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Online Casinos for Android: The Most Popular and Why

Brief History of Casinos and Gambling

Online Cricket Betting ID has been around for hundreds of years. From the Mississippi steamboats to wild west saloons. Gambling existed in various forms as far back as 1900BC in ancient China. Some of the most popular games such as keno, poker and blackjack are thought by some to have originated from there. Let’s read about Online Casinos for Android. 

Modern casinos started around the early 1900’s with The Golden Gate Casino which still stands today and surprisingly is neither near The Golden Gate Bridge nor is it in San Francisco. It is indeed in that mecca to gambling, Las Vegas. Las Vegas is home to over 130 casinos, the largest of which (The Wynn & Encore) holds 240 table games. and 2,195 slots.

While Las Vegas is still a very popular destination to bachelor parties and holidaymakers only 10% of visitors actually gamble. With the ongoing pandemic this is reducing further the amount of visitors. So if you cannot make it to Las Vegas or are socially distancing or just prefer not to go to a traditional casino what other options are there?

The Rise of Online Casinos

Cricket ID gaming has been growing at a phenomenal rate. Just in the last four years its market share in revenue has gone from $40 billion to a predicted $80 billion by the end of 2020.

Changes in legislation in various countries has helped push the growth of the online industry. To give you an idea of how big the industry has become you can look at the traffic. Over 10% of all internet traffic is from people gambling online or visiting online gaming sites and apps.

What are the Most Popular Online Casinos for Android Apps and Why?

There are so many Online Casinos for Android to choose from and new ones arriving all the time. The most popular apps are generally the ones offering new player bonuses, a big selection of the most popular games and a trusted brand name. Spinz Casino, Virgin Bet and Betfair are all popular with solid reviews and scores on Google Play Store.

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You would want to look for apps that have an easy sign up process, that all important bonus, easy and speedy withdrawal of your winnings and of course your favourite games.

Other Factors Before Downloading Online Casinos for Android

Depending on your device you may want to consider other factors. How much memory is the app going to take up? Is the online casino going to devour all your data? Does it contain free to play so you can practice first? Are the graphics going to be displayed well and be visible on your screen?

Memory Size of the Online Casino

Modern devices come with a decent amount of memory to hold a whole variety of apps but just in case you are still using an older, smaller device check out the download sizes of the apps before adding to your phone. You may have to delete something and then regret it if the casino app wasn’t the best choice for you.

Free to Play or Real Money on Online Casinos for Android

Lots of Online Casinos for Android and apps offer free to play games like netticasino. It may be that you can add money to your account and then gamble for real stakes and real returns but there is also an area just for free to play. This is great because you can practice to see how the app handles and get used to the games. Maybe you are new to the gambling world and if so then take your time to practice. Even if you are a seasoned pro it is still handy to be able to warm up on the free tables before moving over to playing for your hard earned cash.

If the casino app you are downloading is purely free to play with no real money involved then you may find yourself watching a host of adverts in between games. This is how a lot of developers receive payment for their app. Depending on how you feel about them they are either an annoyance or a necessary evil that allows you to play free games. The downside is they eat data. If you are on a WiFi network then no problem. If you are on some form of mobile data then you may find your app is churning through the Mbs. Check your App Data Usage in Settings.

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Screen Size and Resolution

Tablets are the obvious choice if you need a larger screen but as long as your smartphone is a modern one with a good sized screen you should be ok with this. If you have an old phone such as a Samsung Galaxy Y then you will have great difficulty viewing what cards are on the black jack table. Remember if you are betting for real money then you don’t want to touch the wrong area of the screen by mistake!

There are literally thousands of slot games online and in apps now and the complexity of them is far different from the old days of classic slots or 3 reel slots. This is one area you may prefer to use a tablet.

All apps are optimised for smartphones so generally speaking unless you really want a large screen you should find your phone is fine. Plus the chances are you generally always have it to hand, it’s convenient and you can take it with you in your pocket. If you’re lucky enough to have both a tablet and a smartphone then you can happily play your favourite game while running Netflix or a movie in the background on the tablet.


So to conclude, when choosing which casino app to use you will want to look for a trusted brand name or an app with good solid reviews and has been established for sometime. You need to check your device is suitable and up to the task of running your chosen app. Look for the best sign up bonuses, remember you can always download more than one app to try and get multiple bonuses. Do a search on Google for comments about withdrawals to make sure you can get your winnings easily. Be prepared to be asked for ID the first time you withdraw. This will usually be in the form of a photo ID (passport/driver’s licence etc). And lastly look for the all important free to play aspect so you can practice before paying to play.