PicsArt Mod Apk

PicsArt Mod Apk

The desire to preserve memories is a natural human desire. You can see that evidence from the very start of the human race. Humans used to draw their deed on the walls of the caves. We can still see those even after thousands of years. Here we will show you a  complete guide about PicsArt Mod Apk.

The concept of preserving data changed when the first-ever camera was invented. This changed the thinking of people and the method of maintaining data and memories. Now, people are using cameras and taking pictures every day. Photos have become essential in our regular life.

Looking good in pictures has also been a significant factor nowadays. When we used films to capture images, this positioning, or the desire to look good, was not always on the cards. That time, being on the picture was the real gig. But, after digitalization, now people have access to almost an unlimited amount of storage and countless clicks. So, looking good or taking the perfect shot has become more and more crucial.

This fantasy of taking pictures pushed people to achieve higher success in the technology world. Now, Artificial Intelligence has been introduced in cameras, and photography has become absolute.

Going back to our main topic, looking good in pictures requires a great camera angle, a perfect shot, and fantastic lighting and environment. But do we carry all these heavy equipment and lighting teams all the time? The answer is a straight no.

But what to do when we still want to look good? Or how to make the picture look breathtaking? Simple, fix it! But how? Simple again, use photography manipulating software.

What is Photography Manipulating Software?

Photography manipulation is a strong word. Some take manipulation as a wrong word. But manipulation means changing something as per the needs and or positively influencing something for a change. Thanks to technology, we can now edit images, add effects, and reposition it.

But this is not all. We can do an awful lot of tasks in these types of software. In computers, Adobe has been the pioneer in this industry. Adobe Photoshop has been the best pick for professionals, including amateurs.

But after the evolution of smartphones, people have started to desire all the facilities in the small boxes of the devil. Yes, people are taking their lives and work inside these little devices. And the result? Smartphone companies and developers are pushing their tech and luck every day. Thanks to their hard work, we can experience all the software and facilities on our mobile phones.

PicsArt is a proud addition to the smartphone family. This is a photo editing software where you can edit your photos as per your desire.

PicsArt and Its Journey

It was the year 2009. Android apps are at the very peak. People are really into the smartphone industry, trying out new features and apps every day. The smartphone evolution boomed to skyrockets in 2007. So, people are still not getting enough. Every day, expectations and desires are slowly building up. People are now expecting all the apps that were available in their PC into smartphones.

Young Armenian programmers Hovhannes Avoyan and Artavazd Mehrabyan saw the potential, and they together developed an app that has become one of the most grossing apps so far. On the 2nd of January, 2009, PicsArt was launched in the Android App stores. The company started its journey with a flying start. In the very first year, the overall download crossed 35 million!

PicsArt on iOS

In 2013, after receiving an overwhelming response in the Android industry. PicsArt was launched on the iOS platform. I also received immense love and affection from the consumers. In the same year, in May, to be exact, they also launched a version for iPads as well.

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PicsArt Now

After two years of the initial launch, the company bloomed brightly, having 25 million active users by the end of 2013. This was pretty good for the company. Now, it has over 130 Million active users and a massive workforce of 400 employees. So, PicsArt is the love of many consumers over all the possible formats.

What is PicsArt?

As you all know, PicsArt is an image editing software available on Android, iOS, and Windows. There is a desktop version for windows as well. But this has not been limited to just that. Having a huge fan base will indeed create a community of happy users. PicsArt has taken this as an advantage and made an empire out of it. It has created a community where you can share your creativity. So, this is more than an image editing software. It is a social network now.

PicsArt is a powerful image editor. You will have all the standard image editing tools. Also, you will get some cool filters and effects available on this app. Some of the components are needed to be bought from the in-app purchase feature. Some cool and unique new features are Prisma. You can make any picture converted into an artistic piece with superb detailing. This has been a trend over the years, and people still love it. You can also add some stickers to look funky or adorable. This is a great app to create collage photos. Collage photos are a set of images that are attached and made into a single shot. This is a good option if you want to preserve all the pictures as a collective memory.

There is a paint too available as well. You can showcase your creativity with brushes and colors on a blank canvas. Also, you can paint pictures as well. Mocking someone with a mustache or making a black eye is cool and funny indeed.

Mods and Why Do We need PicsArt Mods?

So, this is an excellent option for a set of people out there, go for Mods. Mods stand for modifications. There are countless apps where you desire that you need some customization. Developers understand that desire. That is why they take the source codes of a particular app and modifies it to make it look good or add some extra functionality. This is pretty dope.

On the other hand, Mods are created to avoid in-app purchases. People often install Mods as it has more functions and features and also it is basically free.

So Mod is a good option. But then again, some of us do think this is unethical. But today’s debate is not on that. We are here to see the PicsArt Mod Apk that are available out there.

PicsArt Mods

The current version of PicsArt Mod Apk has a whole lot of new features. On the other hand, it has fixed all the bugs and errors from the previous version. The current version is 15.4.6. This is a good one, indeed. But why are these so special and likable? We will tear this app first and will also see the features. It will give us a proper understanding of the PicsArt Mod Apk.

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Features of PicsArt Mod Apk Version 15.4.6

The features of the current PicsArt Mod Apk is pretty stable. There are a whole bunch of features that matches the trend and the desires of the consumers. The features are:

  1. Typical Image Editing Tools
  2. Effects
  3. Prisma
  4. Sticker
  5. Create Collage
  6. Paint Tools
  7. Exclusive filters (Current Version)
  8. Over 3000 premium items
  9. Video Editing
  10. Fonts and more

These are not all. We will be experiencing an awful lot of features altogether. First, let us go through the basics. After then, we will be discussing the added features.

Typical Image Editing Tools

This is a typical section for all the image editing software. Cropping, repositioning, background cutter, paintbrush, pen tool, eraser, text adding, etc. are some of the essential functions. You can also edit the colors and make a correction using the curves. Also, you can adjust the image directory or the color flow by merely equalizing the color banners.

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You can tilt-shift effects, enhance the color gradient, or also change the color profile form this feature of the app. This is basically the stock options for any image editor.


Effects are generally the most used photo editing feature in the latest PicsArt Mod Apk. People like to change the color profile, adjust the lighting position, or even redefine the color combination. All of these can be done in this section. This is a useful feature. You can even color the pictures into monochrome colors. Also, make the images black and white.

There are a lot of effects in this section, which are up for grabs. Having mods is a huge advantage as you can experience more results than the stock version.


In the last couple of years, AI or Artificial Intelligence has boomed in the photography industry. Many companies and even app developers are using this dope tech to get a step further in the never-ending marathon. Thus, PicsArt has also tried its luck in the sector. But things went good to excellent as the results are phenomenal. A recent trend or desire to make a sketch out of your picture is absolute and in-denial. Thus Prisma was introduced. You will be able to make any photo into an artwork of paintbrushes and pencils. Thanks to the incredible machine learning feature and Artificial Intelligence.

Some call this feature sheer magic as you can make anything into typically anything. This is the main reason for many to install PicsArt in their devices. Try it out, and do let us know your thoughts!

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There is a wide range of stickers available in the app. You can use that in your photos. For example, you can add your favorite cartoon characters in your pictures. You can add emoji as well. Or you can add some stickers of sunglasses on your face. Reposition it and voila!

This is a great and funky feature, to be honest. Some adults and especially teens, find this to be productive in their pictures as a part of the trend. You should try this as well.

Create Collage

Creating Collage is a very good option in this app. suppose you have recently gone for a trip or a date with your girl last evening. You have clicked several photos, and now you want them to be attached together into a single canvas or a single picture. This is the app to go. All you need is to select the pictures, add a relevant background, and reposition all the pictures on them. This will be very creative, and you will be able to share the memories all at once in a single photo.

This is a great addition. And the application of this feature has no bound. So, pick up the phone, click some pictures and start taking photos. Show your creativity and memories to the community.

Paint Tools

You want to be the next Picasso! Or El Dante! But I am not sure this app can help you with that. Especially when you are pretty bad in drawing something. Just Kidding! There is a paint tool installed in this app that you can use for painting. So, pick up the brush and make a painting. Share with us, and we will rate it! *Sarcasm intended*

There are a lot of added features, and you will also get free PicsArt Gold in this Mod.

Wrapping Things Up!

So, this article was about the PicsArt Mod Apk. I have tried to explain all the cool features that this PicsArt Mod Ap is capable of. So, why are you waiting for! As you can see, this is a great app. So, pick up the phone and install this awesome app. You can edit your photos or make some cool Prismas. These will crank up the creativity of yours.

That was all for today. I hope you guys have enjoyed this article. Do let me know your thought about this awesome app in the comment section. Till then, Good Bye!

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