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Make Awesome Invitation Videos With This Invitation Video Maker Software

Are you a blogger, entrepreneur, sales expert, or counsellor? Regardless of your profession, you would have organised an event for your clients or customers: webinars, milestone parties, meet and greets, and sale announcements. With an invitation video maker software, all you need is five minutes to create stunning video invitations that you can post on various social media platforms. There is no need for coding knowledge or graphic expertise. With the best software, you can create a custom invitation video for any occasion. 

Characteristics of the Best Software 

Whether you need an introduction for your website or a video announcement for your latest product, you must know the features of the best invitation video software. Not only will it reduce your time and effort, but it will also create exceptionally unique and personalised videos for your company. 

Check out the must-have features in your invitation creator software from the list below:

  • Layer Choice

Sometimes, the layers in the template will not suit your requirements. If the software provides a choice of layers, you get the freedom of experimenting with the latest textures and concepts—all of this without changing the background music and text. 

The opportunity of changing the layers allows you to play with the tone of the video. You can instantly change it from an informal setting to a formal one by changing the colour of the layer. Before getting started with editing, test and see if the library of layers has what you’re looking for. 

  • Transitions

When you add different short videos to make an invitation video, transitions play an important role. In creating high-grade invitation videos, you must create effective transitions that stress on the critical slides. 

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For instance, if you have a section where you mention the date and location of your meeting, it is better to use a powerful transition. It establishes the right anticipation for your event and attracts more viewers on the social media platform. 

  • Frames 

To appeal to your audience, the frames on the video invitation slides need to be according to your layers. When you add new images by replacing the ones on the template, they should match the settings of the video. 

The best video invitation creator software is coded with intelligent frames that adjust according to your custom images without any manual management. Keep an eye out for this feature as it not only reduces your work, but it also creates a vibrant appearance. 

  • Video Library 

The video library is the storehouse of sections like Intro maker, Instagram Story templates, etc. These pre-designed templates should have the option of online customisation. With these features, you can add your company’s name and event-specific details over the pre-designed template. 

  • Voice Overs 

It is preferable to have a well-presented video with voice-overs than a silent video. It gives you an edge over every other person in your industry with its dynamic nature. So, along with the other qualities, it is crucial to have a voice-over function in the invitation software.  


Just like other best software for invitation designing, InVideo features all the important points mentioned above. It is an online platform that goes the extra mile by offering its users the advantage of the preview. As a registered user, you can track the changes on your video live, before sharing it on your social media platforms. Moreover, users have the additional advantage of pre-designed formats for Instagram and Facebook Stories, Feeds, and YouTube videos. As the required resolutions for these platforms are different, you wouldn’t have to waste your time in optimising the size of the video for various purposes. There are various Youtube editors available in the market for making videos within minutes. 

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With all the hard work already done for you, it would take less than five minutes to attract thousands of new customers with an awesome invitation video with the help of such invitation design software.