Android Phones: A Complete Guide For An Android User From Scratch

Nowadays, Android phones are one of the most common devices that we own. It offers impressive facilities and services which can make our lives easier unexpectedly. Using vouchers like Hotozcoupons, one can get it at a reasonable price. Nevertheless, most people are not aware of its high-end uses and continue using the device only for making calls and sending messages.

Here, we will talk about some astonishing features that your android can offer. You will come across ways in which you will make the most out of the device.

  •       Google and android

If you notice, Google and android go hand in hand. To make use of your phone, you will need to enter your Google account details. Only then will you get access to multiple platforms like Gmail, YouTube, calendar, photos, etc. 

Once you log in with your account, it will be handy for you to export all the files from your previous device. You will be able to deploy all the photos, messages, contact details, Whatsapp messages, etc. in just a click.

So, it is quite vital to have a good and well maintained Google account, whose password is secure. Besides, the services you get are worth every penny that you spend. You can use Dealvoucherz to crack the fantastic deal.

  •       The cloud storage

Did you ever struggle to store your photos, videos, and other precious files due to a lack of storage space? Well, we all do. But, with the cloud services of android phones, things are immensely easier. Sign in to the cloud services using your Google account, and you are all set. You can further go to the menu and change the settings to back up the files. This step makes your data extremely secure, and you can access them even if you lose your phone. 

  •       The sound system
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The sophisticated machine that you own needs to be elegant and not buzzing around every time. However, the initial setting may be too loud, and you would want to change them soon. For changing the sound setting, head towards the setting menu and find anything that says ‘sound’ or ‘sound and notification’. Different sets might have different names. Under this menu, you will see many options to change the vibration, call, notification, ringtone, keyboard, etc. Go through all of them and find your kind of setup in no time. 

  •       Keyboards

Using the android device, you have several choices of keyboards as well. You can select from the wide varieties available, but I would suggest you go for the g-board. It has options to type in various languages, is easy to use, and has an excellent auto-correct system. 

  •       Issues with the internet

There might be issues with the mobile data, Wi-Fi, or the hotspot in the new device. Well, these issues are generally easy, and you can sort them by going on airplane mode for a few seconds. If you have a Wi-Fi network, then you can try switching it off and on. In maximum cases, this simple step helps to restore the network connection.

  •       Screenshots

One of the most significant features that we use frequently is the screenshot. In android phones, there are multiple ways to capture it. You can use the power button and the volume button to get the snap. Else, when you drag the drop-down menu, you will find an inbuilt option that says ‘screenshot.’ Tap on that to get the snap to save in your device. The third and the latest method is capturing the screenshot using gestures. You can use certain gestures according to the device, and your snap will get captured.

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To view the picture, you can head towards your gallery and find it in a specific folder named screenshot. If you find it challenging, you can also check in the ‘all photos’ folder.


So, we tried to list some of the android’s essential features that can be a little complex for the new users. We hope that you found the solution to your query in this article. Enjoy the latest smartphones at a pocket-friendly rate using