Xbox One controllers

Xbox One controllers

To help you understand the wide range of Xbox One controllers, we’ve compiled a list of the best ones. It will be useful for both serious gamers and those who just want to evaluate options.

A good controller is critical to your game’s success. The stock Xbox One controllers are great, and you can’t go wrong with one of them, but the days when all third-party Xbox controllers were cheap Chinese monsters that you could give your little brother are long gone. Today it’s easy to find comfortable, quality, customizable third-party Xbox One controllers, often at a lower cost than Microsoft’s stock controller.

Also, some PC games simply cannot be played with a keyboard and mouse. It’s hard to believe, but it’s true. Luckily, Xbox One controllers also support Windows, and if you have a wireless adapter to connect the controller to your PC, you don’t even need a USB cable.

In this article, we will show you Best Xbox One controllers, Best external hard drives for Xbox One X Best Xbox One headphones.

Official Xbox Controller

The classics are hard to improve, and the stock controller that comes with every Xbox One is a great choice. It is powered by a pair of AA batteries, but you can additionally purchase a recharging kit and extend the operating time of the gamepad without having to constantly replace them. The wireless controller is available in a variety of colors, fits comfortably in your hands, and is less expensive.

PDP NFL face-of Xbox Controller

Real fans cheer for their favorite team all year round. To help with this, the PDP Face-Off controller can be decorated with your favorite NFL team’s insignia. The texture of an American football ball if you’re undecided. It is not clear why the controller needs the appearance and texture of the ball. But keep in mind that there is such a possibility.

Xbox Series x Controller

Don’t know: the Xbox Series X controller can really be used with the Xbox One (and PC). The reverse is also true: the Xbox One controller fits the Xbox Series X – Microsoft has ensured great intergenerational continuity and backward compatibility not only in games but also in accessories. The Xbox Series X Wireless Controller differs from its predecessor with an improved design, re-shaped buttons, triggers, sticks, and D-pad as well as a new Share button that allows you to quickly take a screenshot or record a video and share it on the social network.

Xbox and PC compatibility

The biggest advantage of Xbox One controllers over DualShock 4 or Nintendo Switch Pro is the native ability to work with a Windows PC. And while most of the time PCs are still best played with a keyboard and mouse, there are more and more games where a gamepad is better suited than the well-known and beloved WASD scheme for PC gamers.

You can simply plug your Xbox One controller into your Windows PC and start playing. The DualShock 4 also supports Steam, and since the vast majority of PC games are distributed via Steam. It will suit most gamers as well. But it’s not a fact that with a controller of a different format, you will have the same easy plug-and-play connection as with an Xbox One controller, so for a PC, this is the best option.

Xbox One controller compatibility also makes platform changes a lot easier for Xbox Play Anywhere games: Cuphead, Forza Horizon 4, Gears of War 4, and more. Windows must be installed on your Xbox One controller to connect to your PC. There are solutions for Linux and Mac, but they are more complex. It’s easy to play with this controller on your computer – just connect the cable to the system unit or laptop. You can also use a wireless controller adapter or connect it via Bluetooth if your computer supports it.

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It may take a while for Windows to update drivers, but in general, everything works by default. You just plug the controller into your PC and play. Keep in mind that if you are alternating between PC and Xbox One, you will need to pair your controller when changing platforms.

Management skill

Of course, traditional Xbox One controllers are very good, and our guide will be helpful in most gaming situations. But did you know that there are many specialized controllers out there?

Do you play fighting games with a regular gamepad? If so, you are depriving yourself terribly. Of course, with hard training, you can reach a good level with a regular controller, but real fighting game masters play on special fighting pads.

For races like the great Forza Horizon 4, a steering wheel is best. You can go even further and purchase pedals, a gear lever, and even a dedicated racing seat.

The best thing about these dedicated controllers is exactly the same compatibility as traditional Xbox One controllers. A steering wheel or fighting pad will work just fine with both Xbox One and PC.

Best external hard drives for Xbox One X

If you need more space to store your games on your Xbox One, an external hard drive is essential. And this is not such a huge problem. External hard drives continue to fall in price, so an additional 4TB of free space is equivalent to 50-80 Xbox One games for around $ 100.

Buying one of the best external hard drives for Xbox One will solve a potential problem with total storage. If you prefer keeping all your games, files, saves, and other data close at hand, then the built-in storage on your Xbox One S or X may not be enough. If so, then one of the best external hard drives for the Xbox One is definitely for you. The market continues to evolve, and nowadays, many hard drives are phone-sized and use a simple USB connection to connect to the Xbox One. In addition, for convenience, everything is done in such a way that, after formatting the external hard drive, you can simply leave it connected, use it at your leisure, and without even thinking about it again. It is so simple and so beneficial.

Choosing the best Xbox One external hard drive ultimately depends on what you want out of the device. As we’ve heard in recent conversations about next-gen consoles, speed is a huge factor considering that hard drives are almost always replaced by solid-state drives whenever the opportunity arises.

About of SSD

External SSDs are more expensive, however, but faster read and write speeds can dramatically reduce boot times and the time it takes to copy files from the console. For most users, capacity is probably the key component: the more memory, the better.

Most Xbox gamers require at least 4TB to get the real benefit of a hard drive, while some just need an extra 1TB to keep a few more games on hand that they regularly play. Reliability is key, especially if you plan to carry the HDD with you regularly. Thus, do not pay attention to devices made of cheap materials, because of which the device can be easily damaged and lose all game saves and settings.

And finally, price is a very important factor because, despite the need for hard drives, cost often hits the wallet. All in all, one of the best external hard drives for the Xbox One is indeed one of the most important accessories for a console.

WD 4TB My Passport Portable

Western Digital 4TB My Passport is the best external drive for Xbox One. Previously, we already recommended buying models with a capacity of no more than 2 TB, because this will be enough for most. But with the growing sales of the Xbox One X, which is suitable for 4K gaming. You’re probably going to need a bigger device. Considering how much free space is needed to install one 4K game.

In terms of functionality and features. The WD 4TB, My Passport Portable, is USB 3.0 (and USB 2.0) compliant and offers 256 AES encryption, cloud storage, and its own backup software.

In fact, all you need to know about this hard drive is that it has a handy size, fast performance—an affordable price tag. The WD 4TB, My Passport Portable with 4TB total storage, can store up to 40 Xbox One X games (or more), or up to 100 regular Xbox One games.

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In fact, this is a monster with a three-year warranty and a bunch of reasons to buy it. The model is also available in a more budgetary 2TB variant. But if you are going to get the most out of the Western Digital 4TB My Passport. Then we recommend purchasing the full version with 4TB.

WD Black P10 Game Drive

If you are looking for a hard drive that will decorate your room interior (along with the Xbox One, of course). Then the WD BLACK P10 Game Drive is the best choice – this gadget does not look like a bar of soap. Unlike its competitors, but resembles a small container – which will securely store your games!

This model is positioned by the manufacturer as a gaming model. Therefore, in addition to the USB 3.2 connection interface and a large volume. You will receive optimizations for video games. As a result of which the save will load faster, and the annoying loading of objects and textures will disappear. The drive is compatible with PCs and consoles. So you’ll have no trouble getting it set up when connected to the Xbox One X. Comes with a 3-year warranty and 7-year lifespan as a bonus – enough to beat all games on your favorite platform.

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Toshiba 1TB Canvio Advance

Toshiba Canvio Advance is the best budget external hard drive for Xbox One. This is a great device: it has a glossy shell, simple design, and a convenient blue power indicator on the top. The disc does not require an additional power source as it simply plugs into a USB port on your Xbox One console. Read and write speeds match all other drives on this list, and comes with a standard two-year warranty.

If you want to use this drive for a PC, it has password protection and automatic file backup – these are pretty useful features. The 1 TB version of the device costs about 3,400 rubles, which is very profitable.

Samsung 860 EVO 500GB SSD

You will need to purchase a separate USB 3.0 enclosure to use this drive as the Serial ATA-600 connector is not USB 3.0. However, there is no need to worry: such a compartment costs about 600 rubles and is enough to install. Buying the 500GB version isn’t the best value for money. You get the speed of an external SSD for the Xbox One. You won’t immediately feel the difference when you access media files and in-game videos. Faster load times can make noticeable improvements, for example, when playing Far Cry.

If you want a great 500GB SSD but don’t want to buy a dedicated USB 3.0 bay, we recommend the Samsung T5 Portable 500GB. It is $ 60 more expensive than a Serial ATA-600 (SATA) USB 3.0 SSD. It is the best option with built-in USB 3.1 (USB 3.0 compliant).

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Best Xbox One headphones

Having the best headphones for Xbox One can change the way you play on your console. Better audio really immerses you in the game. So you can hear enemies sneaking up on you in Fortnite. Feel like you’re racing through the British countryside in Forza Horizon 4. You can get carried away by subtle environmental noises in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey.

What’s more, Xbox One headphones have excellent noise-canceling microphones that can make a difference when you’re chatting with friends online. But what are the best headsets?

Microsoft Xbox One Chat Headset

Simple and tasteful: the headset from Microsoft will allow you to communicate with your teammates in team games. While not falling out of the reality of the surrounding world. The device connects to the Xbox One controller through the proprietary connector. Which houses the control keys, and the design of the headset leaves one ear free. Attached to the earpiece is a swivel microphone that can be turned off at any time if you don’t want your teammates to hear what was not meant for them.

Hyperx Cloud Chat

Another “one-way” model that contains only one earcup and microphone. Thanks to its clever design. HYPERX Cloud Chat can be placed on the head either side, using headphones on the left or right ear. The microphone is equipped with a pop filter and noise cancellation. The headset is compatible with PCs and current consoles, including Xbox One.

Speedlink Coniux Stereo Headset

The Speedlink Coniux Stereo Headset provides users with clear sound. Good isolation from external noise and a high wearing comfort thanks to the padded headband and ear cups. The headset is designed for video games. But it can also be used for listening to music and watching movies. However, it will have to sacrifice a little sound quality compared to professional counterparts.

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