Best APK trading App

Best APK App for Trading In 2021

Android users are aware of the APK file format. APK, which stands for Android Packaging Kit is a package file format that Android operating systems use to distribute and install mobile apps. It mimics the functions of the .exe files in Windows PC systems. When you download an APK app, you are essentially getting an app. Most people download android apps from the official Google Play Store, but there are many reasons why you should do otherwise. Here are details on Best APK App for Trading In 2021.

Reasons for installing an APK App

There are two main reasons behind the use of APK files.  These files often belong to new android builds which are leaked ahead of time, giving the user early access. Additionally, some apps are restricted in some regions. Users belonging to these regions can use an APK to install the app. However, one has to be careful to avoid stolen or pirated apps. In many cases, this is outlawed and might land you in legal trouble. Thus, you should do your research before downloading a particular APK. 

Installing an APK file on an Android device

Users can easily install an APK on their android device if they follow these steps:

  • APK files can be downloaded using your phone’s browser. Go ahead and first find the APK file you want to download. Simply tapping it will start the download. 
  • After downloading, tap on the APK file and select yes when prompted. 
  • The App automatically begins installing and will provide a message once the process is over. 

How to choose the best APK trading app 

Users should look at the full feature offering of their selected brokers rather than just making their decision based on the Android app. This is because most users will use their trading account on various devices. Additionally, advanced trading features are also a consideration.  There are some brokers which cater to novice traders while others cater to more advanced users. 

Lastly, users should also consider the trading fees involved.  They have to be on the lookout for fees applicable to the type of trades they want to execute.  These are some of the features which a reliable APK trading app should possess. 

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IQ Option – one of the best APK trading apps of 2021.

IQ Option is a reputed and reliable trading platform and brokerage that has had considerable success in the last 5 years. IQ Option provides an APK file, which is one of 3 applications meant for mobile devices.  It is meant to give non-regulated traders access to all the tradable instruments in the platform including binary options. IQ Option’s offering consists of forex, stocks, indices, commodities, ETFs, cryptocurrencies, binary options, digital options and FX options. You can download the APK file directly from their official website or if you go to

Reasons why IQ Option has an APK file


Because of various restrictions imposed on Google Play, it does not host trading apps that offer binary options. Thus, the version of the IQ Option Android App available in Google Play does not have binary options enabled.  This is the main reason why IQ Option came up with a separate APK Android App to allow traders to trade binary options. 

Traders falling under the jurisdiction of the European Economic Area cannot trade binary options with IQ option. These traders are referred to as “regulated”. Traders falling outside the EEA are known as non-regulated traders.  Thus, the IQ Option APK app is meant for this group of traders who are allowed to trade binary options but cannot do so from the official App. IQ Option’s APK App is the only mobile app that allows non-regulated traders to trade binary options. 

Features of IQ Option APK 

The IQ Option APK App almost mimics the regular android app, with the added advantage of binary options trading. 

Below are some of the important features that make IQ Option’s APK one of the best trading APK apps in existence. 

Number of instruments

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IQ Option provides tradable instruments for different categories of traders. This includes binary and digital options (both normal and OTC), meant exclusively for non-regulated traders. Apart from this, all traders on the platform can access other instruments such as stock index CFDs, commodity CFDs, ETFs, cryptocurrency CFDs, Stock CFDs, and forex.  FX Options, which are similar to binary options and digital options, is available only to regulated traders. 

Minimum deposit and investment

IQ Option allows even the most novice traders trading access, as the minimum investment per trade is only $1. FX Options have a minimum trade size of $30.  The minimum deposit for regular trading accounts is $10 while that for VIP accounts is $1900. VIP accounts are, however, available to only non-regulated traders. 

Trading tools and other features

The APK app provides many technical indicators along with widgets and charts. Traders can access a forex calendar, news, earnings calendar and market analysis, directly from the platform. To contact the support team, IQ Option users can use the chat service. Some of the other features include price movements and graphical tools, which are all important aspects of monitoring trades and making decisions. 

Demo account

Last but not the least, IQ Option’s APK app can be used with an IQ Option demo account which never expires.  The demo account provides users with virtual money and all the features of a live trading account. It serves the purpose of a learning platform for many novice traders who test new strategies and practice trading in a live market environment.  Traders can easily switch between live and demo accounts from within the app without any hassle. 

IQ Option is undoubtedly one of the best trading brokerages that provide a fully functional APK App.  By downloading this APK app, users who would not have had the opportunity to trade binary options can enjoy the potential for profit in the market.  It lets users experience the full functionality of the IQ Option, no matter where they are situated in the world.