ghost hunting equipment

Ghost Hunting Equipment

Are you passionate about the paranormal, and would you like to experience the thrill of a Ghost Hunter? Here is the equipment needed to go hunting for ghosts. In this article, you can know ten essential ghost hunting equipment.

Everyone has their hobbies. There are those who stay at home to collect stamps, those who wander at night in the woods or in abandoned houses in search of paranormal entities; if you are among the latter, in this article, you will find a series of useful tips to try your best in the enterprise of immortalizing a beautiful ghost or recording its voice.

The first advice we feel we can give you is undoubtedly to form a group; it is not very safe to wander alone at night in abandoned places. Find passionate friends in this field with an adventurous spirit and train your team, just like in the TV show ” Cacciatori Di fantasmi  Ghost Hunter ” GHT – Ghost Hunter Team. ”


Ten ghost hunting equipment


Ghost Hunting Full Spectrum Night Vision Ghost
ghost hunting equipment

The best cameras to photograph a ghost are certainly infrared cameras since they manage to capture everything that the human eye cannot see, and if you are lucky, you will be able to detect some inexplicable phenomenon such as the ” ORBS, “a very curious phenomenon on which is still being questioned; What are? Dust particles or Spirits ??

Alternatively, you can also use a 35mm film with black/white film. Even the new digital cameras or video cameras are fine, as long as they are of excellent quality and allow you to see the images taken in real-time.


Using a tripod may also be helpful.

If you want some advice to buy a good bridge camera that, in addition to photographing, also allows you to record videos read this article.


Infrared viewer

ghost hunting equipment
ghost hunting equipment

These viewers are now available to everyone. In fact, they can be purchased in various stores and also online at relatively low prices. Infrared viewers are indispensable for controlling everything that happens at night, especially in entirely dark environments where there is no trace of light.



How to play the Midnight Game, ghost hunting equipment
ghost hunting equipment

Having a recorder equipped with a good microphone is essential to be able to record the phenomena defined EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena), or the sensation of electronic voices. By leaving it on during your investigation, you can also listen at the end of an inspection if you have captured voices, noises, and other mysterious or paranormal sounds.


Emergency torches and lamps

Ghost hunting | ghost hunting equipment
ghost hunting equipment

For obvious reasons, a good flashlight cannot be missing in your Ghost Hunter kit. Portable emergency lamps are also handy. You can also use the so-called light stick, self-luminescent silicone cylinders to be used in cases where certain electromagnets absorb the charge of your batteries.


Notebook and pen

Notebook and pen are useful for writing down all information that pertains to your investigation, such as the duration of time at which alleged paranormal events occurred.


Magnetic field detector and compass

This is one of the most used devices by Ghost Hunters. It will serve you to detect magnetic fields or electromagnetic variations around you due to the presence of ghosts. It is also possible to use an ordinary compass to see electromagnetic fields. Its needle always reacts to any sign of magnetism.



Infrared digital thermometer

A good digital thermometer will help you to detect sudden temperature drops typical during ghost apparitions. Professional ghost hunters also recommend having a standard mercury thermometer as it has been found that during some investigations, they went “tilt.”

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Wind bell or ghost catcher

There are several variations. This is a very light metal bell usually used indoors. It’s assumed that whenever a ghost vanishes or moves. It creates air displacements. In these cases, the bell will signal these events by ringing.


Receiving headphones OR Walkie Talkies

When you are in a group of three or four people, the earphones are a useful way to stay in touch. You can also use Walkie Talkies, but the headphones will allow you to keep your hands free to use other tools.



First steps to becoming a ghost hunter

The ghost hunter is an increasingly popular activity, perhaps thanks to the many television programs in this regard. The figure of the ghost hunter is often associated. Science fiction films or television programs of dubious taste. In reality, it is a strenuous activity: not everyone can improvise ghost hunters.


If you want to become a ghost hunter, I suggest you start by reading this introductory guide to the world of research and documentation of ghosts and other entities. Pay close attention because each point is critical.


What does a ghost hunter do

A ghost hunter carries out research in the paranormal field: specifically, he goes to places considered haunted to study them and to gather evidence that there is actually a supernatural entity. An example is thermal imaging cameras or infrared cameras.


Before you venture into the world of the paranormal, however, there are a few things you need to know. First of all, you need to know what you are looking for. Entities are not all the same, and before becoming a ghost hunter, you need to know their differences.


Once you have these bases, you will have to choose a geographical area and choose a haunted place. A simple legend by hearsay is not enough. The ideal would be to focus on cases documented from different sources.


After identifying the place to investigate, you will have to check whether or not it is private property and, in that case, ask permission from the entitled person to be able to do a search. Please do not skip this step because it could cost you at least one complaint and a fine.


Once you have obtained the necessary permits, prepare your equipment, and begin your paranormal investigation.


Because many people who want to become ghost hunters fail

Their efforts to become ghost hunters are limited to:

  1. Feel that there are ghosts in an abandoned place, perhaps right in their country.
  2. Go to that abandoned place without inquiring and without any training or precaution.
  3. Shoot a movie with your smartphone and take some photos
  4. Don’t find anything unusual in photos or movies.
  5. Publish the photos on Facebook indicating a reflection like a clear paranormal presence and open a YouTube channel
  6. Get excited for the likes of their friends.
  7. Leave the ghost hunter career.


And it’s a real shame because ghost hunting can be an activity that gives satisfaction and that can certainly attract a right audience of people interested in the genre.


So how do you become a ghost hunter?

There are some things that a person who wants to become a ghost hunter must have:

  • passion
  • knowledge
  • equipment
  • common sense

If you miss even one of these things, the path to the ghost hunter business will be short-lived.


If you are reading this guide, maybe you already have a passion. That, most of the time, is from birth.


But passion does not automatically mean knowledge. That’s why it’s vital that before you engage in any business outside the home, you should focus on what you are doing.


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Useful items to take with you on exits

In addition to the equipment that will serve to capture any entities, we must not forget the equipment to take with us during our paranormal research trips.


Whether you’re in a group or want to do ghost hunter activities alone, these are the things you should always have with you when you go out.

  • flashlights and spare batteries for all your equipment
  • walkie talkie to communicate with other members of your team
  • mobile phone to be available or call someone in case of need
  • suitable footwear and clothing, especially when you go to woods or rough places
  • First-aid kit
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Safety comes first. So, remember, especially if you decide to do research on your own, to notify someone of the place where you will go and how long you plan to stay there. In case something happens to you, there will be someone who can help you.


You never stop learning, and the more you read, the more you will acquire skills in the sector.


How to Go Hunting for Ghosts

You are strolling in that delightful old wood with a companion. Out of nowhere, you feel awkward. Come up short on the forested areas. You might want to comprehend what is happening, yet now you have fled. It would appear that you’ve seen an apparition! Or then again, perhaps it was only a creepy crawly! Possibly it was simply downpouring! Now you have to realize how to chase for apparitions.

Make Small Room Spacious

Step by step procedure

  • This is an outline rendition of the methodology generally utilized by phantom trackers.
  • Meet with your gathering close to the spot to be checked and share your undertakings and gear. You are making little examination groups. Pick a contact who will address any individual who comes into contact with the gathering (for instance, the police, writers, ministers, park guards, or who knows, outsiders).
  • As you enter the chasing ground, request gift and insurance for all phases of the examination, or in any event, for more, in the event that you wish. Utilize this chance to enter a positive perspective, or to pee. It’s anything but a strict thing, and everybody can do it as they see fit. Give your group around 10 seconds of time. Many experienced agents accept that there are abhorrent spirits in numerous regions, for example, in burial grounds, and that a 10-second supplication or great mental inclination permits you to remain safe and not need to stress. They may likewise be shrewd, yet they are peculiar and uncouth apparitions that can be crushed by positive reasoning. Any accomplished demonologist will have the option to disclose to you that on the off chance that you do this “petition” for the sake of God, Braham, Odin, Amaterasu Origami, Chuck Norris, or any great god you adore, at that point, non-human spirits will be kept under control since they should leave the individuals who supplicate along these lines in harmony.


  • Walk in the examination zone to see the earth and let the spirits see you. Apparitions can’t wear garments and become especially anxious close to individuals who can. Do this for around 20 minutes. Record the time you start and all significant data. You can likewise start to mount your static hardware, for example, the camcorder on tripods and movement identifiers. Observe all regions where you find bogus positive readings or bogus pictures.
  • Take some photographs and chronicles. Ensure you record everything that is weird, particularly temperature changes, changes in EMF, abnormal sounds, and sightings. It additionally takes note of the peculiar or strange sentiments and sensations you feel. You can make examinations after the chase and assess in the event that. You and your sidekicks have had similar sentiments in specific focuses and minutes.
  • Make sure that all the individuals from the gathering have the chance to move in the different segments. Along these lines, the degree of consideration will stay high. Do a couple of gathering revolutions all through the chase.
  • Ask the apparitions that had a place with people not to tail you home and to remain in where you met them. Advise all spirits to STAY in that place for the sake of God, Jesus, Baal, the Great Spirit, Vishnu, or Osiris or whatever your godliness. Again take 4-7 seconds to maintain a strategic distance from different issues. In the event that you are incorrect about the requirement for these petitions toward the start and end of the chase, you will have lost 14-17 seconds of your time. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you are not off-base, you will have spared yourself many issues.


Common sense

As for common sense, that always serves both in ghost hunting and in life. It is important skepticism and not to believe every. The ghost photo is trimmed on the web.

For this reason, I would also like to point out this “skeptical” reading. I hope will open your eyes a little more, helping you to avoid scams. 10 Essential Ghost Hunting Equipment.