Best browsers for Android

Best browsers for Android

In the past, when choosing an alternative browser for a smartphone, many relied on how well it compresses traffic. This was necessary to use it along with the slow enough mobile internet. It’s good that those primeval times have long since sunk into oblivion. This happened as the speed of connection to the cellular network grew due to the transition first to 3G and then to 4G. The reduction in the cost of mobile traffic also played a significant role in this. The megabyte payment was replaced by capacious packages and unlimited tariffs. Life has become more accessible and more enjoyable, breathing more comfortable. In this article, we will give you a complete idea about the best browsers for android.

Today, when choosing a mobile browser, it is best to look at its chips. One quickly synchronizes bookmarks with the desktop version, the second has a convenient interface, and the third has a built-in download manager. I propose to figure out which of the modern solutions are worthy of attention.

Best mobile browsers for android 2020

Google Chrome

chrome Browser -Best browsers for Android
chrome Browser -Best browsers for Android

Google Chrome is one of the most popular browsers not only on smartphones but on all modern devices in general. The first is due to its presence in the standard delivery of the overwhelming number of mobile gadgets on Android, the second – to the inferiority of traditional solutions on both Windows and Mac. It is also closely related to Google services and makes it possible to synchronize bookmarks, history, open tabs, passwords, addresses, bank cards, and other data between devices. Against this background, Chrome’s few shortcomings seem insignificant.

Among the exciting features of the browser, I would like to highlight the flexible setting of permissions for specific sites, a simplified mode to save traffic in roaming, a built-in download manager, and a ban on tracking actions – all these features can be enabled through the settings.

Google Chrome Dev and Google Chrome Canary are unique versions of the browser for developers and experimental feature checks. They may not work 100% stable, so they can only be recommended to be installed by enthusiasts who are not afraid of bugs.

Best browsers for Android: Yandex Browser

Yandex Browser is the official browser of the domestic search giant, which is intended for those who actively use its proprietary services. If you are one of them, the chances are high that you are surfing the Internet through this application. If not, it’s time. So, it even gives you quick access to a smart Zen feed that selects the most interesting articles based on your hobbies and other factors. It also shows a summary of current news for the region and beyond.

Like Google Chrome, Yandex browser syncs bookmarks, browsing history, passwords, bank cards, personal data, and other important information with its desktop version. And there is also a special mode for saving battery power, which increases battery life.

Yandex. Browser Alpha is a particular test version of the company’s proprietary browser, which is intended for advanced users. New functions of the application first appear here, and only then in the stable version of the program. But bugs are more common here.


Opera is one of the most popular browsers and is not tied to any big company like search giants. It is because of this that it has a built-in version for blocking ads on websites, which is enabled by default. It’s a pity that along with it, some essential functions, such as the search bar, smart tag cloud, and intelligent content recommendations, do not work with it on many resources. That is why it is best to disable the function through the application settings. But the saving of traffic, which is available here, in roaming may seem very interesting.

The mobile version of the browser can sync bookmarks and other information with the desktop application. The program also has a built-in crypto wallet for Ethereum, in which you can store tokens and digital collectibles, as well as control all your transactions with them.

There may be bugs in it that will interfere with work. Opera Mini is a simplified version of the application that is suitable for entry-level mobile devices.


Firefox is positioned as a browser for those who value their privacy. In its settings, there is even a unique item of the same name with a whole set of thematic parameters. With it, you can control the tracking of sites and protect against it, restrict cookies, enable the deletion of browsing data when you exit using a select menu button, and also activate and deactivate the remembering of logins for visited sites. In the settings, you can also adjust the traffic consumption: select the parameters for displaying images, as well as enable or disable the downloading of fonts.

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The interface of this browser is very similar to Google Chrome in terms of the layout of the controls. It also makes sense to use it on a smartphone due to the synchronization of bookmarks with the desktop version, if it is a priority on a computer running Windows or macOS.

The Firefox Focus browser also deserves special attention. This is a different version of the Mozilla application for the most paranoid who do not want to leave absolutely any traces on the Internet. It blocks all tracking tools, as well as ads that can capture user data. By the way, fans of minimalism will also like it.

UC Browser

Well-known to the seasoned browser with Chinese roots, which appeared long before the advent of Android. Initially, many people used it in the tail and mane on Symbian, and then, from old memory, began to install it on their touchscreen smartphones. I must say, not in vain.

The browser has a built-in special private mode that masks any activity on the Internet, as well as a scanner for QR codes, which in Russia are becoming increasingly popular among retail outlets and other small businesses that advertise their activities on the Internet. UC Browser looks pretty good, which significantly increases the level of pleasure from using it. It lowers the brightness to a minimum and tries to invert the colors on the screen cleverly: light backgrounds become dark, and dark text becomes light.

Brave Browser

Brave Browser is designed to block as much as possible any adverts you might come across online. Its developers claim that with the help of this feature, they make Internet surfing more meaningful and safe. However, interestingly enough, they also offer to participate in their unique bonus program. It involves viewing “safe” ads and receiving unique tokens. Subsequently, theoretically, they can be exchanged for real money – this information, of course, needs verification.

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge -Best browsers for Android
Microsoft Edge -Best browsers for Android

A proprietary browser from Microsoft, which is designed for those who use it on a desktop computer. He has a select button that transfers to the current process of exploring the Internet in Edge on Windows. Of course, the synchronization of the tabs with the adult analog is in place. That’s all.


Javelin Browser is a powerful navigation application for Android devices that includes AdBlock Plus. At the same time, Javelin has a beautifully elegant design that you haven’t seen anywhere else. The main window and the address bar are the main features of this browser.

Javeline also organizes your most read bookmarks in a friendly way, showing the most frequently used pages at the top and the least used ones at the bottom. Other features include incognito mode and full reading mode, which makes it easier to read long articles. A smart web browser like Javeline places strong opposition to traditional web browsers like Google Chrome, so try once and become a fan!

Dolphin Browser

Among the leading contenders for the palm of the best Android browser, there is also  Dolphin Browser. It is a very light, fast, and full of exciting features that can count on a series of extensions to perform various operations, such as converting web pages to PDF, managing passwords, and viewing sites in the desktop version.

Synchronize browsing data and settings on multiple devices and, through a unique extension for Chrome, Firefox, or Safari, can send the content directly to your computer. Very lovely the possibility to open Internet sites or perform other operations through gestures or personalized voice commands. It also works very well on older terminals.

You can download Dolphin Browser from the Play Store by tapping here directly from your device.

Best browsers for android 2020: Puffin Web Browser

In an article dedicated to what are the best browsers for Android, Puffin Web Browser cannot be missing. We are talking about the only browser that, in the mobile environment, is able to ensure full compatibility with Flash content.

The browser, in fact, does not use the old Adobe plugin (which has not been actively developed for years). But a cloud solution that manages to reproduce both videos and interactive contents quite well. It is free but possibly also available in a Pro variant (for a fee), including extra features.

You can download Puffin Web Browser from the Play Store by tapping here directly from your device.

Next Browser

Best lite browser for android 2020: Next Browser

Also, to be evaluated carefully Next Browser, which has a particularly accurate user interface and, above all, many interesting features. One of these is the home page, which in addition to previews of the most visited sites, includes news updated in real-time from customizable sources (like a feed reader).

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It supports multiple extensions, including those of Pocket, Facebook, and Evernote, and the synchronization of browsing data with Chrome. It doesn’t always “run” very well on older terminals.

You can download Next Browser from the Play Store by tapping here directly from your device.

Best browsers for android tablets

Sleipnir Mobile

Have the web browsers for Android that I suggested in the previous lines failed to attract your attention particularly? Then take a look at Sleipnir Mobile now. It is a web browser for the green robot platform that offers a user interface as interesting as it is innovative.

Sleipnir Mobile also makes extensive use of gestures and offers a multi-device and multi-platform cloud synchronization system.

You can download Sleipnir Mobile from the Play Store by tapping here directly from your device.


If privacy is your main concern, why shouldn’t you try the Ghostery browser? Ghostery’s advanced algorithm collects the tracking script from hundreds of websites and stores it in its database, so none of your data is tracked. You could browse the web anonymously without worrying about your privacy.

Aside from that, the browsing experience is not slow; you will get exceptional speed. The application requires additional permissions, unlike any normal web browser.


Best Android Browsers-Mercury Browser | Latest Mobile
Best browsers for Android-Mercury Browser

it stands out not only for the simplicity of the user interface but also for the features it offers. It also has the built-in file manager to browse downloaded files or in cloud storage. Aside from that, it features day/night mode, privacy browsing, list reading, user-agent editing, no image browsing, and many more.

The FAB icon is useful if you are about to add the current page to your speed dial, bookmarks, or reading list. With tons of plugins, including AdBlock, Gallery Mode, Screenshots, and more, it meets your extension needs. You can also synchronize your bookmarks, passwords, history with other devices via Mercury connect.


Flynx is a mobile browser that takes advantage of the importance of multitasking. It allows you to open multiple articles and links in the background and quickly jump from one article to another. You can instantly share links to Facebook, Twitter, etc. and also save the articles offline to read them later. Flynx automatically removes unnecessary ads and saves a lot of mobile data.

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It is a notable browser for Android. It is also available for iOS, Mac, Linux, and Windows. The app is super-advanced with its features and satisfies the users in every possible way.

Maxthon5 has a built-in note-taking tool, password manager, email address manager, ad-blocker, view the latest news articles, customizable speed dial, night mode, etc. making it one of the best Android browser alternatives. It is fast, secure, and offers a smooth user experience.

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Mint Browser

Mint Browser -Best browsers for Android
Mint Browser -Best browsers for Android


Among the Android browsers on the list, it is the one that boasts fewer downloads than all the others but has several elements that make it one of the best ever. So much so that it deserves the fifth position behind the giants of the web. Mint Browser is the default web browser of the Chinese company Xiaomi, with a number of installations exceeding 500 thousand.

The weight of only 10 megabytes ranks in second place, behind only Opera Touch. The challenge to Opera also takes place in terms of speed: in fact, Mint Browser is one of the apps that allows you to open web resources in the shortest possible time from smartphones and tablets.

Best browsers for android apk: Mint

In addition, there is a useful function to browse without the system loading the advertisements posted on Internet pages. To activate it, tap the menu icon at the bottom right and, from the drop-down menu that opens, tap on the Ad Blocking item. At this point, you need to reload the card by touching the arrow at the top right of the address bar in order to update the page with the changes just made.

Like other Android browsers, Mint Browser offers a convenient feature of anonymous browsing. To activate it, open the menu from the browser home screen, select the Incognito mode item from the drop-down menu that opens and tap the Yes item to confirm activation.

Another useful function offered by the Mint Browser app is automatic data compression, thanks to which you can save both on the loading times of the Internet page and on the use of packet data if you browse through the active data connection. Here are the steps to follow: tap the icon and tap the Reduce data usage option.

Summing up

It makes sense to choose a browser for a mobile device for the desktop one you use. This applies to Google Chrome, Yandex Browser, Opera, Firefox, and Edge. At the same time, UC Browser will act as an alternative to Chrome, and Brave will appeal to adversaries. But test versions of programs are suitable for geeks who are not afraid of crashes.

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