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Can Video Games Help Students Learn?

It has forever been a topic of debate with other students who can gain something from playing video games. But first, we will address how not every video game is the same, and the difference in types of video games.

Video game genres

If you simply type video games in your search engine, it will come up with so many different options, that deciding is almost impossible. Beginning from action games to hidden object games, and education-related games, there is a list you have to go through and it might take an eternity to choose a favorite. 

Surprisingly, not every game can help you out and some of these are just addicting and brainless things to do. Studies have proven that shooter games and simulator games allow children to think more about their environment, and adapt such thinking patterns and habits in real life. However, games that relate to simply finding out hidden objects, although believed to improve their focus, will not do so because it enables them to think only in one direction of finding things.


  • Tactical thinking: If you can figure out how you can get to the next level, you can certainly figure out the best way to make notes and study for straight A’s.
  • Concentration skills: This one goes out for the shooter games, argue the sniper of your team? This needs a lot of concentration, which you can use while educators teach online, in a classroom, or even outside it while having a self-study session.
  • Social aspects: Multiplayer games can allow students to interact with teammates, either from within their friends’ circle or all over the world. This is great because this level of interaction is certainly not possible in the chat rooms of LMS portals.
  • Ability to adapt: Because the students are adapting to the environment in a game, they will learn different methodologies of doing so in real life.
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Dealing with the drawbacks

  • Social skills: When students play games, the only interaction they are having is with either the characters in a game or the other teammates. However, this interaction is not fruitful and is meant only to win a game, or achieve a certain objective while the game is going on. Students can better this by interacting with the same team members on different grounds if these are the only friends they have. By doing this, they can relate to friendships outside the screen too.

  • Aggressive behavior: Let us admit it some games are just violent and there is a lot of bloodshed. Although age verification is important for children whenever they sign up for a game, you can also easily escape it if you have an alternative Gmail account. This is how aggressive games can get to you, and you can start imitating them in real life or drawing relationships. The only best way to avoid aggressive behavior is to play such games in moderation or not play such games at all.

  • Lower grades: when you spend too much time playing games rather than studying, thinking that oh there is a good alternative out of it, you will cause a wrong effect by lowering your grades. Understand your priorities, and reward yourself by sitting in front of your computer screen or mobile screen. All of you see time is not meant for playing video games, but also other things that will help you uplift your body and soul. Try other fun activities with your siblings come out interact with your family members and students come out simply have a walk outside as an alternative.
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  • Health problems: Playing games means sitting in front of the computer screen or with your mobile. This also happens when educators teach online, and you are studying from LMS portals all night. Your spine is suffering, and so is your neck. Improve your posture by exercising, having good food, and chewing it down rather than gulping it. Don’t think about your teammates calling for you because you have an important match, think about the satisfaction you will have after having a great meal.

The only way to avoid all of this is by imposing restrictions. Only parents and teachers can do this because everything that is overdone will always have drawbacks. Children can have a lot of fun, and study in regular hours, but this all should be done in moderation too. At the end of the day, they learn from the habits of their parents, and siblings, there for a change in environment will teach them much!