best music apps for iPhone

Best Music Apps for iPhone

best music apps for iPhone

Music has always been an integral part of the human race. Humans are designed to communicate, showcase their feelings to others. Nature has been a substantial obsession with expressing emotions. So, when you are happy, you sing. When you are sad, you listen to the low numbers of Elton John. When you are excited, you feel the heat. You crank the volume up with some rock n roll. Here we will give a complete guide about the best music apps for iPhone in 2020.

The taste of music differs from people to people. Even it differs from generation to generation. But no matter what you like, whether Elvis Parsley or Nicki Minaj, every music has one sole purpose, it is destined to express your feelings.

iPhones have been revolutionizing the smartphone industry ever since its entrance. Under the lights of the great Steve Jobs, Apple Inc. has come a long way. The company has always been the benchmark of excellence in the relative field. That is how this has become one of the leading brands of the century.

Listening to music on devices has been there for ages. But thanks to technology, people have music numbers in their very pockets. Tech has gone far to such an extent that it is now in people’s wristwatches.

Today, we will see some of the best music apps for iPhone. These apps are either free or are needed to be bought from the Apple App Store. But we will be ranking down each of them. We will try to detect the pros and cons of all the apps as well. So, stick to the article, because we will be sorting out an awful lot for you.

Six Best Music Apps for iPhone

Trust me when I say this. The app store is flooded with an enormous amount of apps which is capable of playing music. This hunt for the best has been like finding a needle in the pile of hay. But we did all the hard work for you. I will appreciate it if you guys read the full article. I assure you this article will be one hell of a read. So, moving on further to the topic. Here are the six best music apps for iPhone that are available in the iOS app store:

  1. Apple Music
  2. Amazon Music
  • YouTube Red
  1. Pandora
  2. SoundCloud
  3. Deezer

All of these music apps are available in the iOS app store. I will now be debriefing all of them one by one for you guys. This will help you to make a better decision on which one to choose and which not.

First up comes the in-house music app, Apple Music.

Apple Music

Apple Inc. has been a late turner in potentially all the categories. But the reason behind them waiting for too long is to ensure the standards. They have launched their very own music app in the year 2015. This is pretty late for a leading smartphone brand. But the reason for doing this is that Apple is well known for its quality and versatility. They tend to ensure the best experience of anything the release in the market. And Apple Music is undoubtedly not an exception. This is a paid app. It requires a monthly subscription for every device.

If you are a single user, then this will cost you around 9.99 US Dollars. If you want something affordable for your family, you can have a family pack subscription at around 14.99 US Dollars. Thanks to the massive collection of music from different genres and artists, you will be able to stream all day long with this app. On the other hand, you will get to select a customized playlist to have all the favorite numbers in a single click. Plus. You will have access to Beats 1. Beats 1 allows you to get access to all the radio stations worldwide. So, you can quickly crank up your favorite Deejays on the go.

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The interface is pretty strong and interactive. I think this is the best music apps for iPhone in the app store. Let us see what else we got in the bag for us today.

Amazon Music by Amazon Prime

Amazon Music- best music apps for iPhone

If you are a subscriber to Amazon Prime, then this is your lucky day. Because Amazon Music is the best app for you, this app is pretty simple. The reason for choosing this app is the versatility in the music selections, as Amazon Prime has a wide range of artists and genres included in the vast catalog. If you are an 80s music fan, or crank up the volume with some Uptown Funk with the energetic Bruno Mars, you got it all here. One of the coolest features in this app is the hands-free listening. You can skip music using the Alexa AI feature. One of the most significant benefits of this app is getting this for free if you already acquire an Amazon Prime subscription.

If you already have a music app and Amazon Prime at the same time, then I would recommend you to keep Amazon Music as a secondary music app just because it has some exclusive music and contents. But if you have no extra music apps, then not to worry, this app will also fulfill your needs eventually. No wonder it has secured a place in my list of the all-time best music apps for iPhone.

Now, moving on to the next app in the list.

YouTube Red

What Is YouTube Red - best music apps for iPhone

YouTube has been the number one video streaming app in the world. Thanks to its platform, many of the social influencers have been able to reach out to the people with their content. The central aspect of this app was pretty easy. To provide people with a common platform to showcase your talent and creativity with some audiovisual content.

But Google has made some recent changes in the YouTube Red. This has allowed it to serve multiple purposes all at a time. Let me elaborate that for you. Many of us know that YouTube music has an enormous library for the contents of music. Live performances, albums, artists, radio, and a hell lot more are available on the platform. But after the upgrade, things have gone into a whole new level. To spice things up, you will get the YouTube music for free. But it will contain some ads in the process. But there is a 10 US Dollar subscription fee available for the YouTube Music Premium. This will, first of all, remove all the ads for seamless music playing.

On the other hand, you will be able to listen to music even if you switch over to another app. This is known as the background listening feature. This will allow you to mobilize in between apps without even viewing the videos. This is an excellent addition to the tally.

The best thing which has been done so far is that if you come with a Google Play Music subscription, then YouTube Red also comes with it. So, this is a win-win situation for you in both cases. If we consider the free version, then this is the best music apps for iPhone. Now, we will see the next app from our list.

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Pandora Music

So, this is the year 2020. This is the year of advanced Machine Learning and groundbreaking Artificial Intelligence. And yes, also COVLID 19. But the main focus for today is if you are a tech lover and always welcome productive changes in your lives. Then the all-new Pandora Music app is for you. Sometimes people do tend to stick to the same numbers for years and days. This is unknowingly suffocating. Listening to the same music over and over again does indeed limits your senses. It will restrict you from liking other genres and artists.

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If you realize this, then this is going to be a significant change in your life. The central aspect of this app is that it comes with brilliant hands-free and human thoughts free AI. But you probably think that this might turn out to be robust and robotic. But you’re mistaken, my friend. This app will sense your choice on the basis of listening tracks. Then it will throw you with similar kinds of music and even genres and sub-genres.

The best feature is that this app comes with a radio station like the streaming feature. This will ensure you loads of changes and experiences throughout the listening course. This will be influencing you to explore the musical world all by yourself.

Having a smart app like this is pretty awesome. The premium upgrades will help you to customize playlists and also download your favorite numbers. This will ensure great pleasure in listening to your favorite music all day long.


Perhaps, SoundCloud is the best music apps for iPhone, if you are into exploring fresh new talents and independent artists. This app not only allows you to listen to the music produced by independent artists and other liberal genres but also enables you to listen to new songs from famous artists. SoundCloud is an excellent platform if you are willing to interact with the public through your music.

It is a revolutionary app for fellow musicians. The biggest hustle for a musician is to find a Label for them. A Label is like a wrapping bag or a publicity agent for your music. This is pretty crucial for a musician. But the harsh reality is that many musicians cannot showcase their creation in front of the world just because they cannot find any suitable label for them.

Then what to do? The solution is SoundCloud. This is a platform where you will be able to upload your creation, and the whole world will get to listen to it. This is pretty crazy. I still remember famous musicians calling their fame from the SoundCloud. Later on, their talent got them into the limelight. So, if you are an aspiring musician, then this is the best music apps for iPhone. But if you are into music and you want to explore fresh faces and new talent, then SoundCloud is the best one for you as well.

I am now moving on to the next app.

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Deezer is famous for one thing, and that is for their vast amount of songs in the catalog. Have you ever seen a 53 million song collection in a single app? This is pretty insane for a newly rising app in the market. Starting things off, this app comes with a lot of features that make this one stand out from the herd. This app allows you to select the ‘flow’ of music.

The ‘flow’ is basically the taste of you and your music sense. This will enable you to choose your favorite numbers and stack them up for nonstop listening. This is a fun feature, indeed. On the other hand, you can also see the lyrics in the fantastic lyrics feature. So, you can know your songs far better than you can ever imagine. On the other end, you will be able to share your thoughts and tracts with your friends through the messages app. This is the unique selling point for this app.

The subscription fee is very competitive, starting with a 10 US Dollars per month. This makes this app stand out as one of the best in the business. I definitely like this app for some unique features.

Wrapping Things Off!

Music has been an identity of our choice and lifestyle. This has been in our cores, and we can proudly boast about it. So, that was all for today. I hope this article will be of great use to you guys. Thanks for all the patience, and I will see you in the upcoming articles.

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best music apps for iPhone