best gadgets 2020

Top 10 best gadgets 2020 for everyday use

Gadgets have become an integral part of our lives, and their place is hard to best devices 2020  overestimate. With their help, we not only expand our capabilities but also allow us to add new colors to everyday life and stand out from the rest.

Usually, this is a small device, fixture, or thing, significantly or partially making life easier for a person, introducing additional comfort into everyday life or necessary to perform specific tasks. In addition, these devices can be used for rallies of relatives and friends, engage in video diaries with their help, or simply decorate your home.

We decided to collect the ten coolest and most useful gadgets based on popularity, ratings, user reviews, and a selection of reputable video bloggers.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is a gadget?

The word “gadget” came to us from the English “gadget”, “Such a device can be seen in the figure on the left – a clock fan that connects to a laptop via a USB port.

Currently, gadgets include any digital devices, the dimensions of which allow you to connect them to a personal computer, smartphone, or put on the hand.

A distinctive feature of devices is that they are a novelty, that is, an unusual, creative solution to particular tasks compared to existing standard technologies.

What is a widget?

The well-known formula is computer = hard + software (computer = hardware + programs ). In accordance with this formula, “they wanted the best, but it turned out as usual,” but for some best gadgets 2020 reason on the Internet, the word “gadget” is used not only in relation to hard (hardware) but also in relation to software (software).

That is, gadgets are also found in various software (there they are also called widgets) in the form of applications that facilitate the work of users. Devices provide multiple kinds of information.



Save valuable time with the great agitator mug. Pour tea or coffee and add water, after which just press the button on the handle and the cup will stir your drink to the desired state. You can use such a mug-mixer both in the office and on the go, mixing drinks on the go.

The capacity of the product is 350-400 ml, and the weight is only 270 grams. Be careful when drinking, and do not touch the button so as not to activate the stirring function and to spill the entire drink on yourself.


Meet a multi-functional flashlight that contains a lot of useful elements. In addition to its direct purpose, there is a Bluetooth speaker, FM radio, and a Power Bank with a capacity of 2000 mAh. Near the USB slot, there is a slot for TF memory cards, and on the front panel, there is an LED indicator with individual backlight for each use mode.

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The kit comes with a flashlight itself, a kit for attaching to a bicycle handlebar, and a USB cable itself. The lantern has a fairly powerful light beam, so you can add comfort or find the desired item in the darkest rooms. The built-in high-sensitivity microphone has the function of suppressing unnecessary noise, and the two-section structure of the MP3 player will delight you with good sound. The operating time in standard mode is about 15 hours, the radio operates in the frequency range 150 Hz-18 kHz, and the weight of the lamp itself is 260 grams. 


These shelves will be a great gift for illusionists, conspirators, and just people who want to play a trick on others. The design of these shelves allows you to place them in such a way that the best gadgets 2020 when filling with books, they simply could not be seen. They are able to withstand an impressive weight of up to 9 kg. 

There are five colors to choose from – green, blue, red, yellow, and transparent. Two mounting plates, bolts, and bolt fasteners are included.


Shoe racks will be a great help in maintaining comfort and saving space, even in small locker rooms and lockers. They are made in the form of double racks, where each pair is located one above the other, without taking up extra space—made of lightweight PVC plastic with increased strength.

Available in eight colors – from classic black to bright pink. Perfect for dormitories, small apartments, and kindergartens, because of their brightness, they really like children. In the upper and lower parts, there are ribs and cells for better fixation. Additionally, there are special straps so that the shoes do not fall when moving.

Attention! All of the listed gadgets and items are not toys and require careful familiarization with the instructions and terms of use. 


When it’s cold outside or just a strong wind, nothing can save you from the cold like a jacket, especially if it is heated. Throughout the jacket, several warming elements are built-in – on the back and chest. All of them work from a highly efficient 4400 mAh battery best gadgets 2020, which, if desired, can be used as additional charging for a smartphone. If you feel cold, click on the button next to the logo on the left chest, after which the elements will start to warm up. In total, there are three heating modes – minimum, medium, and maximum. Operating time with constant heating at an average level is about 10 hours. 

Another important plus is that the jacket is completely waterproof and will be a great thing to protect from cold and rainy days. Additionally, there is a removable hood. The jacket is available in black with blue stitching and zipper.


There is nothing better than outdoor recreation. Especially when you are up to date with all the latest news. The screen of this device is only 1.8 inches, but this is enough to watch TV or listen to music in any traveling conditions. 

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To activate the TV, you must select a region and … That’s it! The device has a modest size – 6.2 cm wide and 7.5 cm long. For added comfort, each station is equipped with a strap that allows you to wear the gadget like a regular keychain. Available in 4 colors – blue, pink, white, and golden.


If your cat likes to sit on the windowsill and bask in the sun, pay attention to a special couch, which will be a real gift for your pet. also, Inside there is a soft lining, and the suction cups themselves can withstand weight up to 15 kilograms. 

It has a length of 68 centimeters and a height of 28. With it, you can get an additional favorite place for your cat. The delivery time is about 30 days. 


Sooner or later, you need to wake up and go to work, but sometimes laziness overcomes us. An alarm mat will help to cope with it. Put it next to your bed, and at the set time, it will start to sound an alarm and can even play a melody. To deactivate it, you will need to stand with both legs and stand for at least 3 seconds. Otherwise, it will not turn off, and the impact of two hands or one leg is not enough to deactivate.

A special timer painted in a pleasant blue color will testify to the awakening time, and there is a USB port for charging. Synchronization with a PC allows you to customize the product to your liking and set your favorite song as a call. The main materials used are PVC plastic and a short pile to reduce the collection of dust and dirt.


If you swim badly or go on a cruise and you have a bad feeling about it. also, it’s time to buy a bracelet with a built-in rescue buoy. If an emergency occurs, just one click on the button is enough to allow the gadget to be on the surface of the water.

However, The bright orange color will allow you to notice your signal for help from a long distance. Bracelets are available in two colors – golden and silver. also, The pillow is able to hold up to 48 hours on the water surface of a person of any age group weighing up to 100 kg. The weight of the bracelet is only 45 grams. You can find a great variety of bracelets on TheBracelets.


The main feature of one of the coolest gadgets with Aliexpress is the data transfer function without a direct connection to a laptop, computer, or smartphone. It allows you to store information and access files, music, and other data when you connect four devices at the same time. The built-in battery allows you to use it without additional recharging for 4 hours. Additionally, there is a cord for connecting to a laptop for recharging. The device supports connection under the USB 2.0 port.

also, The device has a minimalistic and attractive design. A special blue indicator light will inform you about the activated state of the flash drive. Despite the lack of a choice of alternative design options, the manufacturer offers 3 device options to choose from:

  • 32 GB
  • 64 GB;
  • 128 GB