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How To Get Your Website Up And Running

In 2020, creating a website for your brand is an absolute necessity. At least 62% of the world’s population uses the internet. The internet plays an important role in our lives now and every business must have an online presence. That is where web development comes in. What is it? Web development refers to the process of building a website. It is everything from creating a simple static web page to building an eCommerce website.

Types of Web Development

There are different types of web development. This usually depends on the sector of web development in which a developer has specialized in. But the distinctions for the different types of web development often overlap. It is not uncommon for web developers to master different types of web development.

These are the common types of web development:

  •       Front-end development
  •       Full-stack development
  •       Back-end development

Front-end web development focuses on what the web visitor sees. These include the layout, navigation, graphics, and other aesthetics. On the other hand, back-end development puts an emphasis on the server-side of the website such as structure, content, security code, databases, APIs, and operating systems. Full-stack web development simply refers to doing both front and back-end development.

Reasons Why Web Development Is Important

Web development is important for any business that wants to grow. Businesses that lack an online presence will always struggle to grow their market share. Here are a few reasons why it is important to support it;

  •        It makes your business accessible round the clock.
  •       It expands your business beyond your geographical limits.
  •       It also offers convenience to your customers. They can look up information on the site instead of physical visits to the office.
  •        It enables you to control the narrative around your brand.
  •       Through quality content on your website, you can establish yourself as a thought leader within your niche.
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How To Develop Your Website

Get your website up and running is always not an easy job. The process is usually different depending on the type of website you are looking to build, coding language, and the resources available. But generally, here’s a step-by-step guide on how to develop your website:

  •       Step 1: Outline the purpose of the website.
  •       Step 2: Find a web content management software. Examples include Joomla and WordPress.
  •       Step 3: Source for a web hosting company.
  •       Step 4: choose the template for your website and the plugins you need.
  •       Step 5: Organize it.
  •       Step 6: Develop content for it.
  •       Step 7: Publish the website and conduct periodical maintenance and updates.

These simple steps can help you build a functional website for your business. For people who are new to web development, it can be quite confusing and hard. You can always hire the services of an offshore development company to help you put up a professional website.


The power of the internet is not going away any time soon. Instead, the reach gets broader and broader. This is why you need web development to help you leverage the internet for your business growth. If you need any help developing it, get in touch with us now. We are an offshore website development company with years of experience creating customized websites for businesses.