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Football manager 2020 steam

Football Manager 2020 steam Review – This is not a review like the others. It cannot be for various reasons: first of all because I will speak to you in the first person, with a much more intimate tone than usual, also telling you a pinch of my personal story; secondly because it will be more concise and direct, given the notoriety of the title and its mechanics. Today I will speak, in fact, of one of the most famous managers in the world, if not the most famous of all, arrived at this umpteenth iteration aware of its success but also of its limits. Which it does not intend to overcome.

A game that I loved a lot during my adolescence and that I then (consciously) abandoned for a good part of my life, putting it aside without ever forgetting it. So it was easy to start over with Football Manager 2020, rediscovering an old friend still in shape. And I want to say it right away: it is still the best management simulation game in the world, not only in the circle of sportsmen but in the round. If you are ready to take the field with me, now I’ll tell you why.

Football manager 2020 steam

I can’t do it, too many memories

I have been playing Football Manager since it was still called Scudetto – or  Championship Manager if you prefer – and Eidos Interactive distributed it. It is probably one of the games I spent the most hours ever in my teens, especially in 2002-2006, breaking my eyes with its super colorful graphics and packed menus. Then I continued to play it in the following years, albeit with less intensity, more or less until 2009. It was, therefore, ten years that I didn’t touch a Football Manager.

The first impression I got when launching this 2020 version was familiarity. Everything has changed, but everything is still in place. The game interface has kept its original setting, with the same menus. The same sections, and the same infinite versatility. One of the most distinctive aspects.

And the comparison fits perfectly also because the “engine under the hood” of Football Manager 2020 steam is really the original one. I’m talking about the massive database of players, coaches, trainers, observers, managers, and staff of all kinds. Which for decades has been the very heart of the entire gaming experience. Badges. Each of those values ​​must be as true to reality as possible, and it really is, as the millions of players who buy this title each year show. Those who do not appreciate statistics, graphics, and tables cannot fully understand a game of this kind, cannot really appreciate the painstaking work behind it; but the niche of fans knows how realistic all this is.

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In praise of the space bar: Football manager 2020 steam

Having already declared that I am a longtime fan of the series. You can already expect how my first hours of play went: I have concentrated on finding the differences. Even the smallest ones – between the current Football Manager and the one I keep in my memory. One of the things that immediately made me turn up my nose is that. In this version, the psychological part counts very much as and more than the technical-tactical one. To be a good coach. You cannot limit yourself to building schemes and making a good transfer campaign. Now, you have to get inside the players’ heads, listen to them, motivate them and manage them as a real community. An aspect only hinted at in the editions of the game belonging to the last decade. But much more developed today, at a time when real football also lives in these situations.

All ready to throw it in cascara as soon as possible, ruining the morale of the team and the president. What does all this mean? Thankfully, the fundamentals of this experience haven’t changed that much. The operating routine remains the classic one: read the mail, check training and injuries, possibly take a look at the ongoing negotiations and then move on to the next day. If you are lucky, you can do all this by merely continuing to press the same key, the space bar. The undisputed protagonist of Football Manager since the dawn. When it comes to matching day, you choose your lineup, set your tactics. Do the finishing touches to your attitude and patterns, and then go out on the pitch, hoping that no one will break a ligament after a few minutes. This is the hard life of (virtual) coaches.

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Those who have time do not wait for time.

Another of the great news of Football Manager 2020 steam concerns the management of game time this episode. The time of a player within the team can be modulated at will and even proves to be a decisive ace up his sleeve in the negotiation phase with a view to buying or selling. In the negotiations of a player’s contract. It is also possible to offer “playing time” as a counterpart and for the future. Without considering that, it can be yet another tool to help young talents grow, manually modulating their presence in the first team. The invaluable support staff will advise you on the best individual solutions and provide a summary of the players’ progression based on the time allowed for them.

The title, in addition to these very welcome additions, can also count on other prominent introductions, even if of lesser importance. First of all, the code of conduct: in practice, at the beginning of the season. The team captain is responsible for drawing up a draft of the principle of ethics to be submitted to the team, concerning compliance with the rules and the fines that could be imposed in the event of a mistake. The development study has also introduced the right to be aware of the income deriving from sponsors. This could be useful in the negotiation phase with the management regarding purchases and extension of contracts.

If the gargantuan playful offer proposed for the single-player mode does not satisfy you. You can finally always throw yourself on the Online Career, create your own team from scratch or enter the Fantasy Draft tunnel. Which allows you to assemble a team and participate in tournaments. In short, Football Manager 2020 really looks like the wealthiest edition ever and will delight all fans.

The additions of the Football manager 2020 steam

The novelties of this edition begin right at the debut when the contract is signed. The feature that immediately catches the eye is the so-called ” Club Vision, “which is the corporate line of the club that hired us. Compared to previous years, in this new iteration, the team’s policy has been revised, built consistently on its corporate past, reputation, and present ambitions; above all, it has been extended and spread over multi-year planning. Basically, the management immediately confronts us with the objectives – short-term and long-term – that must be achieved.

Also, this year the production does not neglect what is increasingly a fundamental part of the survival of a sports club: young people. After last year’s revamp, the folks at Sports Interactive have wholly overhauled the Development Center. In essence, team management becomes even more complicated, satisfying, and fascinating.

This allows us to shape society progressively according to our ambitions and our ability. Not only that: it is now possible to customize and modulate our share of direct responsibility in all respects. Almost anything can be delegated to the staff acting behind the scenes. Who will manage the charged area and regularly inform you of progress? Thus giving you the ability to intervene promptly if you notice something wrong. The Staff is therefore essential in order not to be overwhelmed by the amount of information that the FM 2020 database will offer you.

Research, hire, train

Okay, I’ve made it too simple. In reality, the mechanics are so vast and deep that I would struggle to enclose them in an entire book, let alone in a paragraph. What I want to make clear is the ability to play at your own pace and desired depth. There is no difficulty selector in Football Manager. In fact, there has never been as far as you can remember. When creating your own virtual avatar. You can play around with the reputation level a bit, but that doesn’t change the challenge level much.

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Once upon a time, it was enough to offer a good deal, and you could immediately shake hands. Each player has his own character, and you will also find those who will always ask too much, in one way or another. You will not be able to convince them even by sacrificing the whole amount of salaries. So forget it as soon as you can. Fortunately, young people are less pretentious.

If everything goes according to expectations and you manage to put on an excellent squad, now is the right time to unleash your tactical wisdom. In the dedicated section, you can set any detail you can imagine, also assigning specific tasks for each player. The level of accuracy of each setting is microscopic, as it was in my day. Before and after the matches, you can analyze in detail all the parameters of your players. The performance of the team, and the effectiveness of tactics. Obviously, perfectionists will have to dedicate a lot of time to this aspect. Because only in this way can you be prepared for the next meeting.

Football Manager 2020 

The matching phase encompasses all the souls of the Football Manager a bit. Before, during, and after the match, it is possible to talk to each member of the team, motivating him, praising him, and reprimanding him if necessary. The tactical section remains unchanged even in this context, with the added possibility of intervening live to fix what is wrong. A good indication of what is happening is provided by the votes to the players, visible in the tables during the live broadcast. Attention, do not trust these values ​​too much but keep in mind the costs ​​outside the norm to understand who is doing well and who instead deserves to sit on the bench ahead of time.

The presence of details such as the VAR and the spray strips near set pieces introduced a few years ago in real football and immediately included in Football Manager, made me smile. This, too, is a sign of attention and attention to detail. The visualization of rain and other atmospheric events is also excellent, visibly improved over the years. I remain fond of the classic view. The two-dimensional one with the colored circles. But I must say that the new three-dimensional graphics are also not bad. Don’t expect photorealism at FIFA. We are on much lower levels, but at least now. You can see an anthropomorphic shape instead of a simple circle. It’s a huge step forward for someone who played Scudetto!


The results of the matches are very realistic, beyond the apparent limitations that all sports games bring with them. The Football Manager rankings are very similar to the real ones, although there will be surprises in every league. In the game, it is not uncommon to see among the first a team that in the real world is struggling a lot and fighting in the lowest positions. There is, it is understandable, and it is also the beauty of games of this type.

Precisely for this reason, being able to obtain good results gives great satisfaction. Whether you find yourself fighting for salvation in Serie C or have reached the Champions League final. When your team scores a goal and the interface starts flashing. It is always an immense pleasure. This never changes ten years ago, like today.

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Final judgment

Football Manager 2020 steam Review – Final Judgment – Plunging headlong into an experience like the one proposed by Football Manager 2020 has been genuinely exciting. This is probably the most convincing data to be able to express my opinion. Beyond the noticeable improvements, which further enhance its value. This title still retains that dose of authenticity that historical fans continue to appreciate. In a nutshell, it expresses the state of the art of sports managerial simulation, with a technology sector that provides all possible and imaginable tools to go deeper and deeper. It was a pleasure to find it and try it again. Savoring all the innovations introduced over the last few years. But now I have another problem: how do you stop playing it?

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