Domain Authority Checker

4 Best Bulk Domain Authority Checker Tools for Your Website

Domain Authority Checker is a metric created by Moz that tells the ability of a website to rank in the search engines. 

To check DA of a website, use some best bulk domain authority checker tools, and must build a strategy to increase it. 

DA ‘Domain Authority’ score ranges from zero to 100, where zero means worst and 100 means higher ability of a website to rank in SERPs.

And having a good or high domain authority score means that a website has excellent chances of ranking higher in search engines.

It is also one of the most important factors of a website to rank higher on SERPs.

In this article, we’re going to discuss some tips to increase the domain authority and best online tools to check the DA of a website.

How to increase the DA of a Website

Simply follow the mentioned below important steps to increase the domain authority checker of the website.

  • On-Page SEO optimization

To improve domain authority, completely optimize the webpages and content of the site.

Must publish unique, high-quality, and effective content on the website to engage the audience.

Some main on-page SEO factors are:

  • Completely Optimize Titles and Descriptions of the webpages
  • Use proper heading [H1, H2, and H3] within the content to address the main idea
  • Avoid keyword stuffing and naturally adjust target keywords in the content
  • URL structure and permalinks must be SEO optimized
  • Off-Page SEO

One of the most important metrics of a website is the link profile.

A website with a strong link profile must have a high DA score.

Off-page SEO is defined as the improvement of the link profiles of any website.

And to make link profile stronger, build strong and niche relevant links from high authority websites.

You can also perform natural link building and the blogger outreach method to build strong links from other sites.

  • Improve Technical SEO

It has a huge impact on domain authority rankings in the search engines.

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The technical SEO is the low-level SEO tasks and some of these tasks are:

  • Must register the website with Google Search Console
  • Create and submit the XML sitemap to Google
  • Must migrate website to “https”
  • Add schema to help a search engine understand the content of the website
  • Improve Page Speed

Improving the page load speed of a website plays a great role in improving the domain authority and domain ranking.

It will also help to make the user experience excellent that may help in generating more leads and sales.

To improve the page speed of a website, simply follow the mentioned below steps:

  • Upgrade WordPress plugins to the latest versions
  • Quickly remove all unnecessary plugins
  • Must optimize the size of images
  • Always use a cache plugin

Further in this article, we’ll discuss the best four bulk domain authority checker tools for your website.

4 Best Bulk Domain Authority Checkers

The mentioned below tools are best to check the DA of any site. Here we go:

1. Prepostseo Bulk DA PA Checker

The domain authority of a website in the search engine signals that tell the rank of a website on the search engines.

This bulk DA PA checker is used to check the domain authority of any website.

You can paste up to 500 URLs in the da checker to get the best results.

Simply copy the URLs and paste it into the input box as:

Domain Authority Checker


  • Bulk Quantity: You can easily paste multiple URLs up to 500 webpages to check the detailed domain metrics.
  • Complete Results: This bulk authority checker shows the detailed metrics of any site.

These metrics include DA, PA, SS, IP Address, and Domain Age within a single click.

It also checks the exact webpages of a site indexed in Google. 

  • Download File: This excellent website authority checker allows you to download the checked URLs excel file.
  • Increase DA PA: This amazing feature of the domain authority checker also provides excellent services to increase the DA of a website.

By using those services and suggestions, you can quickly increase your website’s domain authority.

This will help you to increase organic traffic and revenue as well.

  • Raw Data: You can paste URLs in the raw data form to quickly check DA of the multiple sites without any line space.
  • No Signup: This bulk DA checker is totally free and there is no need to sign up to check links.
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2. Coder Duck Bulk DA Checker

This bulk domain authority checker allows you to check the DA up to 20 URLs.

Also, each link of the website must be separated on each line.

It provides you with good features to check 20 multiple URLs at a single time.

Simply paste the links in the da checker and click “Submit” to proceed:


  • Check Metric: This tool is widely used to check the metric of a domain to analyze the site’s ranking in SEs.
  • Multiple URLs: The online tool allows you to check DA of multiple URLs at a single time.
  • Domain’s Strength: It is used to check the strength of a specific domain and it doesn’t require any signup or captcha entry.
  • Totally Safe: The tool is completely safe to use and provide perfect results.
3. Robingupta Bulk DA Checker

This bulk da checker online tool allows you to check da up to 10 URLs per search.

Simple paste the URLs in the input box and press “Get Result” as:


  • Multiple Links: It provides you with the facility to check da of up to 10 urls.
  • Metrics: It shows the site metrics like DA, PA, and IP Address.
  • Safe to use: The tool is completely free to use and shows accurate results.
4. 99webtools Bulk DA Checker

This online bulk da checker displays the DA of up to 10 websites within a single click.

All you need to do is to paste the URLs into the input box to check the domain authority:


  • Multiple URLs: This online tool allows you to add up to 10 multiple urls.
  • Line Spacing: Each link of the website will be pasted in a new line to check DA.
  • 100% Secure: This online bulk domain authority checker is secure and completely free to use.
Final Words:

Strong domain authority plays an important role in ranking a website in the search engine result pages.

You can also use one of the mentioned above 4 best bulk domain authority checker tools for your website.

All of these tools have their own unique features and select the desired one to check the DA PA of your website.