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Most important tips in online marketing world for 2021

Do you want to attract more customers, fans or even listeners? Then you’ve come to the right place. We share with you interesting tips on how to implement proper online marketing strategy in its world. 

Most important thing?

The power of user-generated content will surpass that of branded content as brands begin to relinquish total control over their own marketing to customers. Brands need a strong positive impact on the minds and emotions of consumers. In this regard, bets will be placed on new models of user-centered content creation. And co-creation of content between brands and consumers will become a popular trend. For instance, if you are creating music and want to get more fans, then you should be active on SoundCloud or Spotify. You can buy Spotify followers and get more fans but along with that, you need to be active on other platforms too. You should create an omni-presence and let the fans engage with you on all kinds of platforms. 

The largest percentage of users around the globe would rather believe a friend’s recommendation than a TV ad, social media ad, or Youtube video. Believe me, since 2015, this trend has only been gaining momentum, and has become one of the main trends in Internet marketing in 2021.

Consumer advocates, mystery shoppers, and dissatisfied customer communities will significantly expand their influence in 2021. The growing distrust of large companies, monopoly companies and increased awareness of so-called “fake news” will cause a noticeable change in the level of consumer confidence. 

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Create a survey. 

This is not only the easiest way to get information about potential customers, but also a great tool to involve the customer in creating collaborative content. There are many free or low cost services that you can use.

The questions you will ask in your survey will, of course, depend on the goals you are pursuing. We recommend that you start with a simple introductory questionnaire to help you assess the needs of your target audience. Such a survey should reveal three aspects:

  • Audience demographics. Age range, place of residence, occupation, level of education.
  • Greatest desires. What problems would they like to solve? Are they willing to pay to solve a problem or achieve a goal?
  • What courses / products / articles would they like to see on your company’s website (blog)? According to the answers, you can understand not only what your target audience wants, but also in which direction you should move, for development.

Create an FAQ.

It is a very simple and free tool. It is convenient because: You will unload your sales department. The client will be able to find out as much information as possible even before deciding to make a purchase.

You can engage the audience by asking the most seemingly incredible questions, the best of which (with answers) you will post on the site in the section “Frequently Asked Questions”. Based on the FAQ, you can create viral posts on your blog or on your social media page.