best games for android offline

Best Games for Android Offline of All Time

So,You can be at the top of the Himalayas or in a bunker for survival. Still, you can safely play one of the best games for android offline without advertising and without in-app purchases that, in this article, we have selected especially for you.

Well yes. In a period in which multiplayer games and those that necessarily require a connection are depopulated, there are still many titles that can be played without the internet, many of which take up little memory and are free. These are not trivial games, created just to let you spend some time, but intriguing games, able to entertain you for a long time. From puzzle games to offline shooters to games for football fans – here are the best games without Wi-Fi to download now.

Best Games for Android Offline

best games for android offline
best games for android offline

If you are a lover of platform games (those where the character jumps from one platform to another) or you are a shooter enthusiast, know that there are lovely offline games that not everyone knows and that we recommend you try at least once. So, here are the ones we worked for you, available for free in the Android and iOS stores.

Stranger Things.

For lovers of the TV series and those nostalgic for 80s arcade games, we offer this offline adventure game, free and without advertising. The graphics, perfectly recreated, are the pearl of this adventure game, which allows you to relive the main events of the series (especially those of the third season).

Cover Fire

Ready to fight a war against the Tetracorp Corporation? In this free offline shooter, to be played wherever you are, you can build your strategy on the battlefield and attack your enemies in 360 degrees.

Angry Birds Star Wars 2

In this version, the powers of the 30 birds, to crash into objects, are those of the characters of the mythical Star Wars saga: for example, the Red Bird uses the lightsaber to go and destroy objects. This offline game is perfect for adults and children alike, also thanks to the funny sound effects.

Minion Rush: Despicable Me – The Game

In this offline game, free on iOS and Android devices, your goal is to collect tasty bananas as you try to jump, dodge and roll in numerous fun-filled missions.

Swamp Attack

Among the games that take up little space and that work without the internet. Moreover, this title deserves consideration. It is a free game with cartoon-style graphics that children and adults alike! What’s it about? So, the main character must defend his home from an almost infinite number of monsters who want to destroy it.

Crossy Road

This endless scrolling offline game is all about making a chicken go as far as possible, avoiding being crushed by cars and trucks—a nice way to spend time during, for example, a trip by plane.

Hungry Shark World

In this rather cruel but super fun game, the goal is to make one of the 30 sharks devour anything in the ocean and outside the ocean, including poor and unsuspecting humans. For Android and iPhone, it can be downloaded for free and does not require a line to play.

Clumsy Ninja

Among the free offline adventure and action games, it is a must to mention this famous title, which fascinates thousands of players all over the world. The aim of the game is to train and push the most clumsy ninja ever, precisely Clumsy Ninja, to numerous incredible missions.

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Super Cat Tales 2

A platform game that you absolutely must try is the one that stars Alex and his cat friends. The vintage graphics and music, over 100 levels, secret areas, and the ability to play offline are the marvel of this title. It can be downloaded for free on the App Store and Play Store.

Swing Copters

Although available only in English, we invite you to download this fun game, which takes up little memory (only 7.9 MB) and which you can also access in airplane mode. We challenge you to pass the levels as they become increasingly difficult. Will you be able to clear at least one level without coming into contact with the numerous obstacles?

Best Games for Android Offline: Cards

If you are short on time, you know that the best way to have fun is to play cards. On the App Store and Play Store, you can find an infinite number of card games to download for free. We have selected those that allow you to play without necessarily multiplayer mode and, therefore, that does not require a connection to a telephone line.

Canasta Free (Android) / Canasta (iOS)  

This offline card game is graphically accurate in both versions of the two central operating systems and allows you to challenge the smartphone itself. It can be downloaded for free.

Trump (Android)

The digital version of Briscola for Android is free to download and allows you to play offline with your friends by merely connecting the Bluetooth, without connection.


Free for both Android and iPhone, this classic card game offers various difficulty levels in both digital versions. Once downloaded with an internet connection, you can safely play it without Wi-FI.

Uno & Friends for Android / Uno! (ioS)

If you are a lover of one of the funniest and most popular card games ever, you must try its digital version, which can be downloaded for free on various operating systems. The game works entirely offline.

Best games for android offline: Poker 

Try one of the offline poker games of these titles. They are the best alternatives to play this famous card game, without the risk of losing money and without putting your hand on your credit card.

Scopone / iScopone 

These two titles, which can be downloaded respectively on Android and iPhone devices, have different levels of difficulty and different game variants. Since the opponent is the system itself, you can safely play offline.

Burraco Jogatina

Among the best titles that do not require an internet connection to play, we recommend Burraco Jogatina for Android and iPhone. In offline mode, they allow you to challenge the artificial intelligence on three different levels.

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Solitaire (Android) / Solitaire Classic Card Game (iOS)

To play Solitaire with your smartphones, a connection is not necessary. In both versions for Samsung and iPhone, the challenge modes are different, and the possibility of customizing the game is comprehensive.

Free offline sports and motorsport games

If sports and motors are your biggest passions, you can’t miss these car games that work without the internet and allow you to play wherever you are.

PBA Bowling

The official game of the Professional Bowlers Association can be played on both Android and iOS devices for free and offline. The graphics deserve it.

Crazy Taxi Classic

One of SEGA’s most beloved classics is now free and playable offline on Android and iOS. If you played the original video game in arcade mode in the 90s, you would love the original music of Offspring and Bad Religion.

Trials Frontier

This motocross game engages you in adventurous raids with powerful dirt bikes and takes you through scenarios full of obstacles. Once downloaded for free, it requires no connection to play.

GT Racing 2

Among the best driving simulators for iPhone and Samsung, GT Racing 2 allows you to play offline in a “single-player” mode. There are 67 licensed cars and over 1200 events to attend.

Stickman Tennis

A sports title not to be missed, which allows you to play without WI-FI connection, is the one that sees stickmen as protagonists, or those stylized drawings that depict people with simple lines and circles. There are two game modes: one automatic and one manual.

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Tower Boxing

With retro charm, and with very neat pixel art, in this free, connection-free sports game, you will have to punch a tower to the ground in the shortest possible time.

Head Soccer

This game, which features players with a much larger head than the body, is the best sports title for those who want to play without Wi-Fi and without having to pay anything. You can defeat your opponent with spectacular shots, such as the dragon shot and the ice shot.

3D Billiards

In really well crafted 3D graphics, this free title allows you to play pool offline against your device.

Epic Skater

Available on the App Store and Play Store, Epic Skater is an addicting offline sports game that allows you to experience all the typical moves of the skateboard.

Asphalt 8: Airborne

If adrenaline and high speed make your days better, then you should definitely try this exciting offline game for iPhone and Samsung.

Flick Shoot

Penalty kicks are one of the most exciting sporting moments, and this title embodies all the excitement that can be felt during this final phase of the match. Playable offline, Flick Shoot is very varied and enjoyable: will you be able to parry all the shots fired by the artificial intelligence?

Dr. Driving

The aim of this game is not the classic sports race. This is a different and fun driving game: for once, you don’t have to go full speed but try to drive responsibly.

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The best games for android offline Puzzle and Brain Teaser games

Playing puzzles allows you to improve logic, reasoning, and intuition. Since there are so many digital versions of these games. The possibilities to challenge yourself and reap numerous benefits are endless. Here are the offline games, to download for free, that you might spend some time with:

Jewels Stars

In this classic arcade game, you have to try to match three jewels that are similar in color and pattern. So, the blocks move with a finger;

Monument Valley 2

This offline game is very original and very popular with puzzle lovers. So, based on an unreal geometry. In other words, it tells a sweet and compelling story between increasingly difficult levels;

Freeze – The escape

This puzzle game, all in black and white, sees as the protagonist an eye that has to overcome with your help. A series of elaborate schemes and mazes with different dynamics that will not tire you;


Your goal in this puzzle game is to associate numbered tiles until you reach the number 2048. Download it for free from the App Store and Play Store;

Buttons and Scissors

As in Jewels Star, the aim of this game is to join sewing buttons of the same color and complete the various levels;


Try to make the ball jump, making sure it doesn’t go too high. In other words, it would be much more difficult to land it and not go into the game over;

Unblock Me Free

This puzzle game has four different game modes and over 4000 levels. So, you must try to free some wooden blocks stuck between them;

Happy Glass

Among the best offline puzzles, there is this title that is literally depopulating Android and iOS smartphones. So, you have to try to use your intelligence to fill the glass to the required level. Simply by drawing a line with a pencil.

Bubble Blast

Endless patience game, Bubble Blast, will captivate you from the first level. So, you have to try to blow all the bubbles through a chain reaction to eliminate them;

The Room

In addition, If you are looking for free offline games that test your intelligence. You must try The Room at least once. However, this 3D puzzle game is full of realistic puzzles and engaging you in painstaking precision mechanics.

The best games for android offline Strategy and RPGs 

Not everyone knows that it is possible to have fun with strategy games and RPGs without activating the WI-FI and the gigabytes of your phone. Firstly, there are many videogames of this kind for tablets and smartphones ready to be downloaded to your device. So, here is our selection of the best offline role-playing games:


Firstly, this action RPG is a well-crafted adventure game that takes inspiration from the great classics like Diablo and Torchlight. So, your main enemy is Ragadam whom you must hunt down, trying to uncover his evil plans;

RPG Machine Night

The game is in English and requires a minimum of knowledge of the language in order to achieve the objectives. So, it is reminiscent of the classic Final Fantasy and has a compelling story. To try and download for free as soon as you have the time;

Plague Inc

In this RPG, you have to infect the population of the world by making use of one of the different viruses that you have at your disposal. Although it seems trivial and easily solved, we bet that you will find some difficulties.

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