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Why do I need VPN?

A VPN is short for Virtual Private Network. it’s a network of servers that you connect to and pass through all your bandwidth. So all of your Internet traffic in encrypted and secure way. It also means that to the websites and web servers out there you’re connecting to, it doesn’t look like you’re coming from your actual IP address. It looks like your traffic is actually coming from another IP address based on the Virtual Private Networks server that you’re connecting to. There are a lot of reasons that you’d want this kind of security and privacy.

First up HMA PRO VPN just helps you reduce the amount of tracking that’s going on. As you navigate around the Internet. I’m sure you’re aware if you visited certain websites or use different apps that you’ll then see ads pop up, different places and your mobile devices if you’ve been in the same household. There are a lot of multi-million dollar companies out there whose job is solely tracking you based on your IP address.

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Everywhere you go so they can target you more specifically with different types of ads this is why sometimes people in the same household will get targeted with the same type of ads. Because somebody else on their Wi-Fi on their network has searched for something or used a certain app. So it just reduces your footprint online. Because you can’t be tracked as well your IP address will be changing from time to time as you switch between different VPN services.

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In addition to that it can be good in terms of censorship if you’re trying to get around an ISP who is blocking certain ports or saying that you can’t access X or Y website. HMA PRO VPN obscures all the activity of what you’re actually viewing from that ISP or from a government or from any other company.

So they can’t block what you’re accessing. But in addition to obscuring what you’re doing online and getting that privacy. You also get the security because all the traffic is going to go through an encrypted tunnel. And what that means is it reduces your exposure to people snooping on what you’re doing. Who owned the network a good example of this is if you’re at a Starbucks or McDonald’s something has a free public Wi-Fi connection. The person that owns that Network for example Starbucks can essentially decrypt and look at all the traffic, all the websites are visiting on their network which again can then be used for more ad targeting in the future.

But somebody who’s more malicious could set up a fake Wi-Fi access point and essentially intercept all your traffic. If you’re using these publicly unsecured networks. So if you’re at a cafe or a restaurant or one of these places with free Wi-Fi and you switch on your VPN service you basically encrypt everything.

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So even if they want to snoop they wouldn’t be able to. So I always recommend HMA VPNs PRO to people that are out and about and traveling a lot with their laptop. Because you can be in a cafe or anywhere that has an open Wi-Fi network. Hit your VPN on button and not have to worry about getting hacked or your traffic being intercepted. So those are some of the reasons that you might want a VPN service I do recommend that everybody gets one. It doesn’t completely hide your identity from everybody online, but it is just an extra step you can take towards your security and also protecting your privacy.

HMA Pro VPN Review and License Keys Updated

For the past few months I’ve been using a service called HMA (Hide My Ass) which is one of the most popular VPN providers in the world. They’re very reliable if there’s one thing they could be said about them they’re ironclad. I have never had any issues with them over a year of service. And I continue to use them and I have not had any complaints or issues.

They have a huge global network and at this moment they have servers in over 190 countries. They have great software that you can run on all your devices and across all operating systems. The possibility of using two devices simultaneously, including routers and all subscription plans come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Features of HMA PRO VPN


  • Jurisdiction

The company that runs the service is based which country they sit in. This is important to some people because where the company is based mean that they are subject to different types of laws and legislations about sharing data. There are intelligence alliances out there things called five eyes nine eyes and 14 eyes. Which are essentially just groups of countries that have come together and said they’ll share intelligence about their citizens with one another.

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For security reasons so a lot of people like to avoid the VPN companies that are based in one of these jurisdictions. You will be glad to know that HideMyAss is based in the United Kingdom which has strong consumer protection laws.

  • Anonymity

Anonymity is the criteria to consider when you want to use any VPN service. HMA PRO VPN Latest Versions have anonymous support. You don’t need to use your email address or any password to log in. You can connect through a Hma pro vpn license key.

  • Speed

Either you have a high speed internet or slow speed internet. HMA Pro VPN worked like charm. It will not slow down your internet speed.

User Interface.

HMA Pro VPN has very simple user interface to use on your windows desktop or MAC computers.


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  • Logging

Most of the companies don’t collect logs in any way shape or form. So even if somebody was to ask them what this specific user is doing they just have to say I don’t really know. As HMA PRO VPN is based in United Kingdom and it has data retention laws which apply to VPNs. So HMA Pro VPN does keep some logs which might not be suitable for certain users.

  • HMA VPN Pro is little bit costly than other.
  • Only 5 users can use this vpn at a time.

Requirements to install HMA VPN

  • Operating System (Windows, MAC)
  • UDP and TCP protocols are supported.
  • Required around 200MB storage.

How to Install HideMyAss VPN

  • Download from official HMA website
  • Run setup
  • Require two ways to connect, one is through username and password and second is HMA PRO License key.
  • Paste your account details and enjoy.

How to uninstall HMA PRO VPN on Windows.

  • Simple goto control panel.
  • Go to uninstall a program
  • Select required program HMA VPN to uninstall
  • Run the uninstaller.

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