Michael Phelps

Michael Phelps: the swimmer who’s changed the Olympics

Swimming has traditionally been considered one of the most appropriate sports for participants in the Olympic Games. This is due to the fact that each swimmer can take part in several medal competitions, thereby significantly improving the place of their team in the overall standings. The 1xBet promo code allows you to get additional privileges to the bonus program. Consequently, it is possible to bet on such competitions without risking your main bank.

Despite the above information, no one would have thought that the legendary Michael Phelps would be able to get 28 medals. The American achieved this result for four Olympics from 2004 to 2016, because in Sydney in 2000 he played at the age of 15. However, even there he found himself a stone’s throw away from bronze and became the youngest Olympic swimmer in his country for 68 years. 1xBet and its promo code allow fans predict the most celebrated athlete of the next Olympic Games. After all, bettors can already follow the new sport hegemon.

How the legend spent every Olympiad

Many experts have argued that Phelps was able to continue to rewrite the history of sports in Tokyo despite turning 36 in 2016. However, he ended his professional career after Rio, believing that he had nothing to prove. The 1xBet login allows users to be the first to see odds for the Summer and Winter Olympic Games. Talking about each of the Olympics in which Phelps took part, we can say the following:

  1. Sydney 2000. No medals, one swimming discipline, namely the 200 m butterfly. As a result, the 5th place.
  2. Athens 2004. Result: 6 gold and 2 bronze medals, one of which in the relay.
  3. Beijing 2008. The best games for the American. Eight gold medals.
  4. London 2012. Four gold and two bronze medals.
  5. Rio 2016. Five gold medals and one bronze.
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Consequently, for over fifteen years, Michael Phelps has rightly been considered the best swimmer in the world. Indeed, in addition to the Olympics, he also rose to first position in the world championships 26 times. Now, 1xBet expands its functionality, and therefore the login to it will allow you to bet on more than 40 sports. Among them is swimming, which allows fans of Phelps’s results to try themselves in the role of a sports analyst.

Michael inscribed his name in history in gold letters and one has only to guess who will be able to surpass his achievements. Phelps is rightfully considered one of the best athletes in the world in history.