Make Small Room Spacious
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Make Small Room Spacious

Do you aim to maximize the little space in your room? There are some bedroom ideas you can use to achieve your aim. These ideas will not only enlarge your space, but they’ll also bring beauty and radiancy into your room. Read on to know what these ideas are. Here are the things by you should do to make a small room spacious:

1. Keep the Layout Simple

Don’t attempt to be too classy with the way you position your bed. Don’t float the bed frame at the center of the room or too close to the wall. We recommend that you place the bed in the center of the major wall. This will give you the chance to walk on either side of the bed. 

2. Cut Out Clutter

A cluttered room will never have enough space for movements and other things. Take every unnecessary item out of your room and arrange all the necessary ones. You can accessorize, but don’t let it be excessive. 

3. Create the Illusion of Space

This is one of our favorite bedroom ideas. Hang drapery very close to the ceiling, and you’ll be surprised to see how well this trick works. You can create further space illusion by using curtains, linen and tablecloths that match the wall color. Contrasting colors will distract the eyes, but uniform colors will make the room appear bigger than it is.

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4. Replace Floor Lamp and Table Lamps with Mounted Lights

Table lamps and floor lamps are not suitable for small rooms. They’ll take up the little space in your room if you use them. Instead, hang a space-saving sconce on the wall just above your bed. The best sconce for small rooms is one that has a swinging arm. You can adjust the light down when you want to read, or you can adjust it upward when you wish to light the room.

5. Go for Decor with Double Duty

Any item with a double duty will help you save space further. For instance, you don’t need to buy a separate drawer if you buy a nightstand that has drawers. That means you have saved some floor space. So make sure you look at every item in your room and think of how you can replace any two items with just one item.

6. Give Your Bed a Second Job

Your mattress is for sleeping at night, but when it’s daytime, you should use it for lounging and working. One way to make your bed fit for sitting is by arranging your pillows against the wall. This is somewhat similar to the fifth idea, but this time, you’re the one making the improvisation.

7. Bring In Plenty of Light

A bright room will appear more spacious than a dark room with equal dimensions.  Add a chandelier or any other decorative overhead lighting.


Make small room spacious isn’t something impossible or difficult to achieve. Simply apply all the tips in this article, and you’ll be surprised to see them work wonders in your room.

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