram video editor software which you can find online. In addition to this, the website allows you to edit 60 videos per month for free. With a low price of 10 dollars per month, you get to use all the tools, including the website’s cloud storage service. There are several features that you can use along with the template in your video. 

  • First, you don’t need to download any software on your local drive to use this application. It’s a web-based application; thus, all its tools and features can be accessed online. 
  • Several video templates such as the Youtube video and Instagram story templates give users a perfect aspect ratio. 
  • In less than 5 minutes, you can make a video from scratch. 
  • You can add photos and video shots from the website in your videos.
  • Lastly, you get a tutorial on how to make great videos using this website. 

So there you have it, these are the top Instagram video editor software for your PC, Android, and online systems. You can choose any of them, and they will give you the best of the video editing experience, and the results will make your Instagram feed glow and grow with more followers. Click here to know more.