How to Play COD Mobile on PC

How to Play COD Mobile on PC

In case you are a toddler or an older man like The Ancient Mariner and have been living in the jungle with the tribal people or stranded on an island or a caveman or have not idea what a computer or a smartphone game is, then you may not have heard or have not come across the name Call of Duty. This game has a shorter name CoD and adored and revered as one of the best first-person shooter franchises of all times on the face of this earth. This article will give you a complete guide about how to play COD mobile on PC.

It is not favorite just for the thrill, fun, and excitement it gives from single-player actions. It can also give you a taste of real battle through the multiplayer versions where you can enjoy fighting others in real-time and have an engaging battle time in the middle of the smoke, bullets, bombs, and deadly weapons. Deaths are swift and silent and will always keep you on your toes as never know if you are being scoped or not!

Activision has been enjoying its success in the gaming industry as episodes of CoD hit the stores one after the other. After massive success with Modern Warfare and Black Ops, Activision brings the franchise to your handheld smartphones. It was released in North America in October of 2019. Call of Duty Mobile has been designed for Android and iOS systems. It does not miss out on any of the CoD original components – multiplayer maps, zombie versions, and battle royale. By the way, on top of everything, it is free for you to download.

How to Play COD Mobile on PC: The New season

Activision sends out newer seasons regularly that include more maps and characters, not to mention the Battle Pass, which a new. Disavowed is the most recently updated season and has been released in the open market for everyone on the last day of February 2020.

The first chapter of the new release is ‘Cage.’ It is an original map on CoD: Mobile. Soap became a character that is playable here. With him now, the player can activate more skills as a H.I.V.E operator. The player can now launch several proximity mines at once. These mines have nano drones that attack the enemies.

Battle Pass, which is new, will help you gather the MacTavis paint for AK117, which is very colorful, CoD points, a character called Urban Tracker. There are a lot of crates as well. The free Battle Pass will allow you to get some rewards. But to get all the rewards, you will have to buy a premium Battle Pass for more CoD Points.

How to Play COD Mobile on PC in 2020: Game Modes

Call of Duty: Mobile is a 3 in 1 game for your phone as it has 3 different modes of play – Multiplayer, Battle Royale, and Zombies.


The mode of CoD is what people usually know and love to enjoy. Everyone has played this mode. You play a 5-player team against another 5-player team. Then you fight to your heart’s content using various maps and modes of the game. Team-based Deathmatch, Frontline, Search and Destroy, Hardpoint, Free for All, Practice against AI, and Domination – these modes are the core collection of always available modes for anyone.

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Various other game modes are changed weekly and featured weekly for a restricted time—for example, One Shot One Kill, Sniper Only, Gun Game and Prop Hunt, etc.


Since 2008 World at War, CoD Zombies are a core element of the franchise. Therefore, as usual, it returned to CoD: Mobile. But it has a different flavor than the usual Zombies version.

There is this Survival mode, which we are accustomed to. Here we fight battles against an endless number of Zombies. There is also a Raid mode to spruce things up a little. Here you can unlock new areas as you advance through the game and get to the final boss.

Battle Royale

Battle Royale is just like another survival game mode, where everyone has a license to kill. 100 players pit against each other for domination and are the last man standing. It has a time limit of 15 minutes. You can vary your style by going completely solo, or you can team along with your friends. Here you can also play in a Third Person Shooter mode.

Choice of Controller

To make playing CoD on mobile easier, Activision has adapted two modes of gameplay. As playing multiplayer shooting game is a huge challenge, the developers designed two different control modes—simple and Advanced modes.

Simple Mode

This model is significantly different from the usual CoD you play on your console. Here, you do not need to press anything to fire. Your gun fires automatically when you point your crosshair to the target. Although it sounds super convenient, it is not.

One advantage is that movement is much smoother as the player only has to move fingers to explore as the gun will automatically fire. The player can also set the distance when the guns will auto fire from the hip. If a shotgun is firing from the hip and the target is out of range, then there is a waste of bullets.

How to Play COD Mobile on PC Advanced Mode

The advanced mode has been designed keeping the console enthusiasts in mind. This version of the game offers a fully movable HUD or heads up display. The mobile version of the game has critically been designed to suit the needs of console gamers. They will be able to move on-screen with ease. Developers have kept the movement and combat interface the same as the console version. It is imperative to set up the buttons according to your personal best practices. Win or loss is just a few button-presses away. Either you are faster than all, or you are dead.

Wireless Controller

In addition to the touchscreen controls, there is another way to play the Call of Duty: Mobile- using a wireless controller. There can be no other way to beat the enjoyment and satisfaction of using a wireless controller with the game. It will feel just like the traditional PC or Console version of the game. Nothing beats that. Nothing can replace the ease of a physical controller. So, bring your best Bluetooth controller to the mix and enjoy the fight.

How to Play COD Mobile on PC Maps

A regular CoD follower will be able to recognize some of the available maps on CoD: Mobile. Nukedown chapter of the Black Ops version is the best, in my opinion. The map is small, but it offers a lot of action. It is bloody and messy. You cannot rest, and the pace of the game is breakneck.

There are 12 maps to choose from, including:

  1. Hijacked
  2. Crash
  3. Firing Range
  4. Crossfire
  5. Scrapyard
  6. Takeoff
  7. Raid
  8. Summit
  9. Cage
  10. Nukedown
  11. Killhouse
  12. Standoff

Cage has been made the original map on CoD: Mobile. It offers an environment that is small and urban. Opportunities are abundant. You can have many close fights, and the surrounding gives you ways to flank and corner your enemy.

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CoD: Mobile Has Big Customization

It is exciting when you can change how the characters of the game you are playing look. In previous installments, it was possible to change the characters’ looks, such as facial hair, hair, skin color, dress, weapons, etc.

How to Play COD Mobile on PC: Weapons

Even if a character’s looks do not bother you in CoD as it is a first-person shooter game, you must take a lot of bothering about the weapons you are running around with facing your foes. You can definitely customize your weapons to your heart’s content – color, types of guns and ammo, armors, magazine extensions, grenade, sidearm, and so on. So, you can choose to silence your gun and add modification in scoping – enhancer, iron sight or sniping scope, and many more. You can add hand grips to balance your shooting and prevent recoils. All these features have been only for the PC or console versions of the game, but not anymore. They are now available on CoD: Mobile as well. You cannot just forget about laser sight. If you use the correct modification, on the battlefield, you will become someone unstoppable.

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How to Play COD Mobile on PC: Perks

There are points you earn for your performance in the game. They significantly improve your physical or combat ability. When you get enough perk points, you can upgrade your skills and ability, which you can then activate. For example, when your Ghost mode is activated, you can sneak attack on enemies, and they would not be able to see you at all. You can hit and run as long as this ability remains active. In every loadout, you can choose only three perks that are different from each other,r which means you cannot choose the same perk twice or more at a time. For example, along with Ghost, you can choose to take faster recovery, and this way, you can always fight from the shadows and heal when you are on the run or hiding for the next kill.

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How to Play COD Mobile on PC Weapon Skill

In every loadout, you get updated skills for the weapons of your choice. This skill will activate for a short time, and you can then equip the deadliest weapon from your arsenal and lay waste to the enemy as you fight. You can choose to use a sniper rifle or a minigun and cover for your teammates. You can also choose other weapons such as flame throwers. In close range fights, a flamethrower is really nasty and brutal.


It was known as ‘Killstreaks,’ and now it is called as ‘scorestreak.’ When you keep doing well on the game you prefer, you can select which ability you want to depend on the score. You can activate this ability. Another noticeable thing is that there rewards like stealth chopper, Precision Missile, and Goliath armor.


This feature of CoD is prevalent. Before you go out with your current loadout, you can one last makeover. You can choose your character and how s/he looks. This is a great feature. You will definitely want to see how you look on your screen and the map. This game allows you to play some of the most famous characters in the CoD world.

Characters such as David Mason and Soap MacTavish will definitely give you a somewhat confident playing the best players in the narrow and controlled world of CoD. The Single-player CoD story was complementary.

In-app purchase

If you have a lot of money to spare, you can use them to buy more from the gaming world. The main thing in the CoD world is points, and you can buy points using real-world money. With the points, you can buy more battle pass and loot boxes. There are weapons that you can buy. Through your gameplay, you can earn credits, and then with the credits, you can buy things in CoD. To buy points, you need to spend money in the following way:

80 Points for $0.99, 400 Points for $4.99, 800 Points for $9.99 , 2000 Points for $24.99, 4000 Points for $49.99, and lastly 8000 Points for $99.99.

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