GTA V mobile

How can I download GTA V mobile?

GTA V Mobile, the Grand Theft Auto gaming series version 5, is one of the popular online games of 2021, with a booming number of players every day. It is also the most anticipated online game among hardcore gamers since its announcement. 

Although GTA V was released long ago, the reason behind its newly addicting trend is due to its feature at the famous short-video or reels platform. Apart from the massive number of GTA gamers, huge new GTA 5 players want to play this game on their online devices. 

Thus, in this post, you will know how you can download GTA V mobile if you do not have a PlayStation device or Xbox. 

All the previous four versions of the Grand Theft Auto gaming series got their version for mobile devices. However, its developer, the Rockstar Games, does not intend to release a mobile version of GTA V. 

The reason for this decision was possibly the enormous size of the GTA V. To make this version function the same way as it appears on the PCs or through PlayStation, the mobile devices must meet some particular requirements which the current mobile devices do not have. And these requirements include high hardware components and high-definition graphics in mobile phones. 

Fortunately, the helpful developers are here to get rid of this tension of yours regarding the GTA V mobile. They have worked hard and developed a mobile version of GTA V for Androids. This GTA V mobile relatively takes up less space than the original as it is light. For example, Facebook Lite is the optimized version of the actual Facebook app. The Lite version consumes lesser storage space on your mobile device. 

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For GTA V mobile to run appropriately, it requires only 1GB space and 2GB RAM to smooth the game features. If your mobile device has less than 2GB of RAM, you will likely face lagging issues while playing the GTA V mobile. 

Like the original, you get the feature of multiplayer option and play with different players from around the world in GTA V mobile. Hence, if you want to quickly download this unofficial mobile version of Grand Theft Auto 5, just look for GTA 5 mobile APK. Yes, GTA V mobile is available in the APK version.

Now, let’s move forward and look into the download and installation methods of GTA V mobile. The process is not complicated, though. You can probably do it yourself if appropriately understood. 

Steps to download APK GTA V mobile. 

  • Click on the link attached to “GTA V mobile APK” mentioned in the previous paragraphs to download the GTA V mobile. 
  • Since you can only access the link on your PC or desktop, download the GTA V APK file on the PC and transfer the said file to your mobile device, be it an Android phone or an iOS device. 
  • To install GTA V mobile, run the APK file. But before you start the process, make sure that you have enabled the “allow installation from unknown sources” on your mobile device. If you have not, just go to Settings and set it right.
  • When you open the Settings, click on “Allow installation for GTA V Android APK.” 
  • After that, to finish the installation process of GTA V mobile, you have to wait for a few minutes depending on the type of Android version or another mobile device. 
  • As the installation is complete, you can notice an icon of GTA V on your device. Just click on that icon to run the game.
  • Now, the OBB file and data download will start. After that, you can begin your game. 
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