PayPal what it is, how it works and how to use it!

PayPal what it is, how it works and how to use it!

Do you know PayPal ? Probably yes, considering that it is one of the most famous and used digital payment instruments in the world (over 250 million active users in 2018) But if the answer is negative.PayPal what it is how it works and how to use it!  or you simply want to know more about this important service, you are in the right place.

In fact, we want to guide you along a complete and updated path (2020) that will allow you to get the best from PayPal . You will discover how it works, how you can register, how to use it, how to send and receive money and much, much more!

What is PayPal

Let’s start from the basics. That is: what is PayPal

Why is everyone talking about it? PayPal what it is how it works and how to use it! And what advantages can I get from this financial service and its use?

PayPal is a service that allows you to make payments online and receive money on a virtual account. A sort of electronic wallet that you can manage at any time and from any device connected to the Internet (including your smartphone).

Created in the late 1990s by Peter Thiel, Max Levchin and Elon Musk (whom you probably know for his adventures between Tesla and Mars!), The service has achieved such great success that it was purchased in 2002 from eBay.

In 2014 PayPal then became “independent” from eBay, giving rise to a new listed company.

Today the path of evolution of PayPal is far from exhausted and between the introduction of new products – services and the improvement of the effectiveness of existing ones, it is possible that PayPal can guarantee a leadership role for a long time.

How PayPal works

Having clarified the above, you are probably wondering why such a service has gained such a resounding popularity.

Well, the secret is soon revealed:

PayPal has given (and continues to give!) The interesting opportunity to make payments online without having to share your bank details with the recipient of the payment. Not only!

PayPal is able to do all this in a simple and substantially convenient way, considering that it is not necessary to pay fixed fees but only the commissions received per single transaction. By the way, payPal what it is how it works and how to use it! let’s break the delay and analyze them immediately!

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Fees  PayPal:  how much it costs to use this service

Even before understanding how you can register on PayPal and how you can use it, let’s see how much it costs to use this service for the fulfillment of all the main payment and collection operations.

You will immediately realize that using PayPal is really cheap  and that many operations can be carried out completely free of charge .

In detail:
  • PayPal commissions to buy : buying in euros is free, since no commission will be charged
  • PayPal commissions to sell : selling in the euro zone costs up to 3,4% + 0,35 euro per transaction; selling to non-profit organizations costs 1.8% + 0.35 euro per transaction; selling outside the euro zone has an average higher cost, to which the rate for currency conversion must be added;
  • PayPal commissions to send money : sending money to friends and family in the euro area is free if you use the PayPal balance or the current account linked to PayPal; if instead you use a card connected to the PayPal account (Postepay type) you pay up to 3.4% + 0.35 euros per transaction.

Overall, these are rather low commissions zeroed for purchases and competitive for sales

For sending money, the discriminating factor will be represented by the motivation: sending money for the payment of goods and services in fact determines commissions equivalent to those received for commercial sales, while the transfer of money to friends and relatives is free.

PayPal purchase and sales protection

The simplicity and cheapness of the PayPal service are certainly not the only features that could convince you in trusting this tool.

Among the various options of particular advantage for those who use PayPal to be able to regulate their online shopping and their sales on the web, in fact, a particular attention deserve those relating to Purchase Protection and Sales Protection .

In particular, the PayPal Purchase Protection provides that in the case of an eligible purchase that has not arrived or does not correspond to the description of the seller, you can get a refund of the entire amount, including shipping costs.


The same is true if you have been the victim of an online scam following a purchase. Whether it’s between private individuals or between you and a company, you will always have the guarantee of a refund from PayPal in more than short times!

On the other hand, PayPal Sales Protection protects you if you have received an unauthorized payment or if one of your buyers claims not to have received the purchase. The Sales Protection in this case will allow you to recover the full amount of the eligible payment, subject to dispute, chargeback or reversal.

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With such peculiarities. You can well understand how PayPal can become the preferred and welcome payment and collection tool for commercial operations and PayPal what it is how it works and how to use it!. As well as a true point of reference within the most well-known marketplaces such as eBay.

And you can also imagine how convenient.

It can be to integrate PayPal among the payment instruments that you will evaluate for carrying out purchase operations. For carrying out commercial collection operations!

Thanks to these protections, your money will always be safe . The payment method used, the sale or the purchase, everything will always be protected. Paypal takes care of everything!

More information and conditions on the service can be found on their dedicated page .

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How to Create a PayPal Account

create paypal mask accountAs you are probably already imagining. In order to use PayPal you must first create a free account .

And the nice thing is that doing it will be quite simple but above all really fast!

Let’s see immediately how:

First, connected to the website of the company and immediately after click on the Register button  .

On the new page, select  Personal Account (if you are a private individual). Business Account (if you are a business user instead) and press Continue . In this guide, we will deal with the Personal Account. But know that the process for opening a Business Account is not very different.

Very little is missing:
  • in the first screen, you will now have to fill in the quick form with the main personal data requested
  • to follow, other simple data about you such as the country. Your address and mobile number (essential to obtain greater security thanks to the 2-step verification that you can activate later)
  • Put the check mark on Confirm that you have read and accepted. The PayPal Terms of Use and Privacy Policy and that you are of legal age. Finally click on Accept and create account

At this point you will receive a welcome email (normally it only takes a few seconds of patience!) In which you will be asked to confirm the request to activate your PayPal account.

So click on the link in the body of the email: registration is … almost done. You will also need to confirm a mobile number by clicking on Receive the code .

In a few seconds you will receive a 6-digit pin on your mobile phone number. Which you will enter in the confirmation code .

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