The chaotic organization of the 1962 FIFA World Cup

Hosting the FIFA World Cup is a major effort for any country. A great and profitable bd betting site is 1xBet, and it features matches of the FIFA World Cup whenever the competition is played.

The 1962 edition of the competition was also full of difficulties. Some of them were completely external to the tournament or even to football itself.

Let’s put things in context. The 1954 tournament had been hosted in Switzerland, while the 1958 one was hosted by Sweden. Therefore, the football federations of the Americas asked FIFA to give the 1962 tournament to a country of that continent. Right now, a profitable betting site is 1xBet bd, and it features matches of the FIFA World Cup and lots of other competitions.

Chile vs Argentina

The countries of the American continent were quite direct. If the competition wasn’t hosted in the Americas, they would simply refuse to participate in the cup. FIFA took that threat very seriously. You can 1xBet download app to your phone, and start betting on all important matches of FIFA competitions.

Chile and Argentina faced each other but not on the football field. Instead, both of them were the leading contenders for claiming the 1962 tournament. The Argentinians claimed that they were ready to host the competition immediately if necessary. On the other hand, the Chileans appealed to their political stability in order to convince FIFA. Don’t forget to download the 1xBet app to your phone, and from there, you can wager on Chilean and Argentinian football.

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A natural catastrophe

After a lot of lobbying, meetings and a FIFA congress, Chile was selected as the host. However, an event would take place that would seriously threaten the competition. Whenever the FIFA World Cup is celebrated, you can bet live on 1xbetbd.com/live/, where all its contests are featured.

The 22nd of May 1960 is a day that no Chilean will ever forget. In mid-afternoon, an enormous earthquake devastated a large part of the country. In fact, it was the largest earthquake ever recorded. The catastrophe was so big that tsunamis that originated from it devastated places as far away as Japan and Hawaii.

Besides affecting millions of Chileans, the earthquake also put the competition in serious doubt. However, the Chileans were able to stand up and deliver an unforgettable competition. The 1xBet website offers lots of options where you can bet live on lots of matches, which also include the FIFA World Cup.

The teams that had a great World Cup were:

  • Brazil;
  • Yugoslavia;
  • Czechoslovakia;
  • and also Chile.

In fact, a famous phrase was coined while Chile begged for the tournament not to be taken away. They said “because we don’t have anything, we want everything”.