Best Music Streaming App

Best Music Streaming App

Perhaps we consider music as one of the most expressive ways of our feelings. Humans are the most expressive creature in this world. As we speak, I am expressing my feelings over this article today. You are probably lying on the couch and reading my writing or at a bus stop, waiting for the bus and reading this one. My words are connecting with you. You can feel my feelings. This is why we are the most expressive ones because we can relate to each other. Here we will give a complete guide about the best music streaming app in 2020.

In the same manner, people can connect with other people and creatures with the help of tunes. Tunes that will make you feel happy that makes you cry hard. That can make you sad, which can make you step up and move on from the agony. When I put on the headphones and listen to some of the favorite numbers, I get lost in the unknown world. The world where I am happy I am with my loving ones. This is a lovely feeling.

Music has been a substantial factor in my life. And I am sure it is the same in yours. The source of music has been not that unknown to us. Nature has been the main inspiration in our tunes. Mother Nature influences all the musicians and artists that are considered the best in the world.

The main aspects of music-making are pretty versatile. You can make music from typically anything. This is the best part. You can create music, even if you don’t have any training in a particular sector. The main reason is to express our feelings. If you are right to your feelings, then you will be able to your senses.

Best Music Streaming App

Music Then and Now

Music has always been in use from the very beginning. Thus you can see the traces and hearings of music and music-making even centuries before. Back then, making raw music was the primary source of music-making. Since then, people would enjoy singing and performing before the crowd. People used to enjoy live performances. Slowly time went by, and people started to make music more interesting by adding up various styles and introducing genres. This created a massive revolution as people from multiple places liked and represented various genres. After the technological outburst, digitalizing and preserving music has been a significant breakthrough in music. People started to record music and listen to Gramophones and JukeBoxes.

In the Retro era, Music played a massive part in modernizing the culture. No wonder the music in the 80s was so versatile and close to the people of that time. The main reason behind making such touching music is access to music and the love for music. But that charm has been not that enlightened in the current era. Where celery juice can make up to the trending chart, good music has a stricter chance to survive. But that does not mean that we are not working hard or making good music. It is just that the enthusiasm is not there as it was before.

Music in Hands

Things instead took a dramatic turn when people started making portable music players that enabled people to carry their favorite songs and numbers along with them even on the go. This has been such a roller coaster ride for the music industry. But before that, recording music was alone a tough job to accomplish. Things were not that simple as always. But what to do when men are too desperate for something. The thirst for going a step further every bloody time is the main reason for our advancement. This resulted in inventions that changed the course of the bloody history.

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Now, after the smartphone revolution, people are looking forward to making this tech absolute. This is the main reason for the manufacturing companies to step on the gas paddle and pull off something new and fresh every time they launch a new product in the already flooded market.

Music in smartphones does not seem to surprise you guys anymore. But trust me when I said this when Steve Jobs declared the pocket iPods for the very first time in the Apple Inc. event, the whole world went nuts. The first batch of iPods was sold like this was the last item on the earth that you need to survive.

The companies

This made all the companies, especially the phone companies, anxious and courageous at the same time. Nervous, because they got a whole new marathon to run. And courage to grab something that is challenging and appealing at the same time. This is the reason for the advancements in the phones as of today. Pushing their limits, again and again, is the primary key to success.

Music has become one of the biggest priorities in the lives of people. I mostly have them on their phones. And now, the whole game has been changed. It is upgraded to a whole new level. The first iPod was capable of storing 1000 songs in that tiny body. But people still wanted more. Not that they have already listened to all the 1000 songs and wants more. The reason is to test the limits. That is why the tech has been pushed hard. The revolution of the internet set new wings in the devices. Now, you can have more access to millions and millions of songs, and not all of them are needed to be downloaded. Cool right?! This is called streaming. But this was not that available, even some days back. So, the big question is, what is musing streaming?

What is Music Streaming?

The concept of streaming is simple. To pass on information about the content dynamically. In a broader explanation, streaming is like sharing your content on the go with the help of tech and the internet. This has been the newest trend so far. The internet has allowed us to get more and more flexibility in the art of communicating with others. The world has been inside our hands. All we need is to make a couple of clicks and swipes. And, Viola! Everything is on your computer or phone screen!

This has been a pretty efficient tech, especially in the audio and visual content industry. Now, we will be seeing the best musing streaming apps out there in the market. All of these music streaming apps are available on smartphones. Some of them may not be available on all platforms. But overall, the main agenda is to find the best music streaming apps for phones.

So, without wasting any more time, we quickly move on to the list. Here are five of the best music streaming apps in the market.

5 Best Music Streaming Apps for Phones

So, all you need to do is to look into the list and choose one which will suit your needs. Let us do all the hard work. We will be describing each app in a descriptive manner. We will also try to mention all the pros and cons of the apps. The five best Musing Streaming Apps are:

  1. Spotify
  2. Amazon Music Unlimited
  • Apple Music
  1. Google Play Music
  2. Tidal

Now, let us move on to the first one real quick.


Maybe, Spotify is one of the renowned music streaming platforms. This has been one of the most downloaded music streaming app. No wonder this is the best music streaming app to date. The reasons are pretty obvious. First of all, this is available in any format. And also available in a wide range of devices.

This is pretty good. On the other hand, this app has a wide range of collections in exquisite music. This has a vast library where you can select between the old theme, some curated ones, and above all, you can have anything you want. The paid version is one of the best in the business. You can stream all the music endlessly. The free performance is also pretty impressive as it can deliver a lot more than some of the paid musing streaming apps available out there. The unique feature of listening to music offline takes this app to a whole new level.

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The versatility, comfortable and silky smooth user interface, and above all, the availability is the main reason behind this app being the best musing streaming app in the business.

Now, we will be moving to the next best music streaming app out there in the market.

Amazon Music Unlimited by Amazon Prime

This is the best music streaming app if you are already an Amazon Prime subscriber. This comes with a fully-fledged Amazon Prime subscription. So, if you already have Amazon Prime, this is the best pick for you. If you do the math correctly, then you will be able to see that this comes free in a certain way. So, this is a good option for you.

On the other hand, the catalog does seem tempting. You can choose from a 60 million songs list. I am pretty damn sure that you won’t be able to finish all the songs within your lifetime. But that does not mean that you will not lose your love for music. The main reason for choosing this app is the hands-free option. I am pretty sure you are aware of Alexa. This is a revolutionary AI tech for Amazon. You can easily change the song or skip the song by voice control.

So, this is going to be a good option if you are from the Amazon Army. It will indeed perform all the purpose efficiently. Now, let us move on to the next one.

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Apple Music

Starting its journey in late 2015, Apple Music is relatively new in the market. But that is clearly an understatement for the app as this is one of the best music streaming app in the market. This is available only in the iOS world. But people are not getting enough of it. The monthly subscription is around 9.99 US Dollars per month for a single user. But if you are in the Apple Ecosystem, then there is a family pack starting at 14.99 US Dollars per month. This app is a perfect app for iPhone users. This has a massive library of music from different artists and genres. This will certainly satisfy your taste. So, I do consider you are picking this app if you are an iPhone user. You will easily find it in the Apple App Store.

Now we will be moving on to the next app from our list of the five best music streaming apps.

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Google Play Music

When it comes to apps, what better giant can be described other than Google? Google Play apps have been under the limelight ever since they are launched. This is because the most significant OS in the world in terms of phone users is Android. And what happens to be is that Android is the proud production of Google!

So, it is likely to have great apps for the said platform form the very manufacturer. Google Play Music is a fun music streaming app in the business, and I definitely ask everyone to try it out. The enormous library and the functionality will surely make you feel great and proud.

I am now moving on to the final app form the list of the five best music streaming apps in the business.


If you are in for the best ever quality in the music, then this is the right streaming for you. The subscription fee is reasonable prior to the quality and versatility this app brings to the table. The CD-like performance and access to exclusive contents are one of the most significant advantages of this app.

Closing Down the Curtains!

So, that was all for today. I hope you guys have enjoyed the article pretty much. Please stay safe and see you later, alligator!

best music streaming app

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