Businesses are moving according to the android users

Businesses are moving according to the android users

Android users are increasing day by day, and in this pandemic era, shopping is increasing, and by increasing online shopping, businesses are moving from physical stores to digital store. Physical stores are not opening due to the government’s new guidelines, and it may be different in different states and countries. 

It is necessary for every business to tending from the physical business to digital business, but it is possible and easy. In this article, we will discuss how businessman is changing their business model for Android users. So without wasting time, let’s get started.

Businesses are moving from physical to digital.

Why are businesses moving from physical to digital businesses? The simple answer is that corona. In some countries and states, lockdown is the biggest problem for customers, and some guidelines prefer the ecommerce stores to deliver the product to the customer’s doorsteps. So businesses are moving from offline presence to online presence.

What is the role of bitcoin in these digital businesses?

Businesses are changing their presence, but what is the effect of bitcoin on changing the presence of businesses? There is an enormous effect of changing the present because the major element for online shopping is the payment method. Many stores are using different payment methods for shopping like Debit card, Credit card, Google Pay, PhonePe, Paytm, NEFT, Net Banking and UPI, Cash On Delivery, and some stores bitcoin as a preferred payment method. 

Online shopping is rapidly increased in recent years, and many people use bitcoin for their payment. So this is the biggest opportunity for new businesses to use bitcoin as a payment method, especially those selling their products and services globally.

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Why Android users?

The questions are that what is the role of android users in online shopping? Okay! I will ask you questions and honestly answer these questions. The questions do you love to open your computer or laptop and after that open your web browser for online shopping? 

I think NO because android devices and IOS devices replaced these big screen devices for performing daily tasks. Mobile devices are easy to carry because it is smaller in size and can use it anytime and anywhere. 

People always prefer to buy online products through their android device because the interface is very easy and simple to use, and you can directly pay through your mobile devices.

There are many bitcoin payment applications that you can install in your android device, and after sign in to bitcoin account you can send you bitcoin, you can pay in bitcoin, and you can receive bitcoin. 

Merchants are integrating bitcoin into their websites

You will find many ecommerce websites that accept bitcoin for their product and service because they know that people are using bitcoin and are spending their bitcoin for online and offline shopping. 

Bitcoin integration is the few lines of code that you will get from companies that are providing the service for payment integration. They will charge for integrating the bitcoin payment in your website, but it is worth it if you want to earn a profit.

If you are also running your ecommerce store, you must integrate your website with a bitcoin payment gateway, and you will earn a huge profit. If you want to know more about bitcoins then you should read this: do cryptocurrencies need governance

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QR code payment method

It is the easiest and most convenient payment method. Just scan the code and pay. QR codes are mostly used in an offline store, and some websites are also using these options for their customers. Many bitcoin applications you can install on your android device, and after installing that application, log in to your bitcoin wallet. That application will give you the option to pay via scan. It is simply like another payment method. Some merchants use Google pay QR code, Paytm QR code and many other QR codes and bitcoin QR are as simple as that. If you are a merchant and want to accept payment via QR code, contact the expert who provides the integration service and use the bitcoin QR for accepting bitcoin into your wallet.


From the above information, we have learned how android users play an important if you want to accept payment in bitcoin. You will get more benefit by accepting bitcoin because you can accept it online and offline in your store. By pasting some lines of code into your website and using the QR code, you can accept payment from android users.