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Things we should know about League of Legend Esport

About League of Legend Esport:-

League of Legend Esport is a very young market, but one that grows extremely fast. Even though the highest viewed tournament of all time still holds the title of the League of Legends season 2 world championship with 32 million unique viewers for the peak, Riot already announced there would be more to come. For now, let’s have a look at the most important facts and upcoming trends of the league of legends and esport in general.

What is LOL Esport”?

The word Esport covers all electronic sports, which is organized competitive video gaming between professional players. Every sport has its own rules and regulations on how to qualify for tournaments and championships. In League of Legends, there are five players on each team, with the objective to destroy the other teams’ base, or “nexus.”

There are different game modes in LOL. The most popular one by far is “Summoners Rift,” which is a 5vs5 map where two teams try to destroy the enemy’s base.

Who all play League Of Legends Esport?

League of Legends was released in late 2009 and quickly gained popularity, but it still took half a year until the first big tournament was held. The game became more and more popular at an exponential rate so that after just one year, there were already 1 million unique viewers watching the World Championship.

The biggest audience for an League of Legends  Esport tournament was in October 2016. The League of Legends Season 6 World Championship was watched by more than 43 million unique viewers, with the final being peak concurrent viewership at 14.7 million viewers.

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The average age of an LoL viewer is 26 years old, which is a bit older when compared to other Esports like CS: GO, where the average age is around 21.

As of September 2014, Riot ranked League of Legends as the #1 game played in North America and Europe according to the number of hours viewed on Twitch (and this doesn’t even include Chinese viewership).

Know Here How to play League Of Legends Esport?

League of Legends Esport is a free-to-play game with an ever-growing character pool. Also you can choose one of more than 100 different champions in your team, but only five at the same time. 

The in-game shop system in League of Legends offers everything you need to get stronger in the game itself, whether it’s runes, champions, skins, or rune pages. This makes it possible to grow without having to invest any real money into the game.

Champion prices vary from 7$ up to 18$ but keep in mind that this is just the face value. They often go on sale for 50% off or even 75%, which can already save you a few bucks.

The League of Legends Store offers different types of in-game currency. Riot Points (or RP) are normally only obtainable by spending real money on the game, but you can also get it by just playing. It’s quite unlikely that you won’t be able to unlock a certain champion if you play enough games. Influence points (or IP), on the other hand, are earned every time you play a game. If you want to unlock new champions or buy runes, this is where you get your RP from.

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League of Legend Esport: The Business of Competitive Gaming

When the latest addition to the League of Legends Esport (LoL) franchise, Dominion, was released, there was a huge furor about it. Even though Dominion has been widely accepted and appreciated by many League Of Legends fans and competitors alike, some people look down upon Dominion and consider it a cheap tactic used to draw in an audience. This is an ignorant perspective to have, as Dominion was created for the competitive scene and has a lot of potentials to grow that scene.

Competitive gaming, or esport, is a business. Even it has been around for a while, but it is only now starting to make a name for itself. Games such as StarCraft II and League of Legends have been around for a few years and have managed to draw in a large, international following. The tournaments for these games are often streamed online, and the top players can make a very good living from playing these games competitively.

Concluding On League Of Legends Esport:-

League Of Legends Esport is growing rapidly, and it is only going to continue to grow. There are a huge number of leagues and tournaments out there, and they will only get bigger as time goes on. These games are exciting to watch; not only do the top players make it look easy at times, but the strategy involved in these games is incredibly deep. This article discusses how big business can influence esport, both good and bad, along with the future of esport and how it can continue to grow.

It’s good for the scene to have multiple games, and it’s also good that some teams dropped out of LOL because they found a different game more interesting.