Samsung Smart TV apps

Samsung Smart TV apps

If you have bought a new Samsung Smart TV for your living room or personal office room, you must want to know more about the Samsung Smart TV apps that are trending nowadays. It is a very important step in your life if you do not want to miss out on the fun programs that are being regularly uploaded. As usual, we may just think of Netflix. But this is not what there is. There are so many more like Netflix in the Samsung Smart TV apps store. To name a few, there are Apple TV plus and Disney Plus. It can be a very big relief for people who like to scroll through channels during their leisure hours. If there is nothing to watch on Netflix, there will surely something be on the other two channels. But just three cannot be enough options for a person.

Samsung Smart TV apps in 2020

Due to significant updates and upgrades in the previous year, there is a brand-new OS called smart Hub. Now, we have spectacular QLED, 4K Ultra HD TVs. These extremely high-end TVs are just waiting to blow your mind out of the world. Now that there are significant hardware and software up-gradation, you will definitely want to keep watching Netflix. There is also Hulu, YouTube, and Amazon Prime Videos. But the Samsung smart Hub is being populated with so many more awesome apps every now and then. You can get them anytime from the Hub Store Samsung Smart TV apps.

It can be burdensome to switch between your PC, Smartphone, and Smart TV. After reading this article, you can positively turn your Smart TV into a device that you do not have to let go ever again. Just drop the PC and Android phones instead. The genres are numerous, starting from Educational to entertainment to LifeStyle to Sports, news to kids, and so many more. You cannot just have enough of what is out there already.

If you have an older version of the Samsung Smart TV, some of the apps may or may not work at all if the apps are all newer versions. In short, Samsung Smart TV apps keep in mind Old app, and New TV or Old TV with New App may not work at all. Let us have a look without making any useless waste of time.

Best Samsung Smart TV apps

Best Samsung Smart TV apps
Best Samsung Smart TV apps


If you were not born yesterday, sarcastically speaking, you must have heard about Netflix a thousand or million times over already in your lifetime. It is the most popular app on the Hub Store around the world for the old and latest movies and TV shows. If not, it can very easily be downloaded from the store. You need to pay a subscription fee to get access to it. You can download your favorite shows and then watch offline. Samsung Smart TV apps.


You do not have to be introduced to YouTube from Google if you have ever used a computer and internet browser. For every video you search on Google, you may find a link to YouTube. Therefore, we do not need to reinvent any unnecessary introduction of this app. Apart from fee contents, it also has premium TV shows for you with a little subscription. It is the best and the most popular app after Netflix. Not just TV users, the PC, and mobile phone users as well are well aware of YouTube because of its friendly UI. It has so many options. There is history for you if you ever wanted to see what you watched the day before and resume from there. YouTube is such a fantastic app. There is no end to what you can watch on YouTube. Samsung Smart TV apps.


If you do not want to waste your taste for HD videos and audios, you just need the VuDu application. For Audio, it utilizes the most updated Dolby Atmos Tech. Along with a very minimal advertisement, you can watch full-length videos on VuDu.  You can rent or buy any digital copy of your favorite TV shows or Movies from the VuDu store. Samsung Smart TV apps.

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Samsung smart tv apps list 2020


This app can be considered the next contender for second place after YouTube. Its user interface resembles that of YouTube. It is possible to navigate, select, and play videos or audios from the Veoh library. Just like YouTube, it keeps verified contents submitted by users in its library. Its filtering system is really sophisticated. You can choose your language. You can also set filters on the length of videos and their qualities. Here on this channel, you can watch videos without any ads. Simply change options and watch videos with high quality.

Tubi TV

This app is very renowned across the Smart TV users Samsung Smart TV apps for its collection of newly released movies. You will not have any problem watching the most recently released TV shows and movies on this app. There is also a marker that says ‘leaving soon’ to show that the shows or movies that are marked will be out soon, so you can choose what to watch first and make a queue for streaming. If you want to watch content for adults, then just create an account for free without even paying a single penny.

Pluto TV

You will get two great options that no other TV app will give you. The first one is you can watch the movies that on demand. There is a list. Another option is Live TV. You can watch live content. So, you can watch instant movies via an on-demand list. There is a variety of genres – horror, action, adventure, romance, thriller, Sci-Fi, etc.

Samsung smart tv apps download


This app is a player that plays media and can access various contents from services that are remote. You can bring up a content hosted by Samsung TV and play it on Plex player. Moreover, the moment you install the app, it will automatically start collecting all the content and put on the Plex server


The interesting feature of this app is that you can use it without having to create an account. It has only around fifteen hundred movies, including genres such as drama, romance, horror, thriller, action, adventure, etc. So, it has a few features that you can customize – GIF creating from a scene taken from a video. You can also comment on certain pinned places where others commented.


Music lovers love this app. It can give you access to a countless number of songs. You can listen to music like the old classics to hip hop to modern and latest songs. However, if you have Spotify, you have limitless access to millions of longs. You can custom organize the songs you want to listen to. So, you can just run the queue of songs during your party time, workout, or just leisure hours. You can choose what to listen to, or you can just let the app give you a pleasant surprise.


This another very famous TV app. It has services on demand. It provides TV shows and movies, the latest and old ones. So, if you create your account with HBO, Now you have access to these services and contents at your disposal. So, this app has access to premiers, TV shows, and movies that have been released recently. You can buy a subscription to keep watching amazing content.

Samsung smart tv apps free movies


This is a media service company based in the USA. It offers top-class media content. Through Hulu, you can always watch exclusive and new content. Samsung Smart TV app. By choosing your subscription plan, you can have access to all these contents whenever you want to watch them. The subscription plan is cancellable anytime.

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BBC offers this app. You can stream radio, streaming, and TV services via this app. It can only be used in the UK. So, an iPlayer can help you navigate through your favorite shows on your smart TV. Samsung Smart TV app.

Amazon Prime Video

In the world of entertainment through smart TV, this app is one of the most in-demand apps. So, movies that exclusively original and the popular ones and the TV shows you like can definitely be found here. This app has been created, managed, and owned by Amazon.

PlayStation Now

If you are a gamer, this is your staple food. If you eat a game, sleep game, dream game, and drink Coca-cola, then this channel is just for you. The purpose of its existence is sole to satisfy you. It helps you play all the PS console games that are on Smart Hub on your smart TV. Samsung Smart TV app. You can definitely be sure that this app can also host heavy games by directly calling the games hosted by Sony servers. Many games’ performance may be hindered because Smart TV does not have the same dedicated console hardware as the consoles.

Samsung smart tv apps list


You can also expect a lot from a global channel like TED. If you are a fan of interesting ideas, motivational speeches, TED is the right place for you. It contains contents from various genres. Samsung Smart TV app.


The best movies and TV shows can be downloaded from this app. You can choose from a very big collection of movies, documentaries, and TV shows. So, if you cannot be sure of what to watch, you just let this app recommend you. It has parental control.

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FilmBox Live

If you have to access the services, then all you need to do is to use Filmbox smart application. So, you need a subscription. Horror and other genres are watchable here. So, based on the speed of the internet you are currently using, this app will automatically give you high-quality video choices.

Kids’ National Geographic

This is no different than the National Geographic channel on the TV. It is just that the contents are for kids at home. This app has stored contents on various wild animals.


Firstly, this was not available for Samsung Smart TV. It is one of the Samsung Smart TV apps where you can watch the movies and shows of your choice. However, all the latest movies are here. The present owner of the app is Sony Pictures, and this confirms that you can watch free content for free.


Is Spotify not enough for you? Do you want to play the songs of your choice, then there is no need to hurry. Just get the Pandora app on the Samsung Smart TV app. This app will give you a lot of interesting features, including autoplay and playing your favorite songs in the loop.


Stream’s job is to collect all the contents from various channels and apps stores Samsung Smart TV app and categorize and organize them in order. So, it offers TV shows, movies, and documentaries from all over the channels.

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This is one of the Samsung Smart TV apps in the world. You can have access to millions of content like TV shows, news, and movies that are recently released.

FunBox UHD

This app Samsung Smart TV app is runnable on various kinds of smart TVs such as Samsung Smart TV, Amazon Fire TV Stick, or Amazon Fire TV, etc. It lets you watch awesome events related to culture. It has access to contents from all genres.


According to the members of our team, our research and analysis found the apps mentioned in the previous paragraphs. So, they are commonly used and popular among the users of smart tv. During the tests, all the apps worked just fine on our smart TV. You can let us know if you have other thoughts and other options that you have tested and found good to post here. We will list your app on our list. Happy fun time watching!

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